How are we gonna cook that mom?

Thanksgiving is coming up soon.  Son is very accustomed to mom preparing the turkey and all the trimmings every year!  With us being in the camper this year, he has been really stressing the fact that we wont be able to have a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I have been assuring him that we would have turkey.  Even if it is sliced turkey – we will have turkey!

The problem with campers and trying to cook is that the oven is really tiny.  I haven’t even tried to cook in it.  Everything that I have cooked has been on top of the range and the crock pot.  I made wonderful pulled pork sandwiches the other day, from the crock pot.  I bought a huge pork roast and cut it in half.  One half was put into our tiny freezer and the other was put into the crock pot with BBQ sauce and seasonings.  My two guys thought they were eating the best food ever. Lol  What is so amazing is that half of the roast fed us for two nights of dinner and one day lunch through this week.  It was $12 total!  WOW!!  For $2, we got a meal.  I try to be very prudent with the money we spend.  I also want to try to have us eat healthy.  I know that pork is not the most healthy, but it is better than greasy French fries and a cheeseburger.  Plus, there are only so many times you can make pasta and sauce as dinner!!

I don’t eat a whole lot of fried foods, so that has left me a little limited with what I can make on the range.  This is where the crock pot will come in handy.  The one I have is a little large, so it takes up a lot of room.  I have to rearrange everything on the kitchen counter just so I can use it.  Washing it becomes quite a chore as well.  But that is ok, I would rather cook in it than use the range and try to eat fried foods.  I have lost 85 pounds in the last 3 years – I don’t want to put them back on by eating grease!

Back to the turkey situation.  Last night, the family made a trip to Walmart to see what we could find for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I know that living in a camper is a big adjustment to our son, so I just wanted to give him some sort of “normal” for the holidays.  The way it looks, Santa may not make it by the camper (not having a good job sucks) and I don’t even know if we have room to put up much decorations for Christmas.  We were going through all the turkeys through Walmart and I came across a rather small one.  It is just over 9 pounds.  The price was less than $6.  Well, well, well, this looks like it will fit in the crock pot.

image1 (003)
Our 9 pound turkey for $5.34! It will fit into the crock pot.

Usually I make my own cornbread dressing, but this year will be different.  So I got everything that I needed to go with the turkey and we proceeded to the check out.  Before that, I just wanted to see if maybe a turkey breast would be about the same.  The lowest priced turkey breast I could find was $16.  Yeah, we will stick with our whole small turkey! Lol

But this makes me think. What else can I possibly make in the crock pot?  Son absolutely loves pizza.  Imagine my surprise last night when I saw a tutorial on how to make pizza in the crock pot. Yes, it will take almost 2 hours to make and it looks like it would make enough for one person – but its pizza!!  I think her crock pot in the video is the size of mine too!  Hopefully it copied ok into this post.  If the video doesnt show, let me know and I will try it differently.  I don’t know when I will make it, but I will and when I do, I will repost here.  If you have any ideas for crock pots, please let me know!!

Once again, thank you for reading!

The Perpetual Campers


One thought on “How are we gonna cook that mom?

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 21, 2015 / 6:16 pm

    You know, I have never owned or used a crock pot. I always say I’m going to do it, but I still haven’t. I did make pizza in an electric frying pan a long time ago when we didn’t have an oven for a while. I thought, oh well, it’s worth a try! Seriously, the best way I’ve even seen frozen pizza come out. I may just try it again sometime. Every time I make them in the oven, the crust is too hard. I love your Thanksgiving ideas! Hope you all enjoy! You certainly have a LOT to be thankful for ~ most of all: each other! 🙂


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