Airing out the clean laundry?!!?

Today I want to air my dirty/clean laundry. I do not think there is anyone on this planet that enjoys going to the laundromat.  I do not mind washing laundry and folding it.  Putting it away is a whole other story! I can usually get the clean, folded laundry back into the basket, but for some reason it seems to never make it into the dresser or closet.  Well, not never, but it might take a few days.

When we moved from the apartment into the camper, I used my washer and washed everything a day before we left. My dryer has either blown a fuse on it, or the heating element has gone out.  The last few weeks we were in the apartment, we would wash at home and go to a laundromat to dry. Somehow, we accumulated a lot of laundry after the move.  We had our clothes from moving, sheets for the bed, blankets, comforters, towels, etc.  I mean, it was just a lot!  I had already washed a load at the campground a few weeks before we moved, so I knew that a regular wash was $2 and for every 7 minutes of drying we had to spend $0.25.  So, basically it took $1 to dry a load of clothing.

My washer that I have (now in storage) can handle a double load.  It is a front load washer and I could just push and push clothing into and really get a lot in there.  Bless my heart!!  My dryer had a few hiccups a few years ago, but it was really good with drying too.  Well, until it broke. Hehehe  This turned out to be our first official outing to a laundromat.  Son was not too thrilled with it.  But the clothes have got to be cleaned, so off we go!

I gathered all the clothes, washing powder, dryer sheets and $11 worth of quarters.  I really did not know how much it was going to cost.  I thought that maybe I could get a double load washer and save a little money at the laundromat.  We left hubby at home because he had worked all night. This was a good time for him to sleep, so we went alone.  We got there and I dropped everything off at the curb then went and parked the car.  Son helped me bring everything in.  There were double washers right in front for $3.50 a wash.  As I got to stuffing our clothes in, I realized that all my white laundry would NOT fit into the double washer.  We pulled it all out and took it back to the triple washer, which was $4 a wash.  All of my whites fit into one triple wash and all my darks fit into one triple wash.  I am already using $8 of the $11 I have on me. Ugh-ohhh!!!!!

Will never dry here again.  Maybe large triple wash, but never dry!
Double washers did not fit a whole double load that my washer would have!!

After all of my laundry is washed, I throw them into dryers.  This one is also 7 minutes for $0.25.  I split the loads between 4 dryers, thinking that they would dry quickly.  I used the last of my $3 in quarters to dry my laundry.  Imagine my disappointment when I pulled my towels, jean shorts, etc out and they were still somewhat damp.  Ok, more than damp.  I didn’t have any other change on me and knew that I couldn’t pull any out of our bank account because we were getting very near to going over and getting fees.  I put all my damp clothing back into the car and came back to my little condo on wheels.  I should have brought them to our campground and dried them here.  They would have dried better.  I don’t know what the difference is between the two, but the driers definitely work better at the campground.

Son and I took all the laundry that we could and draped them across our picnic table, our outside foldable laundry hanger, and across our outside table and chairs (we have had for a while) so they could finish drying.  I would go out every so often and turn them to help dry them. Some of our wearing clothes I normally do not dry anyway.  We purchased an outside, foldable laundry hanger so that we could dry the clothes outside.  When hubby got up, I told him about the issue and he said that he had a few quarters in his truck that he kept in there for tolls on the turnpike.  We grabbed those and took our wet clothing to the laundry here at the campground to finish drying them. Whew!

I really was trying to save a little money.  But here are the things I learned from the laundromat where son and I went.

  1. Just because it is a laundromat, doesn’t mean it is cheaper!
  2. You never know what someone ahead of you has used – or how much! When I went to put my clean sheets on the bed, I noticed that my sheets now have bleach spots on it.  Bummer!!  Its not horrible bad, but enough that we noticed it.  Makes me a little mad to since I had bought them at Macys!  Found them on sale and had a coupon.  Was able to get a really pretty turquoise color for a queen bed for $20.  I think I paid about half what they normally were, and now I have bleach on them.
  3. Some little old ladies and men are not always friendly! A couple, probably in their late 70’s just couldn’t grasp the whole concept of the laundromat.  They had a blanket to wash and wanted to attendant to do it for him, which he would have done, but their service to do so was $5 minimum.  They put it into a double washer for $3.50 and then the dryer and only used $0.25 to dry it.  They were so ugly and mean to the attendant because they didn’t want to pay $5.  There is just no reason to be mean.
  4. Its just plain HOT in some of them. We were sweating badly.  Son was half asleep while we were in there.
  5. All dryers are not made equally in these places! I should have came home!!

We have washed our clothing a few times since then.  I try to wash once a week.  My wash loads have been pretty consistent since – 1 large load in a regular washer for whites and 1 for darks.  Less than $10 for wash and dry for the week makes me a happy perpetual camping wife! Lol  Oh the small joys.  But make sure you look into the washer before putting your clothes in.  We found a black sports bra in our wash yesterday that is meant for a woman who wears an extra small – SOOOO NOT ME!! lol

Thank you for reading!  Cant wait to put our turkey in the crockpot tonight!!

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Airing out the clean laundry?!!?

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 25, 2015 / 5:50 pm

    Oh my gosh! Laundry post! One of my favorite kinds (yep, I’m one of those!)! 🙂 Okay, so in our house in NY, I had a laundry room. I mean, seriously, when we moved into the house, hubby turned a back bedroom into a laundry room so I wouldn’t have to go in the basement. I was so in love with my laundry room. I always wanted one of those! 🙂 Well, we sold the house, we’re renting one down here, but we’d have to put the washer/dryer in the garage. Now you know, living in Florida, that there are lizards out there, not to mention other things, so I don’t want to do laundry out there. We found a really clean laundromat (wasn’t easy), within the first month of being here. Your laundromat is cheap! Ours is $2.50 a wash and $.25 for only 6 minutes, but I digress. It costs us an average of $20 a week to do laundry. I split it up between Saturday and Sunday morning, because I don’t like doing more than 4 loads at a time, and I have anywhere between 7 and 8 loads a week (I over-separate). Anyhoo, I do bring home everything to dry on racks except for towels and jeans and undies. If we do end up staying here for another year, I’m definitely going to buy machines. I only use unscented detergent for my clothes, and sometimes they pick up scents from the washers and dryers from other people’s detergents. As for the hot thing, I’m so surprised! Our laundromat is actually too cold, they keep the a/c so high. And everyone’s pretty friendly. We have regular gabfests with the laundry attendant and the other regular customers. If you’re ever in the area, check out the Pink Flamingo in Palm Bay! We’ll have a blast! 😀


    • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 25, 2015 / 6:06 pm

      I think it is very common here in FL for the laundry to be in the garage. A duplex we were in had the hook-ups in the garage. The apartment had it in a closet off the side of the kitchen. I prefer for them to be in some sort of laundry room in the house. It just gets too hot in the garage during the summer. Everything gets dried on racks except towels, sons clothing, undies, some t-shirts (not many), things like that. We also try to use the unscented detergent because son and hubby have sensitive skin. I also do not like how our clothing picks up the scent from the washers/dryers. The laundromat I went to before we moved, to dry our clothing, was uber clean. The attendant was very chatty. I never saw a lot of regulars. They also had the doors closed and the a/c on full blast. I hate to say it, but it was another nationality that was running the one that son and I just visited in this post. Their single wash was $2.50 a wash. I just save money all the way around by using the one here at the campground. lol I know I would like the one you are at. If we ever are down that way, the Pink Flamingo is where we will go!!

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