It all goes to the pooper…or does it?

Today I am going to discuss an issue that people really don’t like to talk about.  The pooper!!  It is safe to say that some of this might end up as feminine related, and if you are a guy reading this……you can tune out if you don’t want to read it. Lol  Sorry, no pictures today!

When we were picking up the camper, our friend told us to only purchase toilet paper that is made for RV’s.  The one you can purchase at Walmart is ok, but the better brands are ones that you will purchase at camper dealerships. Either place you go, the toilet paper is expensive.  I think the last package we purchased was 4 rolls for $2.99.  I have yet to find a coupon for it!

We were told to throw NOTHING down the toilet except the RV toilet paper.  It will totally mess up your whole septic system.  Regular toilet paper will not degrade like the RV paper.  This brought up another question.  What about girls and women who have to deal with that “time of the month”?  Yup, cant even throw any of that down the toilet either.  Pads can end up sticking to the inside of the holding tank or the sensors and can end up costing you a huge bill to get it fixed.  Tampons do not degrade either.  I was surprised by this and thought they did.  There is a very easy fix though.  If you purchase the brown paper sandwich bags at the store, they are small and perfect to use each time.  It can easily then go into the trash for disposal.  That way, nobody has to see what they ought not to see. Sorry if this is too much TMI, but I searched and googled this information everywhere before I finally found out about that one week each month.

As I have said on a previous post, we put a whole bottle of a chemical into the toilet with ice so that it would agitate while we were going down the road.  Maybe our friend told us, but I don’t remember her telling us how often we needed to clean the pooper.  We have our indicator in the kitchen that will tell us how full the tanks are and the battery.  About once a week, since we had set the camper up and was periodically using it till now, I would push the button and see our black tank was full.  I am still perplexed by this since we have the sewage hooked up outside.

Now, I have read in many places where other RVers do not connect to the sewer except for once a week.  They allow their holding tanks to just, well, hold. You might wonder why I was even reading things about this.  Well, we started to notice little black flies (tiny tiny tiny ones) coming up through the pipes and toilet.  I wanted to know how you get rid of them.  What I read is that our black tank was full.  I also read that some campgrounds just had little flies coming up through the sewage.  EEEEWWWWW.  Yeah, we got to get rid of them.

We went to the store and bought more chemical for the toilet.  This past Friday, we closed the valves outside on all the tanks. We put about 8 ounces of the chemical in the toilet and then put about 4 small garbage cans of hot water chasing it.  What I had read is that it needs to sit overnight and possibly 24 hours.  Pour and wait!

Saturday, we got up and put more hot water down it, let it sit for about 2 hours and then opened the “flood gates”.  It seemed to do an ok job.  But I came in and pressed the button and it said that it was still 2/3rds full.  GGGRRRRRR.  The next thing we did was opened a window and pulled a garden hose that we had purchased through to the bathroom.  We had also bought a spray nozzle.  Hubby stayed outside and I pushed the button to open up the toilet and started spraying right down into the bottom.  The small pressure that the spray nozzle created was just enough to clean it out.  When it ran clean, hubby told me and we stopped the spray action.  I am not going to say that this was a dirty job to do, but I sure did feel dirty when done.  I checked the button and now it says that the tank is empty!  SCORE!!!  That’s what we wanted.

So what did we learn?  It’s a job that nobody wants to talk about.  It is something that has to be taken care of or it will be expensive to repair.  How often does it need to be done?  Well, looking at my tank, it says it is full again.   Which is crazy because we, well, you know.  We are preparing to shut the valves tonight and put the chemicals in it and let it sit.  From what I have read, there are some who do this once a week.  I don’t deal well with insects, so it looks like it is going to be a weekly job for us!

Thank you so much for reading, if you did stay with me through the whole post!  I know it is a subject that most people do not like, but I felt it was too important and needed to be touched on.  Now I am off to bed because I haven’t felt good today.  Good ole sinuses or weather change  or just an old cold! Lol

The Perpetual Campers


7 thoughts on “It all goes to the pooper…or does it?

      • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 21, 2015 / 2:33 pm

        It was a line from the movie Christmas vacation With the Griswalds. Cousin Eddie parked his RV in their driveway. He was emptying the black tank (in the wrong place) and told Clark that when he was caught.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 21, 2015 / 4:14 pm

        HAHAHA – all of the vacation movies are some of my favorites. I love the Griswalds and their adventures. The Christmas one should play quite a bit as we move into the Christmas season. lol


  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 20, 2015 / 6:16 pm

    Sorry, you must have caught my cold! I’m on Day 5. Feel better soon! 🙂 As for the toidy troubles, ew. I just know that’s going to be my least favorite thing about camping. Fortunately, I don’t have any of the “feminine” issues anymore. But seriously, we will need to do some big time research on those camper potties. I have been so fixated for so long on Bob’s site that I forget that most people use inside facilities. I know, I know, I was only seeing the rainbows and unicorns of the whole camping thing. Well, I for one enjoyed this post. I like finding out about this stuff. I always wondered about how astronauts did it, and was sort of glad when I found out. Sort of. Ew. 😛


  2. The Perpetual Camping Wife November 20, 2015 / 9:24 pm

    I must have caught yours. Lol I’ve been half asleep all day, and that’s not like me. I’m outside right now watching son play, but I don’t want to. Rather be curled up hibernating. Toilet issues, so far, have been the least favorite about this whole adventure. We take for granted our inside plumbing when we live in an apartment or house. Campers are so different. It is a constant issue that has to be looked after and cared for. You will need to send me a link to Bobs site. I’m interested in reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

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