And they call it puppy love!!

We are house and doggie sitting!!  We came over Saturday and have had a ball since.  I have to admit, having a real shower has been NICE!!  These doggies are HUGE compared to ours.  Our poor lil pooch has been a little timid with them.  We are sitting a poodle and a St. Bernard.  They both are just precious.  They are both almost as tall as each other.  The poodle is not a small one.  Both are extremely loving and sweet.  We couldn’t have asked for better natured doggies.  For that, I am blessed!

Leo has spent a lot of time sticking near me – no surprise there. Lol  The other two, well, they are stuck to son like glue.  I am cool with that because he is learning the responsibilities of taking care of another one of God’s creatures.  See, usually it is me doing all the work with our doggie.

I would say that the love these dogs have had for my son has been instant!!  The St. Bernard, even though the size of a human, has been so gentle with son.  Last night, son was lying on the couch to get sleepy.  He put a blanket (we brought from home) and was placing it all around him and the St. Bernard came up and nudged at the ends like he was tucking son in for the night.  My heart just melted!!  I have yet to grab a really good picture of the poodle.  She is on the GO! lol

Fast friends.







Fast friends.

It has been a few uneventful days.  We have a pool where we are housesitting.  Saturday, we took a dip.  Yesterday we took another dip.  Today, we have a high of 74, so there will be no dipping. Lol  One thing we did was see if our lil pooch liked the water.  We have put him in both days. He is not crazy about the idea, but he behaved very well.  I would place him in the water and tell him to go to hubby.  Hi little paws started dog peddling before I had him all the way in.  Thank God – he can swim!!  Hubby would grab him, praise him, turn him around and send him back to me.  We did this about 20 times each.  Mr Rotten had enough and we let him get out.  This was his first time EVER in a pool.  He did very well, but I don’t think he is ready to go swimming any time soon. Lol

Yesterday, early evening, we decided to skip over to Disney Springs/Marketplace/Downtown or whatever they want to call it this week.  The weather has started to turn a little cool, so we went into Starbucks for a little liquid “warm-me-up” and son found a really neat board he played with.  It would take “chalk” pictures of whatever was in front of it and then you take your finger and make designs on it.  All the kids liked it.   We walked around for a bit.  Son just had to go into the Lego store. We were just there not long ago.  What could have changed between then and now?  Nothing!! Lol  We then came home and I made Matzo Ball Soup!

Today, son and I are at the house all day.  Hubby started his new job this morning.  He is really torn about what to do.  It might turn into a permanent job, and it is in IT.  But he has been offered a permanent sales position with Hilton that starts later this month.  It is not in IT.  Both equal out to pay about the same.  UGH!!  Decisions – Decisions!!!

Have an awesome day.  I have got to get son in here doing his school work.  That is, if I can tear the pups away from him.  I walked into the other room earlier and the St. Bernard was laying half on son with his paw on top of his head. Yup, he had son pinned to the ground. Son was giggling.  Ok, have a great day and thanks for sticking with me and reading.

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “And they call it puppy love!!

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist December 7, 2015 / 5:36 pm

    PCW, you guys do know how to have fun! 🙂 Yes, the temperatures are getting cool alright! It’s 68 out! It’s 36 where we used to live, soooooooooo, I ain’t complainin’! Enjoy those new doggie friends. That Saint Bernard looks like a real sweetie pie! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife December 7, 2015 / 5:55 pm

      lol, we dont like to sit around the house all the time. We like to stay active. Yeah, I wouldnt complain about the temps either. Thats why I havent agreed to move to an area where it is cold! I dont deal well with snow. He is a real sweetie and we are just loving all on them.

      Liked by 1 person

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