Science of customer service!

What a great weekend.  Friday, we were at the science center for a photoshoot.  It was so neat because they had the children ice skating on something that was not ice.  It was a hard plastic like thing with an oily coating on it.  The kids would just glide right across it.  Son had a ton of fun and we were able to meet some really neat people which I think a few will be friends for life.  We were so blessed to have son chosen as a part of this project.  I cant wait to see the final pictures from it.  Here are a few that I took. lol

Ice rink set for the photo shoot.
Ice, or is it?
“ice skating”


Part of the Science Center
Zachary on top of the Science Center at their observatory. He was trying to look at the moon, but the clouds were int he way.

Before we went, hubby and I went into the campground office to talk with the gal about the whole $100 extra, etc and get quarters since I was doing laundry. I must admit, when I walked out of that office, I was more mad than I was before I went.  It is imperative that we find a new place to live!!  She kept saying that there was not anyone there who was getting any special treatment, even though we have had another resident tell us that the campground has not charged them the extra $100 per child for each of their 3 kids ($300 total).  Even though she is the manager, she basically told us that she has absolutely no authority and is manager only a title for her.  The owner gives her absolutely no authority or decision making in the process.

I tried to explain to her that when you have charged a customer something it is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE to go back to them and tell them that your customer needs to pay more.  She basically told me that since I have never worked in the campground business, I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Sorry, but customer service is just that – no matter what it is in.  I told her that they could have worked with us by charging us half the month one week and the other the next week, just to provide good customer service.  With that, she said, “That’s not up to me, but my owner!”  UGH!!  Before I left I told her that the owner could see we were not going anywhere. I don’t want to move!  He could have made himself look awesome by stepping up and saying that they would work with us instead of charging us an extra $250 since we have been there.  Shame on him.  She responded with, “Well, he thinks that if you stay one night, you are charged for one.  If you stay a week, then you pay a week.” Whats the difference in what I was suggesting.  I reiterated my customer service stand point.  I let her know that I would write a bad review on trip advisor about HIM, not the campground, but him when we moved whether that is 2 months or 6 months down the line.  I would rather stay somewhere where I knew the people had a little more compassion.  Now my kid doesn’t have Christmas because we were charged that extra $100.  “Well, you knew what the prices were when you moved in!!”  Ummm, yeah, but we haven’t paid monthly yet.  It was up to your employee to give us the CORRECT amount.  Her excuse, “Well, he is a man and doesn’t pay attention.”  Really?  That’s all you can say about him not giving us the correct amount.  Once again, we are talking about customer service and the lack of it from this campground.  I told her that when I worked at theme parks, if we were WRONG – we would do whatever was necessary to correct it for our customer to make sure we had happy customers for life instead of upset ones who would bad mouth us in the process.  All I got was, “Sorry you feel that way!”

So we are on the lookout for a new place.  My husband has said many times to our son – LET YOUR YES BE YES AND YOUR NO BE NO!  Well, they did!  It was a NO, at Christmas time.  I told her that the owner was a Grinch and walked out.  Lol

On another note, we were in the Ft Lauderdale area yesterday filming a short.  Son was a little hyper, but did awesome.  Met some great actors, phenomenal director and cant wait to see the final project. I was told that it is going to be shown in a few film festivals, but I do not remember which ones.

We are exhausted and I think, after we go to the store, we are going to hunker down and watch tv for the rest of the day.  OH MY GOSH – I cant believe Christmas is THIS WEEK!  YYYYIIIIIKKKKKEEEESSS!! Lol  Have an awesome day and thank you for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


One thought on “Science of customer service!

  1. The Perpetual Camping Wife December 20, 2015 / 9:43 pm

    We have since Friday had a resolution to the whole “No Christmas” thing with our son. Will explain more tomorrow or the next day. Lets just say, Friday we had an Angel that was with us and we didnt even know it.


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