Bumpers gone!

Saturday filming was excellent!  Well, except the part where son was hyper. Lol  We got up that morning, got our things together and hubby went outside and power washed one side of our “condo” along with the car and truck.  After that, we were on our way on the turnpike.  We were going to stop at the store and buy stuff to make sandwiches, but we were already pushing the time, so we just got on the road.  We ended up stopping at one of the service plazas and going to Earl of Sandwich.

Oh my!  Earl of Sandwich deserves a review all on its own.  Just looking at the sandwiches, I have always assumed that the bread was really hard. Boy was I wrong. It was so soft.  I think those were some of the best sandwiches I have ever had.  We have a huge 64oz (I think) mug that we got from Speedway a few months ago.  We had that with us and filled it up with powerade for 67 cents!  The three of us shared it all the way down.

After we got back onto the road and were eating our yum-yums, a car was about half a mile in front of us.  All of a sudden, the bumper on the car in front of us flew off and stayed in our lane.  Hubby swerved over to the left lane to avoid it.  It was really weird too because the car that lost the bumper never stopped.  I think I would have stopped to find out what had just happened to my car.  Instead, this car SPED UP!!!

We finally got to the park we were told to go to on the call sheet and did not see anyone that looked like they might be filming.  We saw restrooms and hightailed it over to them. Hubby went into the mens room and sent me a text, “These darn kids are smoking weed in here.”  Son went in with me.  He at first said he didn’t need to, but ended up using the facilities too.  I read my hubbys text and got son back to the car asap.  There were a lot of older teens hanging around the restroom area.  Just enough to make us feel a little uncomfy.  Hubby took off around the park and found where the filming was.  Son and I grabbed his shirts that I took with, hair stuff and started walking over to where they were.

His did his first shots in this area. It really was a beautiful park.  The director was very impressed with sons earlier work and knew he had to have son for this project.  He told son that he did a great job and really thought what he had got was great.  Its so funny because son thinks he is playing not working.

Filming with “mom”
Playing with props!

We then went to the next location, which was an apartment.  The directors wife catered dinner for us.  We had chicken salad sandwiches and I thought son was going to eat himself silly.  Yes, they really were that good.  He usually doesn’t eat salad type sandwiches, but this he loved!  We met the lady who was going to play his mom in the film.  One of the first things out of her mouth was that she lives in an RV.  Oh my gosh, I think I love her! Lol  I very loudly and proudly announced we are in a 5th wheel and love it. She said she does too and is looking at getting one of the “tiny homes”.  She agreed that you just cant get any better with lot rent.  You own your home and just have to pay lot rent – much much much better than rent on an apartment.  Son also met his “step-father” and we had to explain that whole scenario to him.  Filming took place and we were on our way back home around 930pm.

I lost count at this time. Son eating another sandwich.
Son with “mom” and “step-dad”

We stopped and got a little more to much on and another big drink.  We also found a farms store and got egg nog.  Both my guys love egg nog – especially from farms store.  I haven’t found one around here yet. Lol  We got back on the road, son ate a little something, had a cup of egg nog and passed out in the back seat. The ride back home was uneventful.  There were no more bumpers flying off cars! Lol  We finally made it back home around 1am.  Son came straight in and plopped down on his bed and was out.  We sat here for about 30 minutes just to wind down from the drive and we were out.  Bless our hearts.  Hubby was up early, but son and I slept til almost 11am.

On another note, Friday son was at a photoshoot with an angel who runs a non-profit.  I was unaware that he was the one who ran it.  I just happened to talk with him very briefly about the year we have had: deaths, non-job, condo, etc.  I was telling him how I would one day like to start a non-profit too. He said he would help me figure it all out.  I went ahead and friended him on facebook.  Well, on the ride to filming on Saturday, he advised me that he was really touched by our family and would like to help with sons Christmas.  This is something that hubby and I have been stressing about.  We have been trying to prepare son that we wouldn’t have the money to pay Santa until February, but Santa had agreed to make a special Christmas drop-off on the night of our choosing in February.  Son still believes in Santa and we just didn’t have the heart to tell him the complete truth.  Yes, I started crying on the way down.  Son wanted to know if I was crying.  NO, I answered him.  So he said, “Oh, must be your allergies then.”  That’s right baby, its moms allergies. Lol  To our angel – you have no idea how much we appreciate you!! Xoxoxo  I cannot wait to work with him to get my non-profit started.

I have had a vision of a non-profit since I had spoke with a mom last year that had no money to buy her kids Christmas. She had told me on Christmas Eve.  Her living situation then is much like ours now, except she was not in a camper.  But she was evicted from her home and had to find another right before Christmas. With deposits and everything – she was broke. It is so sad that our country has people who are in situations like this.  I know there are so many non-profits that want to help people in other countries – but we need to help our own first.

Well, I need to feed the munchkin.  Have a great day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


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