You mean, we have to do it in the dark?!?!?!?

Yes, in the dark!  Ok, so let me get this straight. Neither of us have ever camped in a camper before. We have never hooked one up at a campground before.  Here we are, in the truck and the sun is going down.  We wanted to at least get into Alabama before stopping for the night, but it just took too long with our hitch being installed.

I interrupt this story to give a very important message:  The camper had not been used in a while.  Our friends suggested that while we are traveling that we need to put a chemical into the toilet to help clean it out while traveling. For the life of me, I cannot remember which chemical it was that they recommended. We bought it and put it in there.  Next suggestion was to stop at the self-serve ice machine where you can purchase a super large bag (double size of what you buy at the store) and place the ice into the toilet.  That way, it melts and “scrubs” the holding tank as we go down the road.

OK, back to the trip!  We have an 11 and 14 yr old who are hungry and tired of being in the truck.  I pull out the Good Sams 2014 book that I had found  at my dads house.  Thank you dad!  Next comes out is the cell phone and I start calling for pricing and availability on places that I think we can make it to.  Bingo!  We found a place.  But we were still at least two hours away.    Let me tell you, this place will totally SPOIL a person!  When we got there, it was a little difficult to see the sign from the road and we ended up passing it.  Making a U-turn with a truck and fifth wheel is just not possible, so we went into a neighborhood and looped around. Lol

The campground we decided on was Indian River RV Resort in Gautier Mississippi.  I think we paid less than $30 for one night and it was a full hook-up.  We pulled up to the check-in and I slid out of the truck.  That’s right – slid!!  I have Short-Leg-Itis!! We don’t have running boards on the side of the truck, so I have to use a step stool to get into the truck and slide out of it. What a site I am!!  We arrived right before the check-in was closing.  It was dark and had been for over an hour.  We checked in and she gave me all the information, maps, etc to find our site.  She also gave two coupons for a cup of coffee at their café for the next morning.  FREE COFFEE – I think I am in LOVE!! The lady at check-in was super nice and everything you imagine for good ole Southern Hospitality.

We head on down to the site.  Thank you Jesus – it is a pull through!  We were tired, the kids were hungry and we did what any other parent would do.  Pulled through, jumped out and got into the camper and decided to make dinner.  Well, first we need to hook this baby up.  We did not even unhook the camper from the truck!!!

Our site, the next day.
Our site, the next day.

I am standing outside with a flashlight while hubby was fumbling around with hoses and cords and complete doubt about what he is doing.  As my partner-in-crime, I try to reassure him that we got this.  We get in where the kids are, turn on all the lights and go to turn on the range, but the burner wont turn on.  We try and try and try but that darn burner will not light.  Mama bear, hearing the kiddos talk about how hungry they are, pulls out YouTube.  Yup, I totally googled that situation.  Found out that our propane tanks were probably not on and we needed to turn the valve so the gas could come through the lines. DUH!!!  Now why didn’t I think of that?   Mama is on a mission and dad asks her, “What are you doing? Where ya going?”, as I walk out the door.  No answer!!  I go under where the tanks are and voila, there it is!  I turn that little sucker until I see green on the indicator and fly back in. Mama needs to feed the babies.  Ok, not so little babies.

I walk over to the range, turn the knob to “lite” then turn the other that says “spark” a few times and it lit right up.  Dinner is coming babies, just you wait.  As I am fixing it, they decided with all the lights on, air working and a fan blowing that they needed to turn on a TV too.  Everything went dark.  Out comes the flashlight again.  We turned everything off, except the range.  Hey, I don’t want to hear anything about dinner not being made. Lol  Hubby went to work on trying to figure out why we are in the dark.  We blew a breaker!!  So, we made sure that most of the lights were not on and hubby went to flipping the breaker.  AAHHHHHH – I can feel the air.  I pop something into the microwave and we are in the dark again.  LOL  This is going to be quite an adventure.

Our munchkins have now been fed, and there is only one channel on TV we can watch.  Bless our hearts.  I guess we are going to have to spend time together as a family.  What a concept.  We just sit around and talk and decide to go to bed early.  Hopefully we can get an early start tomorrow because we are so ready to be home.

The next morning we woke up and I made eggs for the kids that I had bought the day before.  Oh yea, I have these two coupons for coffee too and I had forgotten to buy some at the store – even instant!!  We decide to walk to the café and redeem our coupons. We need our coffee to start the day.   I brought my camera with and threw some money into the camera bag before we started off on our small hike.  This is our first viewing of the resort in the day light hours.  WOW!!  It really is a beautiful resort.  Very peaceful and serene.  It is right on a bayou.  We walk into the café and the absolutely loved the quaintness of it.  We were able to sit at any table we wanted.  There was only one person who was waiting tables, that that wasn’t an issue since there was just two other tables occupied.  She was an awesome server and was very sweet.

These guys acted like I had never fed them this morning.  I got my free cup of java, son got a stack of HUGE pancakes, cousin got a pancake and hubby got biscuits and gravy.  He also got a free cup of coffee and the kids got a soda.  The pancakes were the size of the whole plate!  Hubby was given a plate of biscuits (at least 4) smothered in sausage gravy.  He was not able to eat it all.  I had a few bites of his, but was mainly still full from the eggs I had made.  When the bill came, it was $13 – including tip!

At the cafe having our second breakfast.
At the cafe having our second breakfast.

We noticed that the bayou was behind the café and decided that we wanted to go take a small stroll and just see our surroundings.  We passed by where the pool is at and it was a very nice size and looked inviting.  Wish we were there longer.  The water on the bayou was so calm.  We walked out onto the pier and noticed that there was a sign warning about alligators.  Ummmm, yeah, I don’t plan on sitting and hanging my feet over any time soon.  My toes are not gator bait.

October 2015 2242

October 2015 2243

October 2015 2244

October 2015 2249

October 2015 2250

October 2015 2251

October 2015 2253

October 2015 2256

We walked back to the camper and, very sadly, knew that we needed to get back on the road.  Hubby went around and unhooked everything, I put the slide out back in and got the kids back into the truck.  Since we didn’t even unhook the camper from the truck, all we had to do was pull out and GO!

We had to purchase gas before we got back onto the interstate though.  I will leave you with this last picture for the day!  This is what we saw while pulling out of the gas station.  Poor Pappy!!

So glad I am not Pappy!
So glad I am not Pappy!

Where are we going to end up next, or are we going to make it all the way home?  Stay tuned……

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “You mean, we have to do it in the dark?!?!?!?

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 12, 2015 / 6:01 pm

    Oh, wow, that was great! I just know we’re going to encounter stuff like this on our first trip. I hope to learn as much as possible from your exploits! And, by the way, Pappy’s wife probably keeps them in her purse. 😛

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