Disney Sponge Springs Docks?

After acting class, we came back to the apartment in Tampa.  I really needed to get a handle on this whole packing thing.  Aunt is coming to get cousin in a few days and I just want to curl up and hibernate.  I mean, that’s what most people do when they go through so much in a short time, right?

We ran out of boxes and paper so cousin and I decided to run over to Walmart for a few things and then to Lowes to get more boxes.  The area we are in is really big with people who are standing on the street corners with their little signs for money. Usually, I do not give into these people.  One day, I had just bought a bottle of water, so I gave it to the guy that was there at this intersection.  Son thought that was so compassionate, etc, of me.  The next day, the water bottle was sitting at that intersection – unopened.  Was it the one I gave?  Maybe, maybe not!  There is no real way to know.

So while at Lowes, we get out of the car and a man approaches us in the parking lot asking for money.  He said he had forgot his wallet and his wife didn’t have any money in hers. He pointed out the car and I could see that there was a woman and two toddler sized children in the car.  He said they were from Plant City and they just needed enough to get back.  I felt horrible. I really did.  We really don’t have any money.  I decided to go ahead and give him $5.  I wish it could have been more. But the $5 should have just gotten them back to the area they lived in.  I told him that my hubby had lost his job, etc, and he had said that he had just lost his the week before. If that is the case, they were better off than we were.  As I walked off, he went up to another woman giving her the same song and dance. I really do hope that he was on the up and up. I really do.

Skipping ahead to a few days later, Aunt shows up to get her kiddo.  Her fiancé is with, which is really cool. We haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with him, so it will be really nice to get to know him. The first day they are here, we decided to show them our condo on wheels and loaded up in the truck and headed over to Orlando.  They saw how small it is. Lol  Aunt said it is going to be very cozy.  But it is totally “do-able” for a little while.  We leave out from here and drive them through the Windermere area.  This is where most of the big houses are at.

We drive by on I-4 and show fiancé where Universal is at. He is able to see a few of the coasters from the interstate.  He had never been to any of the theme parks.  Gosh, I wish they had the time and we had the money because I would take him on a tour of the parks. Lol  We went down to whatever they are calling it now at Disney.  I have seen it go through many name changes.  Disney Marketplace, Downtown Disney, Disney Springs.  They are revamping the whole place there and have the roads all messed up.  Usually, I have no problem figuring out my way, but they had a sign pointing one way for parking when it was the opposite direction.  We finally got into their new parking garage, which was interesting with a 3 quarter ton truck.  We walked in through where the movie theater is located and made our way all the way down to the other end.  One thing I wanted was to go into the Christmas store while there.  I love the Christmas store.  Ok, I love Christmas!

I found it interesting to see that they have Disney Food Trucks there now. Lol  I guess everyone is trying to get into this food truck craze.  There is a huge hot air balloon that is there. Son ask us all the time if we can go on it. Today is no different. We just do not have the money.  We also see a car on the water.  This is the first I have seen of these here.  But they look pretty cool.

Madi Visit 019

Madi Visit 021









We make our way down though what was once Pleasure Island and then over to the Lego store.  Yup, a visit to the Lego store is always in order for our munchkin.  We then make our way to the kitchen gadget store and the Christmas store.  The sun was starting to set and everyone was hungry and tired.  We made our way back to the parking garage and hit up an Olive Garden.  Disney has some really good restaurants.  But they just charge way too much.  If you are a local, then you know that eating at a Disney restaurant is not always the best.  There are many restaurants near Disney where you will get service that is equal and the food is just as good as Disney.

Madi Visit 032
Sun setting from somewhere at Disney Springs, or whatever they choose to call it.

The next morning, all Aunt wanted to do was go to the beach and just walk.  We load up in two cars and set out to Clearwater Beach. I don’t know how I didn’t know, but there was a music festival going on there during this weekend.  We went up and down so many roads trying to find parking and couldn’t find anything.  Finally, after an hour of searching for parking, we give up. We decided to go to Tarpon Springs instead and see the sponge docks.

If you have never been to this area – DO IT!!  Oh my gosh, we LOVE the Sponge Docks.   This area is the biggest Greek community you will find here.  The dock area is lined with Greek restaurants and stores.  The stores sell the sponges that are harvested a short boat ride from here.  We park on one end and walk all the way down.  There are two restaurants that are our favorite.  One is Hellas.  The food is authentic Greek food and they are all locally owned by Greek merchants.  We were not going to eat at the restaurant today, but we did decide to hit up Hellas bakery which is right beside the restaurant.  We all got a few desserts to hold us over till dinner time.

After we were all sugared up, we walked a little further down to a place that offers free wine tasting.  Aunt and fiancé bought a bottle or two.  We decide to head back to our cars, but not before we stop to buy a few of the sponges and loofahs.  I purchased two huge sponges, four loofahs, six facial sponges, two make up sponges and a bar of goats milk soap all for about $15.  Huge score!!

We make it back home and Aunt, fiancé and cousin pack up and ship out. That’s right, they have to go back home. So sad to see them leave. We are so tired. The past two weeks with cousin have been very active and we are stressed and are just, well, TIRED!  Going to take the next few days to pack. We want to be out of the apartment by Nov 1.

What is coming up next?  Stay tuned and find out.  Once again, thank you for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Disney Sponge Springs Docks?

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 18, 2015 / 6:52 pm

    What fun! And I love your pictures. 🙂 There are a lot of homeless people over here too. I know what you mean though, sometimes you can’t be so sure. We keep a change bag in the house and in the car. Whenever the house one gets built up, we put it in the car. Then we give someone the bag, and start over again. The best part about it is that sometimes we just don’t have any money on us, but at least we have that change bag. 🙂 I’m really enjoying your adventures. Thanks for sharing! 😀


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