A walk? NAH, how about a bike ride?

Well, I am officially tired!  I don’t know why traffic does it to me.  Maybe it is the stress.  I do not like to drive in heavy traffic with my lil guy in tow.  He is so chatty, he ends up distracting me. I know he doesn’t mean to, but he does.  I have to give him his tablet just so that he will not talk to me when we are in traffic. Lol  Yesterday was no different.  We got onto I-4 and was soon met with gridlocked traffic.  Its hard to move the car from one lane to the next when you are all going 5 miles per hour.  It was horrible.  I was a nervous wreck by the time we got to where we were going in North Orlando.

I also had to take our sons bike and put it in the trunk and take with us.  The back tire was a little flat and I was going to stop somewhere and air them up, but I didn’t see a place.  Well, there was a 7-11, but there were cars blocking the air machine.  So I kept going.

I pulled up to the location and found out where we needed to park.  We went back up to where I-Hop was at, parked the car and pulled the bike out of the back. Then we footed it down to the location.  It was a house that they were setting up to film at.  We walked in and were greeted by one of our friends that we have met from another film.  Such a nice surprise to see her there!  Son walked in and immediately went in for a hug. I know she reads this from time-to-time, so if she is reading this – Hi M!!!  Send me a message so we can figure out when to get together soon! Lol  His wardrobe was handed over to him and we went off to the bathroom for him to change.  He then sat down with the other boys in the film and had his makeup applied.  Then we wait.

Getting my makeup done.

It sounded like the production crew was a little agitated with one of the main characters in the movie/short.  It sounded like he was really late the day before and they were majorly behind in filming.  Well, this same person was late again.  This time, it was only 30 minutes.  But that is HUGE with production.  They got him ready and then got him and all the boys outside for their scene.  I am not sure how many times they did the same “take”.  Boy was son red and tired!

They also had a police officer that had to be there during filming.  He was only allowed to be there for 4 hours.  We found out that since the filming was being done on a sidewalk, by law he had to be there to make sure that everyone was safe.  Safety first!!

They had a snack table that was just LOADED with all kinds of goodies for the cast and crew.  They catered Carrabbas for all to have for lunch. YUMMO!!  Chicken Marsala for me and pasta with red sauce for son. We both had salad and bread to go with.  Yeah, we can get use to this. Lol  It was funny because me and another mom made our sons take their white polos off when they were eating.  The child, main character, his mom babied him.  I was shocked at how she was treating him.  He may be 10 yrs old, I think.  She sat him down to eat.  She had to eat before he did. Then she tucked all these napkins in his shirt.  While he was eating, she started eating his food too.  After he was done, she made him stick his hands out like he was a 2 yr old, she took all the napkins off and kept telling him, “Don’t touch a thing.”  Then she walked him to the bathroom and washed his hands for him.  OH MY GAWSH!!  There comes a time in their lives where we have to sit back and know that we have done our best with them and let them grow up and act on their own.  My son took care of his own mouth and hands when done.  Ok, enough of my little rant. Lol  He really is a cutie pie little boy, just hope moms lets up on him some.  Back to the snack table. I sat down at it while they were doing more takes.  This is what I found!! Lol  I just found humor with it.

Snack anyone? Just a small portion of the snack table.

After filming, son changed clothing and we were on our way!  YAY – traffic was SOOOO much better on I-4 at this time of the day and we were home before we knew it.  I decided to throw son in the pool since he was hot from all the bike riding.  YIKES!!!  It was freezing.  I figured since it had gotten up to about 80 that the water would be somewhat warm, but with the house shading the pool at this time, it was like a polar dip. Lol  Son jumped in and was ok.  I was not!  I sat out and wouldn’t get in.

Getting my makeup done.








Some of the footage.

Well, hope you are having a wonderful day.  We prepare to go tomorrow for the other filming down south.  Son is sooo excited about it since it will be about trains.  I probably will not post tomorrow since we will be traveling and filming. Until Sunday!

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “A walk? NAH, how about a bike ride?

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist December 11, 2015 / 5:42 pm

    HA! on the mom with the 10 year old. When my son was 5, he had a friend who was 6 in the neighborhood. He was a BIG boy, but his mom still wiped his hindquarters after he’d go to the bathroom. Um. Not me. My mission was to get my son to self-cleaning mode as quickly as possible! Yeesh! :\ Sounds like you guys had a fun day! I look forward to your next installment. Stay safe! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife December 11, 2015 / 7:13 pm

      Im with you. I think it is our jobs to make our children as self sufficient as possible! I dont know how many times I have told him that I am not his maid. Even yesterday, he threw his backpack off and just left it. I stopped him right in his tracks and made him pick it up. The assistant director looked at me and laughed as he walked off. I told her that just because he is an actor doesnt mean I stop being a mom, even on set! She agreed. I was just floored with this other mom. We had a great day yesterday and tomorrow, even after a 3ish hour drive should be a ton of fun too!


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