Bon Voyage! Can you take me on one?

We really are a family that likes to be busy.  Our son is very hyper and it takes a lot to just keep him from getting bored. Yesterday, we knew that we needed to go over to the Cocoa area and pick something up.  It takes about an hour from where we are, by turnpike, to get to the Cocoa area.

This has always been a really nice place to go, but I have to admit, I don’t know that much about it.  I have only been to this side of Florida a handful of times.  We discussed maybe going to Port Canaveral while there to see if we could find a really good spot that the cruise ships will leave from.  We would do this in Tampa all the time.  The Port of Tampa has a really nice area called Channelside.  We would get there about an hour before the cruise ship would leave and sit on steps that were RIGHT THERE at the port.  There was a gate where we could not get near the ship, but it was very close to it.  We would always wave and yell “Bon Voyage” to everyone who was on the top deck as the ship leaves.  I know this probably sounds just mundane to some,  but when you pay $3 for parking – it is very cheap entertainment.  Lol  I find it amazing also that the ships can turn and move in the basin so easily.

We sooo badly wanted to see if we could find something like that on the other coast.  So I pulled up my google maps and started looking at everything that was near Port Canaveral.  Hunny was driving and I was the official scout. As we are going down the 528, we come up onto an area, looked left and there were three cruise ships – BAM – right there!  Looked a little more right and there was another one.  Four in port!

I get us to an area called Jetty Park.  We could go in and watch the ships leave from the park.  It is a State Park though and they wanted $15 to get in.  “But that will get you in and out of the park till 11pm.”  Ummm, dude, what do you think we want to do at 11pm at a State Park?  My rear is going to be in bed and asleep by then.  Still not feeling well.  I lost count. I don’t know if this is day 3 or 4, but I feel like it is getting the best of me. I looked at the attendant and sweetly said, “Is there any FREE areas?”  He told us to loop around his building, then at the stop sign make a right and follow the signs to the boat ramps.  We did this and parked.  Son and I jumped out of the car and went down to the water edge.

When son and I got there he was very excited to see that there were people there fishing.  Mr. I don’t meet strangers waltzed right up to the older gentleman who was fishing and started talking to him.  I told him not to do that because some people don’t like to talk while fishing.  Son continued.  He was just asking this poor ole guy so many questions.  I finally said, “Thank you for being so kind.  Both of his grandpa’s passed away this year.”  This kinda put the fisherman into a different mood and he really took time with son and talked to him about fishing.

Son with the fisherman he met.
I dont….
like bees!

Then the rain came!  We had to get under a small pavilion to stay dry. We saw the fisherman catch many small fish, but he had to throw them back.  We also saw many sea turtles surface the water. There were a few larger boats that would come through and a casino cruise ship and with them were dolphins at the bow.  Its always neat to see dolphins in the wild. One other thing I want to mention is that we were able to see the NASA building (red arrows pointing at it in picture) from where we were at.  It wasn’t close to us, but near enough.

A little after 4pm, the ships started to slowly make their way through the channel.  This is when people started arriving where we were at.  One woman showed up with a little boy who was just annoying.  He walked over and started to talk to son.  After listening to him, I asked how old he was (assuming in my head he was about 6) he smiled and said, “Im 8 years old.”  He just didn’t sound like an 8 year old.  When son told him, “Im 11 years old.”  the little boy looked at son and said, “Wow, your OLD.”  I almost fell of the bench I was sitting on.  If 11 is OLD, then hubby and I must be ancient.

This little guy wouldn’t go away.  His guardian (I don’t know if she was mom or what) had walked off and left him there for us to look after  – without ASKING.  I mean, she just walked off and left him at the pavilion.  I would have stayed with son or had son walk with me where I was going.  I just dont expect others to watch him. Once the ships started coming through, he just became annoying.  I really hate to say that about a child, but he was. He didn’t talk, he screamed.  Every ship that came by, he wanted to swim to it and couldn’t understand why he would not be allowed. Then the Disney ship came by and he wanted to go on it.  “Can you take me on it?”  Ummm, NO!  I haven’t even been on a Disney ship.  “Come on, take me on it, please.”  No.  Then it becomes a little more forceful, “But I want to go. Why wont you take me on it.”  I looked at him straight in his eyes and said, “If you have the money to go, then you need to talk to your parents about it. I am not paying for you to go on a cruise, much less a Disney cruise.”  His reply, “Oh, it cost money?”  This is where I wanted to bury my head into my hands and scream.  This he wanted to know how long it would be gone. I told him it most likely was 7 days.  “Well, how long is that?”  “Really, dude, its 7 days. Saturday to Saturday.”  Ahhhh, that’s not long!!

We finally saw all 4 ships leave and high tailed it back to our car.  His guardian showed up as the last ship left out.

Here is the order we saw the ships:

  1. Carnival Sunshine
  2. Carnival Valor

    They were all so close to us.
  3. Disney Fantasy
  4. NCL Spirit

We have been on several Carnival and one NCL.  Always pleased with anyone we go on.  We just have never been able to see spending the money for Disney. I can go on 2 Carnival or 2 NCL  for almost the same price as Disney AND I get a balcony room. Our money is just more important to us than to throw it away like that.  But hey, that’s just my opinion!

Well, we have a lot to do today and I am not able to sit for much longer.  Mama is on the GO today. Lol  Thank you so much for reading again.  I know this wasn’t about living in a camper, but it was about an area that is near where you can make a day trip while you are camping in Central Florida.

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage! Can you take me on one?

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 22, 2015 / 3:03 pm

    I finally saw a cruise ship a few weeks ago when we were over there. Man, those are awesome! The only ship I’ve ever been on was a steam ship that took us to Hawaii when my dad got stationed over there. Unpleasant. Mom kept barfing everywhere! I was only 4, but I remember it so vividly, seeing those poor guys having to come and clean it up. She never seemed to be able to make it to the rail. :\ You were very patient with that boy and especially with his mother (or whoever she was). I always want to be the good guy, but I must admit that I lose my cool way too quick. However, if she was like that, you can kind of see why the kid is like he is. Sounds like he’s lacking in attention, big time. Great pics, PCW! What a ride this is! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 22, 2015 / 7:34 pm

      I don’t get sick on them, thankfully. I have been on 10, son on 3 and hubby on 5. They have stabilizers on them where you can’t even feel them move. Your poor mom. I know she just wanted to get back on solid land. Hubby put in his earphones and listened to music to avoid the kid. I had a ton of patience until I had son. Now, not like before. I think the guardian just didn’t want to deal with him. She was near enough to see him, but too far to hear what he was doing or saying. I agree, I do think he lacks the attention he needs. Thanks for the feedback on the pictures. I enjoy taking them. Son is filming today, so I need to run.

      Liked by 1 person

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