Moving into a condo on wheels!!

We took the next few days and packed, packed, packed!  This was really hard.  I had to go through and decide just what I wanted to take with us and what I wanted to place in storage.  We decided to take some of our pots and pans.  Most baking dishes went into storage.  Our plates and bowls went into storage.  Of course, we have plastic bowls that came with us and our flat wear, but everything else was going into storage.  Ok, well – the coffee maker and a few coffee cups came with us too.  We decided since we have a small kitchen area and small double sinks that we would use paper plates.  It doesn’t take long for the sink to fill up. The crock pot came as well.

We were trying to get out of our apartment by Nov 1.  Here it is Oct 31.  One of my friends that I had worked with at Universal decided to keep our son and have him go trick-or-treating with her four kiddos while her husband helped us move all of our belongings into the storage.  We had already placed our personal belongings in the camper a few days ahead of time.  We wanted to make sure that it was ready for us and we didn’t really need to move anything else.  I did have to move a few things into it, such as groceries that were in our fridge in the apartment.  I did this while the guys packed up the storage.

This is what it looked like when I got back!  They busted their rear ends.

I was gone 30-45 minutes at the most.  By the time I got back, they had most of our things thrown into the storage.  I felt horrible for our friend that was helping us.  He was trying to get back to be with his kids for Halloween.  It was taking longer than we expected.  On top of it, before I could even go and get them something to eat – he and his wife called and ordered pizza for us all.

We finally got everything into storage and took off in the car back to Tampa.  We got there and everyone was out trick-or-treating.  We were going to get our lil guy, go back to the apartment and grab a few things and then drive to Orlando to stay in the camper.  We had to return the UHaul the next morning, so we really needed to be in Orlando early.  We sat down and talked to our friend for a few. She had ordered more pizza for dinner.  She felt bad because we had already had pizza.  UMMMM – don’t even girlfriend!  I wasn’t expecting anything at all, much less pizza.  I am beyond blessed and grateful that she has fed us, yet once again this day.

While talking to her, she told us to go to our apartment, take a shower and then come back and go to sleep at her house.  She didn’t really think we should drive back so late and so tired.  We took her up on her offer!!  Now that we are clean and smell better – we settle down for an early night.  We were out within minutes.  Poor hubby woke up several times with leg cramps.  I think he became too dehydrated through the day.  He may have sweated too much during the day because I was steadily pumping water into both him and our friend. It was really, really hot! He had a little soda during the day, so maybe that didn’t help either.  At 530am, he and I both woke up and decided that we needed to get an early start.  We went back over to the apartment and loaded up some things on his truck and in my car. This was all things that we just couldn’t fit into the truck, nor did we have time.  Our friend was funny, she sent me a message asking if we were Ninjas?!?!  Lol  She couldn’t get over how we snuck out so early without making a sound.

We make the drive back to Orlando and drop the truck off at the camper.  We then go and get the UHaul.  We had left it at the storage facility overnight.  We were there bright and early for drop off.  These people were sticklers about the gas consumption.  We filled it up with just a hair less than what it was when we got it.  Yup, they charged us $30 to put a drop of gas in it.

image1 (002)

Hubby started working a temp position with a construction company at one of the theme parks.  We knew that we needed to go back to the apartment and clean and get our bikes, but his rear end was dragging every day.  This first week, they worked him 48 hours.  We were able to pay for a week at our campground.  We wanted to hold onto a little of the money he had earned so that we would have gas money, etc, until his next payday.  We ended up taking both the truck and car back over to Tampa the next weekend and loading up the last few things and cleaning.  We turned in our keys and will work with them on the fee that they are charging for early termination of the lease.

We went to the storage the next day and pulled almost everything out and repacked it.  If we had not done it, we wouldn’t have been able to get anything else in it.  We have very little space left to place things now that we have it repacked – but at least we got it all in.


Our poor camper is loaded and we have no room to walk. This will be taken care of soon!! lol

I wish I could say that this is when we rest, but hubby has to be at work – or so we think.  We are extremely grateful that after 7 months that he has a job now.  It is not in his field, not what he is getting his Masters degree for, but it’s a darn job!  But the problem we are having with it is that they are no longer working him 40 + hours a week.  The next week he ended up with 33. The week after that it was 30.  This week, he is going to end up with 40.  It has been years since he has done construction work.  He was told that he just isn’t fast enough for them.  They keep switching him between job locations at this theme park.  He also noticed that the politics involved are really bad.  The one guy who was all over the supervisors bottom is getting 50 hours a week.  UGH!  He just wanted enough to at least pay for a month here at the campground so that he would be able to free up other paychecks later in the month.  We need to pay my car, our auto insurance, our storage rent is coming up.  Our weekly pay is $250, where as a month would be $700.

The next few issues we have is with the campground.  First of all, we have to have CenturyLink as our internet provider. Oh my gosh – they SUCK!  The campground does not have any cable provider going through here, so we are not able to get a high speed internet.  Some days, it is almost impossible to get on the internet.  You can forget downloading on those days.  We have decided to go to the library and use theirs, especially when hubby has to have school papers turned in.  We have had to get DirectTV just to watch TV at all.  So far, that is working out ok.  We have the TV in the living area and one in our bedroom and both have DirectTV on them.  DirectTV came out and drilled the satellite into the concrete pad.  They said they had no way of doing it any other way.


The other issue that we have is that hubby went in to pay for a week.  The woman at the desk told him that just to help us out, the next week she would not charge us the extra fee for our son.  This would have made our week rent $220.  She even wrote it on the receipt.  So, when we went in the next week – yup, she charged us for son.  When we grabbed the receipt and took it back in, she told hubby that she doesn’t even remember writing it and would not honor it.  We do hope that another job comes through soon, a permanent job, so that we can move somewhere else.  We thought this would be a good place to stay, but don’t jerk us around about $30.  To sit there, see your own handwriting and still not honor it – well, that’s just dishonorable in my eyes.  If they are going to cheat us this way, what other way will they cheat us?

So we are here for the time being.  We are just trying to get through this adventure day by day.  We pray that something different comes our way soon so that we can start to really live again.  We don’t mind staying in the camper.  We will stay in it for a while.  The camper life is not our issue.  It’s the whole no job, no money issue! Lol  One thing is – our little family is together and happy and that’s all that matters!!!

Once again, thank you for reading!!  Tomorrow will be more about camping life and something that is an ongoing learning lesson.

The Perpetual Campers


4 thoughts on “Moving into a condo on wheels!!

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 19, 2015 / 6:08 pm

    Florida has been a wacky ordeal for us. Hubby’s paychecks bounced two weeks in a row. We just finally got the money for both on Tuesday. He isn’t guaranteed 40 hours a week either. And he doesn’t get paid for holidays. I think we used to live in a little bubble or something, because I didn’t know stuff like this even existed. That’s all just to say, I hope your situation fixes real soon. Or maybe it already has? I don’t know. I’m still trying to catch up! 🙂 Otherwise, wow, what a deal you’ve got going on. I didn’t know you were going to store stuff. And the park lady really needed to honor that deal she made. I’m hoping when we go full-time, that we can boondock at least half of the time. From reading Bob’s site, the ways to do basic things while doing that are amazing. Of course, he’s out west where there is a lot of public land. That’s where I want to be! 🙂 Anyhoo, you know me, PCW ~ I look forward to your next entry! Cheers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 19, 2015 / 6:18 pm

      The job situation in FL has never been this bad. No, the job situation has not sorted itself out. He has a headhunter that might have a temp to perm job in Tampa, but the company is dragging their feet. The park lady did need to honor it. It would have helped us greatly if she had. Thats just bad customer service. I need to read Bobs site to see if I can figure out info from him. Of course, the whole issue with this campground will be a moot point if he gets the job in Tampa. Then we will need to find one over in that area. Its crazy that your husbands paychecks bounced. I have heard of that before, but didnt know anyone that it had happened to. Glad he finally got the pay he deserves.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 19, 2015 / 6:31 pm

    They were embezzled from by a secretary in the beginning of the year. The IRS claimed they hadn’t been paid taxes, so they scooped out what was in their bank account last week. Then it was found that they’d made a mistake and are going to give it back. In the meantime, 12 employees were left unpaid. I became worried that they would just shut their doors and we’d never see a penny. Needless to say, we prayed. A LOT. Praise the Lord we’re back on track! Now to convince my son to leave Florida. He just loves it here, and I don’t want to be far from him. :\ I’m glad you guys are getting traction on the work thing! What a year this has been …

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 20, 2015 / 6:00 pm

      Oh my gosh, what a nightmare. Soooo glad they finally have it straightened out. I totally understanding praying a lot. We have been doing that for months, ok years! Our faith is everything to us. Its funny that you say that about your son. I never want to be far from outs either. I have always said that when he goes off to college – he will need to be housed at the “mommy and me” dorm!! Yes, what a year it has been.

      Liked by 1 person

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