Haircut for two!

Busy day today!  I got my days all messed up yesterday. Today we have acting class and tomorrow is filming!

Since I had a little free time this morning, I got Leo on the ground and shaved him!  One thing I have learned to do since not having any money is to groom my dog.  The only thing I cant do is the anal glands.  But the rest I do myself, including cutting his nails – which is NOT fun!!  Today, he was not much in the mood for a haircut, but he gave in. lol  I am not the best, but I think I did ok.

Leo said, “Ohhhh nooooo, I am NAKED!”

Bless his heart, he wouldnt be still so I could get a good picture of his face.

You can get near me as long as you dont have clippers woman!

While I was in the mood for haircuts, I decided son needed one too.  NO –  I will NEVER try to cut his hair. Lol  Unless I went to cosmetology school, which I don’t think will happen any time soon.  I ran him up to a hair cuttery and let the lady go to town on his head.  First, I made sure she had been doing it for a while. 30 years!!  Then I showed her pictures of his headshots and told her that his hair had to look as close to it as possible. I think it turned out good.

A boy and his haircut!

Off to acting school in a bit. Have a great day today.  Hopefully I will be able to post and have a few pictures to add with it from his taping tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Haircut for two!

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist December 9, 2015 / 7:18 pm

    Anal glands? Ew. I don’t think I want the details! 😛 I love your pictures and the hilarious caption of your dog! Son’s hair looks dynamite! Glad you didn’t take any chances there! I’ve been cutting my hair for about 20 years now. I got tired of not liking haircuts that I’d get 75% of the time so I taught myself. Then people wanted me to do theirs, but I wasn’t confident enough. So my son has me do his when he was around 20 because he liked the way I was doing mine at the time, all spikey like by using a twisty method. I didn’t want to do his, but he convinced me, so I did. Well, never again. I can do my own because I’m not nervous, but his didn’t come out as well because I was, People at work asked him what the heck happened to his hair. Lesson learned. Dogs on the other hand? I’d give it a go for sure. Nice job, PCW! 🙂

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife December 9, 2015 / 7:32 pm

      Yeah, I dont even know how the groomers do the anal glands. I with you, I dont want details and I dont think I want to know how. lol Poor Leo hates getting a haircut! I had to chase him down twice since he ran away mid-cut. The pool guy came up while I was chastising him, “Bad boy!!” which lead to an interesting exchange. Me: Oh, hello! Pool Guy: What do you mean Im a bad boy, I just got here! Me: Well, if you are already starting out bad, you better watch yourself Mr!! You have been warned!! Which we both snickered. I will trim the ends of my hair, but thats it. Sons hair is too important for me to mess with. Thats funny with your son! People would ask me the same if I had cut sons. “WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO?” lol Yeah, I will leave his to the professionals. Thanks!!!

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