How tiny is it?

My shower is soooo tiny!  Ok, our bathroom is so tiny!!  There is not really anything I can do to spruce it up any.  I have always LOVED my showers.  I do not like it here in the camper though.  It is tiny and the curtain tries to stick to us.  We tolerate it!

OUR BATHROOM (small and clean and ours):

As I sometimes sit outside with son, I see people in their terry cloth robes walking to the bath houses here at the campground.  Nope, I still haven’t tried them out.  I really have issues with communal baths.  My family germs need to stay with my family and your family germs should stay with yours.  But today, I decided to see what the bath house was all about.  We have 3 on the property.  I went into the one that is nearest our camper.


Imagine my surprise to find that they were actually pretty clean.  There were three different showers that a lady could pick from.  There were also four sinks with mirrors that were available for use too. Then there were toilets for use as well.  I did go into one to see just how clean it was.  They were very narrow, but glad to report CLEAN!!!


I sent hubby into the mens bath house to take a few pictures too!  He came out and said, “WOW!  They are really clean.”  Lol  So I guess both of us were under the impression that they were just not that clean and not something that we would want to use.


I am so happy that I did go in and look at it.  I now know that if something bad happens to our shower, there is another alternative for our family.  Of course, I would still rather my own germs instead of sharing with other families.

On another note, I was a little sad last night. As I watched son sleep last night, I became very sad.  See, he has a lot of both of his grandpas in him.  Hubbys dad (who passed in June) would like to sleep with his knees up in the air.  My dad would often cross his hands.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at son sleeping and he had both his knees up and his hands crossed.  I had to take a picture of it!  I miss my dad so much.  I was reminded of the fact that son will only know the stories that hubby and I both tell him of his grandpas.  He will never have a real opportunity to get to know them and their mannerisms like hubby and I.  For this, I am extremely sad.


That’s all today.  I have brownies I need to make in the crockpot!!  Happy camping everyone!  We are going to be at our friends house to housesit soon.  Hopefully the weather will warm up so that we can use the pool.

The Perpetual Campers


One thought on “How tiny is it?

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist December 4, 2015 / 10:44 pm

    Yuck, I don’t like it when the shower curtain tries to grab me either. Do you have a heavy liner with magnets on the bottom? ‘Cuz if you do and it’s still doing that, I may have to rethink this whole RVing thing! 😛 Anyhoo! I’m glad you have access to those nice, clean bathrooms and showers. I’m not a big fan of that kind of thing either, but I’d probably try it on a lark anyway. 🙂 That’s such a sweet picture of your son sleeping like his grandpas. I understand though, bittersweet …


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