Its his corner!

What a dreary Sunday!  We have clouds in the sky, and a 30% chance of rain.  Guess what?  It has been raining!! I cant get my lil man outside when the rain is coming down.  That means no energy is being worn off him!!

I am remembering, about a month ago, when cousin was visiting.  By the way, she got her hair cut all off and donated her long hair.  So proud of her!!  Plus, the new cut looks super duper cute on her.  <3LOVE<3   Anyway, while she was visiting, her and son kept going back and forth on who was going to sleep on the couch or who would sleep on the table that makes into a bed, when we would stay in the camper.  I basically told them how it was going to be!  They would switch up each time!  One night she would have the couch, then the next night son would have it.  We put the couch down and never really did put it back up.  One day, I decided to lay down on it while the kids were outside.  OH MY GOSH!!!  That thing is the most uncomfortable thing EVER!!  How in the world were they able to get any sleep on it?  Curiosity swelled inside of me.  I had to ask them.  Which was more comfy?  Both told me it was the couch.  I just cant imagine how uncomfortable the table was compared to the couch.  I never found out.

While we were discussing what to take and what to put into storage, we had to bring up the couch situation.  We both knew that son could not sleep on it for long at all.  Then I had a bright idea!  I told hubby to grab his measuring tape and we set off to bring a few things to Orlando.  Once we got to the camper, I had him measure the area where the couch is at.  Width and length!  When we got back to the apartment, we went to sons bunk beds and measured the mattresses on it.  Can you believe it was the exact same size as the opening where the couch is at?  The couch only has cushions for arms.  Other than that, if folds down like a futon.  Flat!  We took apart the bunk beds, threw an older mattress on the floor and that is where son slept for the last week we were in the apartment.  We took the newer, better twin mattress and brought it to the camper and placed it on top of the couch.

I am using his twin sheets as a way to cover the mattress and couch underneath.  It does slip a little bit, but we just push it back toward the wall.  It does require me to straighten up the area every day so that it is not junky looking.  We take the comforter and just fold it and place it on the side and place all the other pillows around to provide cushion for our backs.  I was also able to bring in a few throw pillows that I had made for sons room last year. He absolutely loves anything about the Titanic, so I had to make his room more nautical themed last year.  I also wanted to make sure that he had something that would remind him of home!  We thought it was important that we brought his things into the camper to help make him a little space.  This is where he sleeps and where he will sit to watch TV with us at night.  He still has his legos and will play on the living room floor with them and then clean them up.  He will go back to our room and play on his tablet or 3DS.  We let him go into our room to play and watch his shows so that he feels like he has privacy and doesn’t need to be right up under us 24/7.

Sons “nook”



Our little Leo enjoying the “couch”.

I also took down the padded, bolted-in borders that framed the windows.  They just do not work for us.  Its just too much natural light.  Over in his little corner, I put chocolate curtains up.  Once again, I had 2 panels that were too long.  I cut them in half and used the top portions on one window and the bottom portions on the other.  They were still a little too long, so I just pulled them up and over the top and pinned them in place.  It looks like a little puff at the top. Lol  As soon as I get my sewing machine from storage, I am going to hem the bottoms and change them up a little. But for now, this is what sons corner looks like!

Thank you for reading. Have a fantabulous Sunday. Hopefully your weather is better than ours. I’m off to go help clean the black tanks and the filter on the air conditioner!

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Its his corner!

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist November 29, 2015 / 8:56 pm

    Wow, it didn’t rain here today. Yet. I’m still a bit confused on how the weather works down here. One minute, it will be perfectly bright and sunny. Then it’s dark and raining buckets. And then POOF, sunny and bright again. Upstate NY did not work that way. If it rained, it generally rained all day long. So dreary. Just another reason to appreciate Florida! I don’t miss the the frozen tundra, not one little bit. 🙂 Love what you’re doing with the condo on wheels! Your instincts on giving son space are so good. And I’m so glad to see his boo boo is healing so well! Great job PCW! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife November 29, 2015 / 9:10 pm

      Yup, thats Florida weather for you. lol It was funny when I worked in reservations at Disney. People would call and ask for a “rain check” to come back and use their ticket another day because it rained while they were in the parks. They thought Disney had a bubble around it where it would never get rain! lol Yeah, those were interesting days. Hubby has asked about moving to Colorado or somewhere like that and I always say – NO!! No snow for me!! hehehe I think at sons age (11), he needs his own space. Just like we need our own space too. I too, love the way his little corner looks. It is an extension of what he had his room like, so that makes me very happy. Plus, its not so little boyish where we cant stand to be near it. lol The eye – oh my – so glad it looks so much better. I immediately put an ice pack on it when it happened. Make him sit for 30 minutes. You would have thought it was the worst punishment ever. lol Thank you Kay!!


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