Playground antics

Yesterday did not end without incidents!  Son was at the playground playing for some time.  All the kids group up there and play well together.  Or so I thought.  Against my better judgement, I have let son go to the playground without me the last few times. One little girl told him that she was going to dislocate his shoulder and break his arm if he didn’t go away.  He came to me and told me what was going on.  Hubby was involved in a final test for his class and couldn’t get involved.  This type of talk is unacceptable to me and I will not let another child tell any child that!

I went to the playground to find out what was going on.  Another little girl moved in about 3 weeks ago and likes to have all the attention.  We will call her “S”.  Son has been playing with the first little girl who moved in at the same time we did.  We will call her “D”.  When S moved in, she automatically wanted to play with D, but nobody else.  Son wants to play with everyone and just wants to be friends.  So S told him yesterday to just go away.  He was trying to play with her, D and the other boys at the playground.  The more the merrier, right?

Obviously not!  What I found out is that S has anger issues and is on medication for her issues. Her dad came out too and I talked to him for a while.  It seems that S doesn’t like to share friends.  With this, she has talked D into not playing with anyone else other than her.  I pulled D aside to talk with her about 10 minutes later and she moved over to the picnic table and went, “Yeah?”  I told her that first of all I am an adult and she will not address me that way. It is yes ma’am and not yeah!  Second, we all live here and we all need to get along.  I talked with her for a few minutes and the looks that came off of that childs face told me that even though she talks going to church, she is not taught manners or chooses not to use them.  Totally unacceptable.  I told her before I left that she wouldn’t need to worry about my son playing with her again because I do not care for her behaviors and he will not be allowed to play with her.

I am just OVER parents not parenting their children or making excuses for them or thinking it is all the other kid!  I know my child is just that – a child!  He is going to push buttons and do everything he can to get away with whatever he can.  That is a kid being a kid.  Don’t blame him for something that your child may have done and don’t think that yours has no issues.  I want to stress also, I am by no means the best parent either!  But at least I try.  Sorry, I’m on a soapbox about how some people choose to non-parent their kids.  With that being said, my child is not perfect and we don’t pretend he is.  D and S may not be getting the parental guidance they need, and I just need to get over that.

On another note, we have decided to start teaching son some life skills he will need. Today, he learned how to make scrambled eggs.  Of course, he had the supervision of mom!!  He completed cooking the eggs for us, we divided them between the three of us and man-oh-man were they good!

image1 (2)
Scrambled eggs for you and me.

His eye is looking sooo much better!! I sure do love him.  Have a fantastic day!!  We are doing our homeschool now.

The Perpetual Campers


Its his corner!

What a dreary Sunday!  We have clouds in the sky, and a 30% chance of rain.  Guess what?  It has been raining!! I cant get my lil man outside when the rain is coming down.  That means no energy is being worn off him!!

I am remembering, about a month ago, when cousin was visiting.  By the way, she got her hair cut all off and donated her long hair.  So proud of her!!  Plus, the new cut looks super duper cute on her.  <3LOVE<3   Anyway, while she was visiting, her and son kept going back and forth on who was going to sleep on the couch or who would sleep on the table that makes into a bed, when we would stay in the camper.  I basically told them how it was going to be!  They would switch up each time!  One night she would have the couch, then the next night son would have it.  We put the couch down and never really did put it back up.  One day, I decided to lay down on it while the kids were outside.  OH MY GOSH!!!  That thing is the most uncomfortable thing EVER!!  How in the world were they able to get any sleep on it?  Curiosity swelled inside of me.  I had to ask them.  Which was more comfy?  Both told me it was the couch.  I just cant imagine how uncomfortable the table was compared to the couch.  I never found out.

While we were discussing what to take and what to put into storage, we had to bring up the couch situation.  We both knew that son could not sleep on it for long at all.  Then I had a bright idea!  I told hubby to grab his measuring tape and we set off to bring a few things to Orlando.  Once we got to the camper, I had him measure the area where the couch is at.  Width and length!  When we got back to the apartment, we went to sons bunk beds and measured the mattresses on it.  Can you believe it was the exact same size as the opening where the couch is at?  The couch only has cushions for arms.  Other than that, if folds down like a futon.  Flat!  We took apart the bunk beds, threw an older mattress on the floor and that is where son slept for the last week we were in the apartment.  We took the newer, better twin mattress and brought it to the camper and placed it on top of the couch.

I am using his twin sheets as a way to cover the mattress and couch underneath.  It does slip a little bit, but we just push it back toward the wall.  It does require me to straighten up the area every day so that it is not junky looking.  We take the comforter and just fold it and place it on the side and place all the other pillows around to provide cushion for our backs.  I was also able to bring in a few throw pillows that I had made for sons room last year. He absolutely loves anything about the Titanic, so I had to make his room more nautical themed last year.  I also wanted to make sure that he had something that would remind him of home!  We thought it was important that we brought his things into the camper to help make him a little space.  This is where he sleeps and where he will sit to watch TV with us at night.  He still has his legos and will play on the living room floor with them and then clean them up.  He will go back to our room and play on his tablet or 3DS.  We let him go into our room to play and watch his shows so that he feels like he has privacy and doesn’t need to be right up under us 24/7.

Sons “nook”



Our little Leo enjoying the “couch”.

I also took down the padded, bolted-in borders that framed the windows.  They just do not work for us.  Its just too much natural light.  Over in his little corner, I put chocolate curtains up.  Once again, I had 2 panels that were too long.  I cut them in half and used the top portions on one window and the bottom portions on the other.  They were still a little too long, so I just pulled them up and over the top and pinned them in place.  It looks like a little puff at the top. Lol  As soon as I get my sewing machine from storage, I am going to hem the bottoms and change them up a little. But for now, this is what sons corner looks like!

Thank you for reading. Have a fantabulous Sunday. Hopefully your weather is better than ours. I’m off to go help clean the black tanks and the filter on the air conditioner!

The Perpetual Campers

Redecorating the bedroom.

This is probably going to be a short one today.  Yesterday was spent at home doing absolutely nothing but watching TV with my two guys!  We did step out for a minute to get milk and a few other things.  But for the most part, we were at home all day.  Son hit his eye on a cabinet door corner.  Ok, well it was in-between his eye and his temple.  He was very lucky it didn’t hit either of those places. Of course, it formed a huge lump.  As my nurse-aunt would say, “Better out than in!”  We kept him near us and just made sure that nothing was going on with him.


Right before we moved in, we decided that we wanted to bring a little bit of home into our camper.  We wanted to make it ours.  My dad was not into decorating or changing anything.  He was very happy just to leave it the way it was.  He did not require much when it came to things like that.  I, on the other hand, would not be content to leave it as is.

The last time I was in the camper was with my dad, years ago.  He had traveled to FL for our sons birthday with it. Son spent a whole week with dad while I was working.  They would go swimming and eat ice cream all day until it was time to pick him up.  The camper is factory everything.  Even the bedspread is the same from the factory.  Walking into the camper after my dads death has just, well…….

So coming into the camper now to live in, I just wanted to make new memories and make it ours.  I am not trying to erase dad, but I wanted to make the camper just different enough so that every time I look around that I am not looking at memories only.  Sometimes, memories will just bring a person into a spot that we don’t need to be in.

Hubby and I found a problem with the camper that we needed to rectify.  There is just too much natural light coming through.  After becoming a mom, I have found that I do not sleep!  The smallest thing will make my eyes pop right open.  We decided to put black-out curtains into our little bedroom.  I found the smallest, cheapest ones at Walmart that they had.  I brought our bedspread from the apartment and put it in the camper.  Thankfully, this bed is the same size as the one we had in the apartment.  I was able to bring everything from our apartment into the camper!

Our bedspread was a find!!  I bought it last year at Goodwill for $12.  Well, mom bought it and it turned out to be too big for her bed so I confiscated it.  Lol  It is an off white color!  Sheets are blue and some of our pillows are chocolate brown.  We decided to go with chocolate brown curtains.  The bedroom already had factory curtains installed, but they were a pinkish color.  I removed them and put up the other curtains.  The new ones were way to long, so I cut them in half.  I had purchased two panels.  One for each window.  But when I cut them in half, it formed two more panels for us to use!  These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, and I have added a little bit extra to it, like personal pictures of son.  But this is basically what it looks like now.

There is still a lot of natural light coming in, and that is going to be corrected soon.  The light coming through the living/kitchen area is a problem for son.  He said that it is waking him up.  I think he has been waking up at 530am every morning we have been in the camper.

Well, we are off to the library so that hubby can do his homework.  We have internet here, but he is not able to get onto the portal for school. We just don’t have enough data with dial-up!  Have a great day.

The Perpetual Campers

A Perpetual Camping type of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  When I was looking at doing Thanksgiving in the camper, I was perplexed on how I was going to make turkey this year.  Well, I can say that I successfully make turkey – in the crockpot!  It was so flipping good and tender. It literally fell off the bones and melted in our mouths.

Crockpot turkey!

I am very thankful for everything I do have today and not the things that I do not have.  I am so very blessed and thankful for hubby and son.  Thankful and blessed for my mother and grandmother and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I am also very blessed that I have met and periodically talk to my brothers, my sister-in-law’s and my nephews and nieces. I am very blessed for my dad’s family and for learning who they really are.   I have had one of the worst years of my life, but this will not define who I am.  It will only make me stronger.  I will leave you with a few pictures of our small spread that we had to celebrate Thanksgiving!

The Perpetual Campers

Airing out the clean laundry?!!?

Today I want to air my dirty/clean laundry. I do not think there is anyone on this planet that enjoys going to the laundromat.  I do not mind washing laundry and folding it.  Putting it away is a whole other story! I can usually get the clean, folded laundry back into the basket, but for some reason it seems to never make it into the dresser or closet.  Well, not never, but it might take a few days.

When we moved from the apartment into the camper, I used my washer and washed everything a day before we left. My dryer has either blown a fuse on it, or the heating element has gone out.  The last few weeks we were in the apartment, we would wash at home and go to a laundromat to dry. Somehow, we accumulated a lot of laundry after the move.  We had our clothes from moving, sheets for the bed, blankets, comforters, towels, etc.  I mean, it was just a lot!  I had already washed a load at the campground a few weeks before we moved, so I knew that a regular wash was $2 and for every 7 minutes of drying we had to spend $0.25.  So, basically it took $1 to dry a load of clothing.

My washer that I have (now in storage) can handle a double load.  It is a front load washer and I could just push and push clothing into and really get a lot in there.  Bless my heart!!  My dryer had a few hiccups a few years ago, but it was really good with drying too.  Well, until it broke. Hehehe  This turned out to be our first official outing to a laundromat.  Son was not too thrilled with it.  But the clothes have got to be cleaned, so off we go!

I gathered all the clothes, washing powder, dryer sheets and $11 worth of quarters.  I really did not know how much it was going to cost.  I thought that maybe I could get a double load washer and save a little money at the laundromat.  We left hubby at home because he had worked all night. This was a good time for him to sleep, so we went alone.  We got there and I dropped everything off at the curb then went and parked the car.  Son helped me bring everything in.  There were double washers right in front for $3.50 a wash.  As I got to stuffing our clothes in, I realized that all my white laundry would NOT fit into the double washer.  We pulled it all out and took it back to the triple washer, which was $4 a wash.  All of my whites fit into one triple wash and all my darks fit into one triple wash.  I am already using $8 of the $11 I have on me. Ugh-ohhh!!!!!

Will never dry here again.  Maybe large triple wash, but never dry!
Double washers did not fit a whole double load that my washer would have!!

After all of my laundry is washed, I throw them into dryers.  This one is also 7 minutes for $0.25.  I split the loads between 4 dryers, thinking that they would dry quickly.  I used the last of my $3 in quarters to dry my laundry.  Imagine my disappointment when I pulled my towels, jean shorts, etc out and they were still somewhat damp.  Ok, more than damp.  I didn’t have any other change on me and knew that I couldn’t pull any out of our bank account because we were getting very near to going over and getting fees.  I put all my damp clothing back into the car and came back to my little condo on wheels.  I should have brought them to our campground and dried them here.  They would have dried better.  I don’t know what the difference is between the two, but the driers definitely work better at the campground.

Son and I took all the laundry that we could and draped them across our picnic table, our outside foldable laundry hanger, and across our outside table and chairs (we have had for a while) so they could finish drying.  I would go out every so often and turn them to help dry them. Some of our wearing clothes I normally do not dry anyway.  We purchased an outside, foldable laundry hanger so that we could dry the clothes outside.  When hubby got up, I told him about the issue and he said that he had a few quarters in his truck that he kept in there for tolls on the turnpike.  We grabbed those and took our wet clothing to the laundry here at the campground to finish drying them. Whew!

I really was trying to save a little money.  But here are the things I learned from the laundromat where son and I went.

  1. Just because it is a laundromat, doesn’t mean it is cheaper!
  2. You never know what someone ahead of you has used – or how much! When I went to put my clean sheets on the bed, I noticed that my sheets now have bleach spots on it.  Bummer!!  Its not horrible bad, but enough that we noticed it.  Makes me a little mad to since I had bought them at Macys!  Found them on sale and had a coupon.  Was able to get a really pretty turquoise color for a queen bed for $20.  I think I paid about half what they normally were, and now I have bleach on them.
  3. Some little old ladies and men are not always friendly! A couple, probably in their late 70’s just couldn’t grasp the whole concept of the laundromat.  They had a blanket to wash and wanted to attendant to do it for him, which he would have done, but their service to do so was $5 minimum.  They put it into a double washer for $3.50 and then the dryer and only used $0.25 to dry it.  They were so ugly and mean to the attendant because they didn’t want to pay $5.  There is just no reason to be mean.
  4. Its just plain HOT in some of them. We were sweating badly.  Son was half asleep while we were in there.
  5. All dryers are not made equally in these places! I should have came home!!

We have washed our clothing a few times since then.  I try to wash once a week.  My wash loads have been pretty consistent since – 1 large load in a regular washer for whites and 1 for darks.  Less than $10 for wash and dry for the week makes me a happy perpetual camping wife! Lol  Oh the small joys.  But make sure you look into the washer before putting your clothes in.  We found a black sports bra in our wash yesterday that is meant for a woman who wears an extra small – SOOOO NOT ME!! lol

Thank you for reading!  Cant wait to put our turkey in the crockpot tonight!!

The Perpetual Campers

Quiet on set!

Well, Sunday was a very interesting and fun day for us campers.  Nope, it had nothing to do with camping.  Our son was selected to be an extra on a film that is filming right here in Orlando.  He had filmed on Wednesday and they asked him back on Sunday.  YAY!!!

The film is called Robo-Dog 2.  Usually, the adults are in a holding room, but they put us on the actual sound stage this time.  The last time, they had coffee for everyone along with water and soda.  Hubby and I only had one cup before we left our condo on wheels.  I had gotten up and made us all breakfast, coffee and packed a lunch box with snacks too because the email confirmation had said that we should bring snacks just in case.  So I packed a few lunchables, crackers, oranges, bananas and hummas.  I am so glad I did because around lunch time, we were starving.

Hubby and I broke out the hummas and crackers and demolished it. Lol  We pulled son over during a set change and had him munch on a lunchable.  Today, I only had one water with me.  Hubby went on the hunt earlier for coffee and was told that there was not any on set. Bummer!  He went over to McDonalds and purchased he and I a cup each.

Son was used in just about each extra filming that was done. I don’t know if he got any facetime on camera. I can only assume he got some.  This is the first time I have been able to see a bigger production go on and WOW!!!  There are a lot of rehearsals, resets and reshoots.  Move this person here, that person there.  It truly was an amazing thing to watch.

robodog dad zach
Son and Hubby

Even though we had snacks, we were getting a little hungry.  About 330, we were told that the crew would have catered lunch first and that extras would eat after them.  The reason for this is so that the crew could reset everything while we were eating.  It was perfect time management.  “Linner” (Lunch/Dinner) was served around 415pm.  The best is that it was catered from Olive Garden.  Son absolutely LOVES Olive Garden. Lol  You would think he was in heaven.  They warned everyone, since there was a lot of people, to just take a little and come back for extras.  Of course, you have to know that son would do the exact OPPOSITE of what they wanted.  He was piling his plate full of spaghetti noodles.  I heard the management trying to get his attention and oh my how embarrassed I was.  I took some of his and put it on mine.  Mouthed sorry to the management and we went and sat down. I do not eat a whole lot of pasta, so I ended up giving him some of mine.

After dinner break, they were back at filming.  When they were not using the kids, most of the kids were playing with some type of hand-held device.  Ours included.  He had his tablet with and would gather with the others and play games.  We mad new friends and were able to network really well this day.  Son had so much fun. One thing I am learning is that they keep it cold on set. I brought a jacket/cape type thing with me and used it most of the day.  After dinner, one of the other dads made a coffee run to McDonalds again.  I slowly drank it because it was keeping me warm.

Toward the end of the night, I was talking to the actor who is the main character and son started yelling at me to “Come on, mom, come on, they need a parent NOW.”  So off I went and was pulled into the extra world. Lol  Yes, I became an extra as well.  We were outside the building and had to rush in.  We did several scenes while outside. It was already 10pm and we are going through a cold snap here in Florida.  I know I know, not as cold as some of you are – but cold for us.  Son had on a long sleeve shirt with shorts and tennis shoes. I had on a thin t-shirt and shorts with tennis shoes.

We were finally done around 1115pm and could leave.  But not before son and I were popsicles. Lol  We retrieved hubby only to find out that one of the other moms (while we were outside) had asked him if he wanted a more comfy chair because he fell asleep and started snoring. LOL LOL LOL  We all got into the car and son and I could not breathe.  Yup, that cold weather had really triggered these colds that we have. UGH!!  But the show must go on and that’s why we stayed instead of throwing in the towel earlier and going in.  It looks like I may have gotten some facetime too. Lol

robodog mac
Son and Mac who plays Robo Dog.

We stopped and got each a cheeseburger – which I don’t like to do, but at 11pm and only having two real meals – we were HONGRY! Hehehe  We got back to our little condo, ate, changed and fell into bed.  We were asleep within minutes.  Yesterday, I really felt the brunt of the cold weather. I felt like crud and didn’t leave our condo very much.  Son didn’t feel well either, but he was busting a gut to get outside and play with some of the other kids since they are out of school for Thanksgiving.  Today, hubby is in that “fog” that we have been in.  I feel much better today, but still yucky.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you are enjoying our adventure in a camper.

The Perpetual Campers


Bon Voyage! Can you take me on one?

We really are a family that likes to be busy.  Our son is very hyper and it takes a lot to just keep him from getting bored. Yesterday, we knew that we needed to go over to the Cocoa area and pick something up.  It takes about an hour from where we are, by turnpike, to get to the Cocoa area.

This has always been a really nice place to go, but I have to admit, I don’t know that much about it.  I have only been to this side of Florida a handful of times.  We discussed maybe going to Port Canaveral while there to see if we could find a really good spot that the cruise ships will leave from.  We would do this in Tampa all the time.  The Port of Tampa has a really nice area called Channelside.  We would get there about an hour before the cruise ship would leave and sit on steps that were RIGHT THERE at the port.  There was a gate where we could not get near the ship, but it was very close to it.  We would always wave and yell “Bon Voyage” to everyone who was on the top deck as the ship leaves.  I know this probably sounds just mundane to some,  but when you pay $3 for parking – it is very cheap entertainment.  Lol  I find it amazing also that the ships can turn and move in the basin so easily.

We sooo badly wanted to see if we could find something like that on the other coast.  So I pulled up my google maps and started looking at everything that was near Port Canaveral.  Hunny was driving and I was the official scout. As we are going down the 528, we come up onto an area, looked left and there were three cruise ships – BAM – right there!  Looked a little more right and there was another one.  Four in port!

I get us to an area called Jetty Park.  We could go in and watch the ships leave from the park.  It is a State Park though and they wanted $15 to get in.  “But that will get you in and out of the park till 11pm.”  Ummm, dude, what do you think we want to do at 11pm at a State Park?  My rear is going to be in bed and asleep by then.  Still not feeling well.  I lost count. I don’t know if this is day 3 or 4, but I feel like it is getting the best of me. I looked at the attendant and sweetly said, “Is there any FREE areas?”  He told us to loop around his building, then at the stop sign make a right and follow the signs to the boat ramps.  We did this and parked.  Son and I jumped out of the car and went down to the water edge.

When son and I got there he was very excited to see that there were people there fishing.  Mr. I don’t meet strangers waltzed right up to the older gentleman who was fishing and started talking to him.  I told him not to do that because some people don’t like to talk while fishing.  Son continued.  He was just asking this poor ole guy so many questions.  I finally said, “Thank you for being so kind.  Both of his grandpa’s passed away this year.”  This kinda put the fisherman into a different mood and he really took time with son and talked to him about fishing.

Son with the fisherman he met.
I dont….
like bees!

Then the rain came!  We had to get under a small pavilion to stay dry. We saw the fisherman catch many small fish, but he had to throw them back.  We also saw many sea turtles surface the water. There were a few larger boats that would come through and a casino cruise ship and with them were dolphins at the bow.  Its always neat to see dolphins in the wild. One other thing I want to mention is that we were able to see the NASA building (red arrows pointing at it in picture) from where we were at.  It wasn’t close to us, but near enough.

A little after 4pm, the ships started to slowly make their way through the channel.  This is when people started arriving where we were at.  One woman showed up with a little boy who was just annoying.  He walked over and started to talk to son.  After listening to him, I asked how old he was (assuming in my head he was about 6) he smiled and said, “Im 8 years old.”  He just didn’t sound like an 8 year old.  When son told him, “Im 11 years old.”  the little boy looked at son and said, “Wow, your OLD.”  I almost fell of the bench I was sitting on.  If 11 is OLD, then hubby and I must be ancient.

This little guy wouldn’t go away.  His guardian (I don’t know if she was mom or what) had walked off and left him there for us to look after  – without ASKING.  I mean, she just walked off and left him at the pavilion.  I would have stayed with son or had son walk with me where I was going.  I just dont expect others to watch him. Once the ships started coming through, he just became annoying.  I really hate to say that about a child, but he was. He didn’t talk, he screamed.  Every ship that came by, he wanted to swim to it and couldn’t understand why he would not be allowed. Then the Disney ship came by and he wanted to go on it.  “Can you take me on it?”  Ummm, NO!  I haven’t even been on a Disney ship.  “Come on, take me on it, please.”  No.  Then it becomes a little more forceful, “But I want to go. Why wont you take me on it.”  I looked at him straight in his eyes and said, “If you have the money to go, then you need to talk to your parents about it. I am not paying for you to go on a cruise, much less a Disney cruise.”  His reply, “Oh, it cost money?”  This is where I wanted to bury my head into my hands and scream.  This he wanted to know how long it would be gone. I told him it most likely was 7 days.  “Well, how long is that?”  “Really, dude, its 7 days. Saturday to Saturday.”  Ahhhh, that’s not long!!

We finally saw all 4 ships leave and high tailed it back to our car.  His guardian showed up as the last ship left out.

Here is the order we saw the ships:

  1. Carnival Sunshine
  2. Carnival Valor

    They were all so close to us.
  3. Disney Fantasy
  4. NCL Spirit

We have been on several Carnival and one NCL.  Always pleased with anyone we go on.  We just have never been able to see spending the money for Disney. I can go on 2 Carnival or 2 NCL  for almost the same price as Disney AND I get a balcony room. Our money is just more important to us than to throw it away like that.  But hey, that’s just my opinion!

Well, we have a lot to do today and I am not able to sit for much longer.  Mama is on the GO today. Lol  Thank you so much for reading again.  I know this wasn’t about living in a camper, but it was about an area that is near where you can make a day trip while you are camping in Central Florida.

The Perpetual Campers

How are we gonna cook that mom?

Thanksgiving is coming up soon.  Son is very accustomed to mom preparing the turkey and all the trimmings every year!  With us being in the camper this year, he has been really stressing the fact that we wont be able to have a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I have been assuring him that we would have turkey.  Even if it is sliced turkey – we will have turkey!

The problem with campers and trying to cook is that the oven is really tiny.  I haven’t even tried to cook in it.  Everything that I have cooked has been on top of the range and the crock pot.  I made wonderful pulled pork sandwiches the other day, from the crock pot.  I bought a huge pork roast and cut it in half.  One half was put into our tiny freezer and the other was put into the crock pot with BBQ sauce and seasonings.  My two guys thought they were eating the best food ever. Lol  What is so amazing is that half of the roast fed us for two nights of dinner and one day lunch through this week.  It was $12 total!  WOW!!  For $2, we got a meal.  I try to be very prudent with the money we spend.  I also want to try to have us eat healthy.  I know that pork is not the most healthy, but it is better than greasy French fries and a cheeseburger.  Plus, there are only so many times you can make pasta and sauce as dinner!!

I don’t eat a whole lot of fried foods, so that has left me a little limited with what I can make on the range.  This is where the crock pot will come in handy.  The one I have is a little large, so it takes up a lot of room.  I have to rearrange everything on the kitchen counter just so I can use it.  Washing it becomes quite a chore as well.  But that is ok, I would rather cook in it than use the range and try to eat fried foods.  I have lost 85 pounds in the last 3 years – I don’t want to put them back on by eating grease!

Back to the turkey situation.  Last night, the family made a trip to Walmart to see what we could find for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I know that living in a camper is a big adjustment to our son, so I just wanted to give him some sort of “normal” for the holidays.  The way it looks, Santa may not make it by the camper (not having a good job sucks) and I don’t even know if we have room to put up much decorations for Christmas.  We were going through all the turkeys through Walmart and I came across a rather small one.  It is just over 9 pounds.  The price was less than $6.  Well, well, well, this looks like it will fit in the crock pot.

image1 (003)
Our 9 pound turkey for $5.34! It will fit into the crock pot.

Usually I make my own cornbread dressing, but this year will be different.  So I got everything that I needed to go with the turkey and we proceeded to the check out.  Before that, I just wanted to see if maybe a turkey breast would be about the same.  The lowest priced turkey breast I could find was $16.  Yeah, we will stick with our whole small turkey! Lol

But this makes me think. What else can I possibly make in the crock pot?  Son absolutely loves pizza.  Imagine my surprise last night when I saw a tutorial on how to make pizza in the crock pot. Yes, it will take almost 2 hours to make and it looks like it would make enough for one person – but its pizza!!  I think her crock pot in the video is the size of mine too!  Hopefully it copied ok into this post.  If the video doesnt show, let me know and I will try it differently.  I don’t know when I will make it, but I will and when I do, I will repost here.  If you have any ideas for crock pots, please let me know!!

Once again, thank you for reading!

The Perpetual Campers