Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando today!!  We got up and got the kids fed and hopped into the truck and took off.  Parking was $20 for the day. WHAT?????  Just to park my car?  I remember when it was $10.  Ok, I remember when I got it free. Lol  We grumbled and paid the parking.  We decided to pay $5 extra for preferred parking.  This put us right on the same level as the moving sidewalks.

We park the truck, get out and walk to the area where the sidewalks are at.  That’s when son looks at us and says, “Mom, I forgot my sunglasses, in the truck.”  UUUGGGHHH!  Hubby makes a fast dash back to the truck to get the sunglasses so that we can walk to the front of the park.  Hey, we are in Florida – everyone needs sunglasses. Lol



We start off and cousin is asking if I know where to go and if I know my way around, etc. HA – Do I know my way around?!?!  Ummmm, YEAH!  I lead them right over to the will-call section of guest services.  I put in my information that my friend gave me and within seconds, four two-park-one-day tickets popped out of the machine.  We are on our way.

We go through the gates and the very first thing the kids want to do is go on the Hollywood Rocket.  This is a scary looking coaster. Ummm, no thanks. I will sit this one out.  I went over to the benches that are right in front of the Monster Café.  Once again, I have our things around me.  Backpack is on the ground, refill cups are beside me, sunglasses (kids) are beside me and camera case.  I brought a magazine in with me to look at while I was waiting.  While sitting there, this woman comes up, moves my things over and sits down. Hello?!?!?!  I figured it might be a while, so I didn’t say anything. Ok, I did on facebook! Lol  This is part of what I call vacation brain. People just forget their manners and even what they are doing when they are on vacation.  On top of it, her little group came and gathered all around me and they were expressing their joy from the rides they had been on – at the tops of their lungs.  I think I feel a headache coming on.

We had bought the refillable cups about a year or so ago.  This is the best option since Universal does not allow you to bring your own water or food in.  We were able to go into the Monster Café and pay a one day fee to have our cups refillable for the day.  There is a chip in the cup that gets turned on when you pay for the refill option.  You go up to the refill stations, and as long as that chip has been activated, you can refill your cup all day long.  I do not remember how much it is, but it’s a lot cheaper than buying bottled water, soda and powerade all day.

Happy to be at Universal!

We went to Twister and walked right onto it.  My back was hurting a little, so I asked the attendant if I could stand on the only one stationary place for viewing.  We started to talk during the show.  I have been through this attraction so many times, I could totally skip it when we come.  But the kids wanted to see it.  She offered us a tour of the mechanical room.  I forget the name of it, but it is where they control the whole attraction.  Very cool.

We went on a few rides and then went to lunch at Richter Burgers.  They really need to redesign the area where you order and wait for your food.  You go through this small line and empty to where all the cashiers are at.  You have to try to get by other people who are ordering so that you can get to your cashier.  If you are at one of the first cashiers, then you have to wiggle by the others who are ordering.  Once you have ordered, they hand you the receipt and tell you to move around to the other side to wait for your food.  Cousin and I waited while son and hubby went to find a table. This area is so disorganized.  I will never eat there again.  They might as well tell you to fill in all available space and pray you are able to pick up your food.  People are pushing you so that they can get to the front and pick up their own food.   Both of these areas are so congested.  It just makes it really stressful when you have enough stresses through the day already.


After we ate, we decided to take the Hogwarts Train and head over to Islands of Adventure.  I do not like trains. This is something that is very difficult to do.  I don’t like the site of them, the sound of them. Nothing about them.  In 1991, I was in a car that was struck by a train. I almost died.  So, yeah, trains and I don’t get along. Lol  But, I do this because it is for my son.  He absolutely LOVES trains.  Plus, it is the quickest way to get from park to park.  We hop on the train and are over at Islands of Adventure within minutes.

Once we get there, the kids are all over the roller coasters.  So I sit.  I wait.  I love times like this because I can just sit and people watch.  Always fun to do.  Another thing to mention – it is HOT!  I mean, I am sweating my rear off.  I decide to take the souvenir cup that we had purchased last year for ButterBeer and get a refill.  Now, when we purchased it, we were told the refill would be at a discounted price.  Today – NAH!!!!  They charged me full price.  Of course I asked about this but was told its always been like that.  Needless to say – we will not purchase ButterBeer in the parks again.

Madi Visit 013

While waiting for my crew to get off Jurassic Park, I sat and people watched.  I was totally perplexed at the guy who walked by who had on long pants and a sweat shirt hoodie with a carebear on the back.  Did he not feel the heat?

Makes me hot just looking at it, and not in a good way.

We made our way over to Toon Lagoon area and noticed that Betty Boop was out meeting people.  Son had no idea who she was, and told her that too!  Then he went on to explain who he was, that he had a movie premiere the night before and told her to keep a look out for him to hit the big screen. I was laughing.  We also had to take a few pictures under the bubbles.  One picture that I got of son, he had no idea I was taking it, but it was sooo funny.

Mom, I have no idea who she is!!
Mom, I have no idea who she is!!
But she is learning who I am and knows that she needs to watch for me on the big screen.
But she is learning who I am and knows that she needs to watch for me on the big screen.
Slow down!!
Slow down!!

We made it down to my favorite ride – Spiderman!!!  The Hulk was closed.  I guess they are doing major maintenance on it.  Hubby decided to sit outside of Starbucks while I took the kids over to Seuss Landing. This is geared more toward younger children, but I absolutely LOVE this area of the park.  The colors and the curvy lines – I just eat it up.  Its precious to me.  We went on the Cat In the Hat.  Cute, cute ride.  Then we went on the Seuss train that goes through the sky.  When it was over, we walked back over to meet up with hubby.

IMG_0346 IMG_0361

The two munchkins begged him to go back into the Harry Potter area to do the roller coasters again.  This is where I was able to hold down a chair and wait.  By the time they got back around to me, the park was closing.  Park closing is not so bad here if there is not something huge going on.   We left the park and walked through CityWalk.  Cousin had to buy a t-shirt from Margaritaville.  We hop back into the truck and make our way to the campground.


I don’t remember what we had for dinner, but it was something that we had at the camper. We were all very tired.  We popped one of our movies in and settled down for the night.  Son and cousin were out before we knew it.  It didn’t take long for us either.

Tomorrow, we have acting class.  After class we are heading back to the Tampa area.  I am stressing because I need to get things done.  Cousins time with us is coming to a close and her mom will come to get her soon.

What are the perpetual campers going to do next?  Come back tomorrow to see what we have in store. Once again, thank you for reading.


The Perpetual Campers


3 thoughts on “Universal Orlando

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 17, 2015 / 7:32 pm

    Oh, I have got to get to Universal before we leave Florida! 🙂 Betty Boop! Too funny! My mom loves all things Betty Boop, but looking at that picture, I wouldn’t have known who she was either. I hope to get to see Sitter some time. Wait until the first time someone asks your son for his autograph! What a blast that will be! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 18, 2015 / 3:13 pm

      Yeah, she is not a very good likeness of Betty. lol I am not sure if you will get to see Sitter. It was very limited theatrical release. The producer is more interested in trying to get it into the FL Film Festivals. I pray he does because that will be huge exposure for our son.

      Liked by 1 person

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