An apple sandwich mom? Really?

Trying to get hubby out of the house!!  The bank called us earlier today.  We are going to drive the car 1.5 hours from where we are and voluntarily turn it back over to the bank.  It SUCKS!!  We have had the car for about 4 years.  All those payments – down the drain.  The only thing we can take from it is that we will be car note free. We are going to save $$ and pay outright for a vehicle.  Being an adult just sucks sometimes.

Ok, enough with that.  So, this morning I did something totally different for breakfast.  I took an apple and sliced it really thin and cored it.  I then heated up the waffle iron.  Ohhhh yeah baby – PCW has the waffle iron out!!  So I took 6 pieces of bread and laid them out.  On 3 I put about a teaspoon of butter and spread it out some.  Then I took about a 3 teaspoons of sugar and spread that out on the 3 pieces of bread with the butter. Next came the sprinkling of cinnamon!  Then I topped the sliced apples on it.  Just to help keep it all together, I took about 6 mini marshmallows and placed on each of the halves that had the apples.  Placed the other bread on top and stuck them in the waffle iron until crisped!!

I handed the first to son and he had an odd look and went, “Apple sandwich for breakfast?”  Why yes, an apple sandwich twist!!  I assured him he would like.  Next came hubby.  He loved his as well!!  I bit into it and OH MY GOSH!!  It was really good.  I didn’t think it was going to be as good as it was, but this was a total score for us and I will make it again in the future.  Well, maybe on a cheat day.  I need to find a copy of the DR Phil 20/20 diet, but haven’t found anyone with it yet.  Two weeks delivery if ordered from Amazon. Even the library doesn’t have it. UGH!!

Apple Sandwich lol

Ok, got to make hubbys lunch.  Now, go enjoy an apple sandwich!!  Thanks for reading.

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Thank you and Sorry!


Once again, I just want to thank anyone who sent us gift cards!!  They are very appreciated.  Well, tonight is the deadline.  I guess they are going to come get my car.  Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it.  Defeated, I just feel defeated!

Yesterday, son and I played Sorry.  I have not played that in a very long time.  We had fun.  They have something new about “fire” and “ice” I don’t even want to read the directions for fire and ice. This is not the way classic Sorry was played.  So we played Classic Sorry!  He won once and I won once.


We have been thinking about this whole campground situation.  The friends we were with on Christmas Eve talked about how they have purchased land and are clearing it off for their future dream home.  The land in the surrounding counties is really cheap.  We are thinking that once we start saving a little money, we are going to look into buying some land that is in a surrounding areas.  Also, the other counties have lower taxes!!  Land for sale!!!  We might even see if there is one that has owner financing.  One thing we will need to factor in is if the area we choose will allow a livable home that is smaller than 900 sq feet.  Most that I have seen has stated that the home needs to be over 900sq feet!  That’s a few months away though, well, that is if the job goes good with hubby!!


We would love land like this!!

I have got to go make dinner for lunch (and we have lunch for dinner) since hubby is working from 3pm till 11. Lol  Have a great day. Thank you for reading.

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Feeling a little down today.  It comes and goes, which is expected.  We have just been through so much this year and when we think it is starting to get better, we get slammed again.  Christmas was really good and we were certainly blessed this year.  We had friends who sent gift cards to us, which is awesome because that is going to help with gas to get hubby back and forth to work.  We had an organization help with our sons Christmas. is the non-profit organization that was able to provide Christmas for our son.  They work with families in this area and are all about making sure that kids get what kids need.  Check them out.  I will be working with them later in order to start a non-profit of my own, something I have wanted to do for about a year now.


So my non-profit will be for single moms where the dad is not in the picture at all.  There are so many moms who are trying their hardest to make ends meet and yet cant because of different circumstances.  I want to be able to raise funds to help them with rent, electric, water, toiletries, etc.  There is so much that the government does not help with.  I would like to be that force that comes in and says, we can help you.  I still haven’t narrowed down a name for it, but I am working on it.  Once I have everything in place, I will need to then work on a Board of Advisors, etc, that will help with the running of the non-profit.

So the problem I am having today is that tomorrow is the deadline for our car.  We need to have $555 to the bank by end of business and we only have about $275 (not including our gift cards).  They are NOT going to take a partial payment, we are just too far behind right now. Also, hubby does not get paid until this Friday, and that is not going to be enough to pay for the car.  Plus, its Friday and not tomorrow like they want.  If we are able to make the payment (by miracle), then they are going to want another payment in two weeks which comes in at the same time as our monthly payment here at the campground. UGH!!!  Honestly, I don’t see any way around it and am afraid they are going to just need to take the car. We have the truck, but that thing is so big – I cant drive it.  I will be stuck at the house without a way to go if the car is repossessed.  If hubby is at work, then I will not have a  way to get son to auditions, etc.  UGH!!!  Whats so bad is that we can see the end of the tunnel and know that this is turning around.  It absolutely SUCKS that we have come so far and are about to lose the car.

Well, with that, I am going to go and spend time with my lil man. Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!

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Disney Springs and Waffles

Yesterday was mostly a lazy day.  We sat around our “condo” and watched movies all day.  When it was later in the day, hubby said he really did want to get out. Umm, hello! Really??  He could have said it sooner.  We decided to ride to Gamestop and let son trade in his gift cards from his grandma and great-grandma for fun games.  (Insert eye roll here)

After that, we took the back roads to Disney Springs.  We were there in no-time.  It was a really nice ride.  WE walked from one end to the other.  One of my favorite areas is the Christmas store.  Son put on a set of mouse ears and I took a picture of him.  I put them on and didn’t realize they had Velcro on the inside.  They almost pulled me baldheaded when I took them off.

We ventured into several of the stores window shopping and people watching. It really is amazing to watch people while they are on vacation.  I call it “Vacation Brain” because they forget all manners and common courtesies.  Boy was it busy!  It was nice to just to get out and walk a little bit.

We returned home the same way and was able to see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom.  That was a huge surprise that was unexpected.

I also wanted to say that one of our neighbors gave us a gift too.  I don’t know how they knew I was wanting one, but they gave us a small waffle iron.  So, on the way home last night we stopped at the store for milk and I also got the stuff to make pizza.

This morning, I broke out the waffle iron and washed it.  Then I made hubby a breakfast sandwich with eggs and put it into the waffle iron to make it like a Panini.  Hubby LOVED it. So for lunch today, I took the ingredients and put them all together and make pizza in the waffle iron.  Son was head over heels for it.  He said he might like it better than the crockpot pizza. Lol  So, a waffle iron and a crockpot cookbook for Christmas!!  I am truly blessed.image1 (007)

Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading.

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Merry Christmas!

merry christmasMerry Christmas!!  Happy Birthday to Jesus.  We went to our friends house for dinner last night and it was so nice.  Good food, great company and gifts that were unexpected.  Of course, as soon as son saw the gifts when we walked in, he had to be the normal little rude boy and ask, “Are they for me?”  I know, I know, kids will be kids.


It was so nice to have somewhere to go and spend time with.  Even if they would have invited us and not offered dinner at all – it would have been worth it just to be around people who wanted us around.  I will say, they gave me the most meaningful and thoughtful gift that I could have right now.  I was gifted a cookbook with all recipes for the crockpot.  It hardback, binder and has tabs for different sections in it.  Very nice!  I am going to look through it after we have lunch today.  Son really liked what was given to him: a book, a science experiment kit, a pooping reindeer and a pair of overalls (that he needed for Ted the Trainman). Hubby received movies on DVD that turned out to be his favorites!!  We all got things that we really wanted/needed.

slow cooker recipes
Best gift EVER for PCW!!


Speaking of crockpot cooking, I made a “cake” in the crockpot yesterday.  I purchased a spice cake mix, a large can of pumpkin, sliced almonds and pumpkin spice morsels.  I took half of the can of pumpkin and mixed it with 2 eggs.  Then I added the dry spice cake mix and mixed well.  I took a little bit of olive oil and put in the bottom of the crockpot and spread with a paper towel.  Then I made a “boat” with parchment paper.  I took almost half of the spice cake mix and put on the bottom  of my “boat” and spread it out. I then took about ¼  of the almonds and spread them on top of the mix.  I topped that with some of the spiced pumpkin morsels.  Finishing it off, I took the rest of the cake mix and laid it on top of the morsels.  I put the top on and let it cook.  I really did not know how this was going to turn out and this was not a recipe that I had found somewhere.  I just made it up!!

Right before I put the top on to cook.

After an hour, I decided to check on it. I removed the top, wiped the top down to remove the moisture and put it back on.  In another hour, I did it again.  After 3-3.5 hours I could tell that it was cooked and looked like cake.

I brought it out of the crockpot and put it on top of the stove to cool.  After it cooled a little, I placed cream cheese icing on top along with more almonds and spiced pumpkins morsels.

After being decorated and before being cut!

Today, I cut it into squares and put it into a bowl just to make room.

Cut into squares and triangles and ready to be eaten.

OH MY GOSH, we all tasted it thought before I put it up – SOOOOO GOOOD!!  I really outdid myself with this one.  Enjoy the pictures!

Off to spend the rest of Christmas with my two favorite guys.  My other favorite guy is looking on us from heaven.  Missing him a lot today. Love you dad!! Have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for reading.

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That is $100 peppermint!!


Merry Christmas Eve!  Be safe today if you are getting out on the roads.  We are super-duper excited. We were invited a few weeks ago to go to our friends house today for dinner.  We haven’t seen them in a while.  We are so happy to spend a little time with them today on Christmas Eve.  So nice of them to invite us.

Imagine my other surprise today when I was outside.  I had just washed a few loads of laundry and was hanging some up on my foldable laundry “line” when the maintenance guy came around and gave us (and everyone here) a very small bag of peppermint with a note attached to it.  I walked in and gave it to hubby.  He looked at me and was like, “WHAT?”  I told him, “Hey its from the campground, wishing us a Merry Christmas.  There is our $100 from the other day.   We now have $100 peppermint!!”  Ok, ok, it’s the thought that counts, but I guess they needed a way to finance it this year and we were the suckers who helped them. Lol

$100 peppermint!
$100 peppermint! It was barely a 1/4th full!!

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve.  Thank you for stopping by today.

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Your a mean one……donkey?!?!

Oh my gosh, lets just say that I am over this season of mean.  Even after I talked with the kids yesterday about their behaviors – they are still acting like total donkeys.  I know that son his not innocent.  He said that the girl that he has been having issues with came up today and told the other girl, “Come on, don’t even go over by HIM.”  Which made him reply with, “Hello _____ the horrible”.  I told him that he could not be at the playground if she was there.  I found out that she was there because I went out to check on him.  In his defense, there was another very young adult (19 with a 2 yr old) that has been down there.  He thought that because this guy was down there that he could stay.  UMMMM  NO!

So I decided to go down there and stay around just to see what they would do.  They did nothing.  Of course they did nothing. I expected them to be on their best behavior.  Of course, they all walked off to the other playground soon after.  Son asked if he could go and I told him no. Im not going to let him chase after these green-eyed monsters. Then one came back that is supposed to be his friend.  Son got onto the swings with him and this kid starts swinging sideways and very meanly saying, “GO AWAY.”  I told son to get off the swings and come to me. I just went off…..again.  “See, this kid is not your friend son. If he was, he wouldn’t demand you to leave. This isn’t his playground – its everyones.  But we are going to go ahead and leave.  Don’t defend him anytime soon either because if he was your friend, he would have taken up for you earlier and never left your side.  But you know whats worse? He pretended to be your friend when he really wasn’t.  He is the worst one of the bunch.”  I said other things too, just cant remember.  I know I did say that each one of them were mean and did not deserve a minute of sons time.  This kid got such a mean look on his face.  We walked by and I told him to enjoy his swing. He kept giving me that go to you know where look.

I stopped and said, “Yeah, you got something to say?”  He said, “NO”  I told him not to look at me like that and he just got this evil grin on his face.  Son said, “That’s his evil look when he is mad at someone.”  I told him that he could get over it, not to look at me disrespect ably.  This is the brother of the kid that said he wasn’t allowed to go in at all yesterday, which I did see him go in.  I do hope that son now has an eye-full of who they are.  We have friends that he can play with, he doesn’t need these donkeys as friends.  I know that is harsh, but I am just tired of kids acting like this and getting away with it.  As a mom, I hurt for my kid.  I am trying to teach him the appropriate ways to behave. I know that when I am not around, he is going to do things that, well, childish and kid-like.  Just like all children, I know he is going to instigate at times too.

Hello, I am one of the kids that wants to terrorize your son!!

He became upset with these kids and asked to come home.  I purposely stayed out there longer than what he wanted because I wanted him to see what they were all about.  We came home and talked about what had just happened.  I do hope that he now has a better understanding of how mean people can be. I really do think it is because these kids are jealous at the fact that he is working on being an actor.  He has a lot more going for him than they do – like two parents who support his dreams.

Wow, I never knew!! I wonder if kids know this?
“Where are all the mean kids?  I’m hungry!!” 

On that note, I have a young man who I need to go spend some time with.  Of course, I joke with the pictures.  Have a wonderful day.  Thanks for reading.

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Drama drama everywhere but not a drop of couth!

Well, this is what I woke up to!  My little doggie sitting on my chest this morning. He was trying to tell me that it was just time to get up. Lol  I was already starting to get up and move around some, but nothing like that. Lol

image2 (005)
On top of my human mommy!




Last night we were lucky to see the rocket go up over in Cape Canaveral.  I was not quick enough with my camera.  We saw the white and orange light as it peeked over our trees.  Then it was behind clouds.  All of a sudden, it tried to come out from behind the clouds and I was able to get this!  This was the first time son had ever seen a rocket/shuttle go up.  We are about 70 miles (give or take a few) from the area where it went up.  If the sky was more clear, we would have had an awesome view of it going up at 830pm.  The night sky and launch is a perfect combination!

image1 (005)
The little orange spec in the sky is the rocket.







Drama at the campground!!  If anyone has advice, please let me know. Lol  So, this one little girl is a trouble maker (always the girls).  She decided that she did not like son, and told him so weeks ago. He was ok with that and wanted to play with just the boys.  Well, she started telling the boys that son is weird, etc, etc.  They decided to all gang up on him.  I know my child is not an angel.  I will never pretend he is.  But when I went to talk with her, this 12 year old had a ton of attitude and spoke to me so disrespectfully.  I told son he was no longer allowed to play with her, which we really haven’t had a problem with it.

Son told one of the other boys that “mom doesn’t want me playing with her because……”.  This boy went to her and told her.  She gets the bright idea to tell him to come apologize to me for her.  I walk my fat butt out to the playground and asked her if she had something to say.  “Im sorry”, she said.  “Is that it?” I ask.  Ummm, yeah!  I just lovingly went off on her and her attitude.  She was calling him mean names yesterday and telling him that his mom was fat (boo hoo – that hurt my feelings, NOT!) and that he was too.  He is nowhere near fat!  He has grown out a little, but not up yet.  He does this – grows out then up, then out, then up!  I told her that body shaming someone like that has really bad outcomes.  What if my son was not secure with who he was and he came home and hurt himself because of her?  She just looked at me.  GGRRR.

I ended up asking her why she was apologizing to me and not son, like she should. “Because”  Ok, can you elaborate any? NO  I finally just asked her if she was apologizing to me to get back on my good side.  “Yes!”, she said.  Why would she do that?  Because she wanted to get on his good side.  I asked her if she meant it and she responded with, “No, I just wanted to make him think I was his friend so I could do it all again.”  Oh my gosh!

Before I went down, one of the other boys was telling me that he has a bad home life.  Step dad is mean.  Mom is trying to get away.  I have caught him in lies before.  Even son says he lies.  Well, one of the things he was telling today is that he made his mom and step-dad mad and they have locked him out all day.  There is a tent next to his house. He said that he was told that was his house today and tonight. Don’t know how true it is.  Man-oh-man, what to do with this one?  Seems like I am the only parental unit around. I am keeping my eye on him and I am probably going to call child services.

The biggie though was when I looked out our window yesterday and noticed that there was not one, but two ambulances, several police cars and a coroners van.  Of course, nosey me had to go outside to see what was up. Our neighbor across from us had went out to lunch with the “gals” around here.  When she returned, she found her husband (82 yrs old) dead in bed.  He had laid down and passed in his sleep.  I feel so sad for this lady.  She was on my neighbors porch as the coroner was here.

It just seems as if this place is not where we need to be.  We are trying to find a new place to move to.  Please pray for us as they are trying to repo my car.  Pray we find a new place that doesn’t have mean children. Pray we find a place where the front office has more of a heart!!

My son told me that today was Winter Solstice.  It’s the shortest day and longest night of the year.  So Happy Winter Solstice!!  I wonder what other drama I can go get into today!!  Thanks for reading.


The Perpetual Campers

Bumpers gone!

Saturday filming was excellent!  Well, except the part where son was hyper. Lol  We got up that morning, got our things together and hubby went outside and power washed one side of our “condo” along with the car and truck.  After that, we were on our way on the turnpike.  We were going to stop at the store and buy stuff to make sandwiches, but we were already pushing the time, so we just got on the road.  We ended up stopping at one of the service plazas and going to Earl of Sandwich.

Oh my!  Earl of Sandwich deserves a review all on its own.  Just looking at the sandwiches, I have always assumed that the bread was really hard. Boy was I wrong. It was so soft.  I think those were some of the best sandwiches I have ever had.  We have a huge 64oz (I think) mug that we got from Speedway a few months ago.  We had that with us and filled it up with powerade for 67 cents!  The three of us shared it all the way down.

After we got back onto the road and were eating our yum-yums, a car was about half a mile in front of us.  All of a sudden, the bumper on the car in front of us flew off and stayed in our lane.  Hubby swerved over to the left lane to avoid it.  It was really weird too because the car that lost the bumper never stopped.  I think I would have stopped to find out what had just happened to my car.  Instead, this car SPED UP!!!

We finally got to the park we were told to go to on the call sheet and did not see anyone that looked like they might be filming.  We saw restrooms and hightailed it over to them. Hubby went into the mens room and sent me a text, “These darn kids are smoking weed in here.”  Son went in with me.  He at first said he didn’t need to, but ended up using the facilities too.  I read my hubbys text and got son back to the car asap.  There were a lot of older teens hanging around the restroom area.  Just enough to make us feel a little uncomfy.  Hubby took off around the park and found where the filming was.  Son and I grabbed his shirts that I took with, hair stuff and started walking over to where they were.

His did his first shots in this area. It really was a beautiful park.  The director was very impressed with sons earlier work and knew he had to have son for this project.  He told son that he did a great job and really thought what he had got was great.  Its so funny because son thinks he is playing not working.

Filming with “mom”
Playing with props!

We then went to the next location, which was an apartment.  The directors wife catered dinner for us.  We had chicken salad sandwiches and I thought son was going to eat himself silly.  Yes, they really were that good.  He usually doesn’t eat salad type sandwiches, but this he loved!  We met the lady who was going to play his mom in the film.  One of the first things out of her mouth was that she lives in an RV.  Oh my gosh, I think I love her! Lol  I very loudly and proudly announced we are in a 5th wheel and love it. She said she does too and is looking at getting one of the “tiny homes”.  She agreed that you just cant get any better with lot rent.  You own your home and just have to pay lot rent – much much much better than rent on an apartment.  Son also met his “step-father” and we had to explain that whole scenario to him.  Filming took place and we were on our way back home around 930pm.

I lost count at this time. Son eating another sandwich.
Son with “mom” and “step-dad”

We stopped and got a little more to much on and another big drink.  We also found a farms store and got egg nog.  Both my guys love egg nog – especially from farms store.  I haven’t found one around here yet. Lol  We got back on the road, son ate a little something, had a cup of egg nog and passed out in the back seat. The ride back home was uneventful.  There were no more bumpers flying off cars! Lol  We finally made it back home around 1am.  Son came straight in and plopped down on his bed and was out.  We sat here for about 30 minutes just to wind down from the drive and we were out.  Bless our hearts.  Hubby was up early, but son and I slept til almost 11am.

On another note, Friday son was at a photoshoot with an angel who runs a non-profit.  I was unaware that he was the one who ran it.  I just happened to talk with him very briefly about the year we have had: deaths, non-job, condo, etc.  I was telling him how I would one day like to start a non-profit too. He said he would help me figure it all out.  I went ahead and friended him on facebook.  Well, on the ride to filming on Saturday, he advised me that he was really touched by our family and would like to help with sons Christmas.  This is something that hubby and I have been stressing about.  We have been trying to prepare son that we wouldn’t have the money to pay Santa until February, but Santa had agreed to make a special Christmas drop-off on the night of our choosing in February.  Son still believes in Santa and we just didn’t have the heart to tell him the complete truth.  Yes, I started crying on the way down.  Son wanted to know if I was crying.  NO, I answered him.  So he said, “Oh, must be your allergies then.”  That’s right baby, its moms allergies. Lol  To our angel – you have no idea how much we appreciate you!! Xoxoxo  I cannot wait to work with him to get my non-profit started.

I have had a vision of a non-profit since I had spoke with a mom last year that had no money to buy her kids Christmas. She had told me on Christmas Eve.  Her living situation then is much like ours now, except she was not in a camper.  But she was evicted from her home and had to find another right before Christmas. With deposits and everything – she was broke. It is so sad that our country has people who are in situations like this.  I know there are so many non-profits that want to help people in other countries – but we need to help our own first.

Well, I need to feed the munchkin.  Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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