Drama drama everywhere but not a drop of couth!

Well, this is what I woke up to!  My little doggie sitting on my chest this morning. He was trying to tell me that it was just time to get up. Lol  I was already starting to get up and move around some, but nothing like that. Lol

image2 (005)
On top of my human mommy!




Last night we were lucky to see the rocket go up over in Cape Canaveral.  I was not quick enough with my camera.  We saw the white and orange light as it peeked over our trees.  Then it was behind clouds.  All of a sudden, it tried to come out from behind the clouds and I was able to get this!  This was the first time son had ever seen a rocket/shuttle go up.  We are about 70 miles (give or take a few) from the area where it went up.  If the sky was more clear, we would have had an awesome view of it going up at 830pm.  The night sky and launch is a perfect combination!

image1 (005)
The little orange spec in the sky is the rocket.







Drama at the campground!!  If anyone has advice, please let me know. Lol  So, this one little girl is a trouble maker (always the girls).  She decided that she did not like son, and told him so weeks ago. He was ok with that and wanted to play with just the boys.  Well, she started telling the boys that son is weird, etc, etc.  They decided to all gang up on him.  I know my child is not an angel.  I will never pretend he is.  But when I went to talk with her, this 12 year old had a ton of attitude and spoke to me so disrespectfully.  I told son he was no longer allowed to play with her, which we really haven’t had a problem with it.

Son told one of the other boys that “mom doesn’t want me playing with her because……”.  This boy went to her and told her.  She gets the bright idea to tell him to come apologize to me for her.  I walk my fat butt out to the playground and asked her if she had something to say.  “Im sorry”, she said.  “Is that it?” I ask.  Ummm, yeah!  I just lovingly went off on her and her attitude.  She was calling him mean names yesterday and telling him that his mom was fat (boo hoo – that hurt my feelings, NOT!) and that he was too.  He is nowhere near fat!  He has grown out a little, but not up yet.  He does this – grows out then up, then out, then up!  I told her that body shaming someone like that has really bad outcomes.  What if my son was not secure with who he was and he came home and hurt himself because of her?  She just looked at me.  GGRRR.

I ended up asking her why she was apologizing to me and not son, like she should. “Because”  Ok, can you elaborate any? NO  I finally just asked her if she was apologizing to me to get back on my good side.  “Yes!”, she said.  Why would she do that?  Because she wanted to get on his good side.  I asked her if she meant it and she responded with, “No, I just wanted to make him think I was his friend so I could do it all again.”  Oh my gosh!

Before I went down, one of the other boys was telling me that he has a bad home life.  Step dad is mean.  Mom is trying to get away.  I have caught him in lies before.  Even son says he lies.  Well, one of the things he was telling today is that he made his mom and step-dad mad and they have locked him out all day.  There is a tent next to his house. He said that he was told that was his house today and tonight. Don’t know how true it is.  Man-oh-man, what to do with this one?  Seems like I am the only parental unit around. I am keeping my eye on him and I am probably going to call child services.

The biggie though was when I looked out our window yesterday and noticed that there was not one, but two ambulances, several police cars and a coroners van.  Of course, nosey me had to go outside to see what was up. Our neighbor across from us had went out to lunch with the “gals” around here.  When she returned, she found her husband (82 yrs old) dead in bed.  He had laid down and passed in his sleep.  I feel so sad for this lady.  She was on my neighbors porch as the coroner was here.

It just seems as if this place is not where we need to be.  We are trying to find a new place to move to.  Please pray for us as they are trying to repo my car.  Pray we find a new place that doesn’t have mean children. Pray we find a place where the front office has more of a heart!!

My son told me that today was Winter Solstice.  It’s the shortest day and longest night of the year.  So Happy Winter Solstice!!  I wonder what other drama I can go get into today!!  Thanks for reading.


The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Drama drama everywhere but not a drop of couth!

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist December 22, 2015 / 6:32 pm

    Sorry, I’m a little behind! I just caught up on all of the posts. Whew! 🙂 ANYHOO, boy I remember kids like that even back when I was a kid. Let’s face it, kids can be awful, adults can be awful. All we can do is be happy whenever we encounter the nice ones. In the meantime, I’m with you on child services for that kid. He may be lying, but he may not be, so you may be doing him a huge favor. His parents may just be a couple of the awful ones. My best to you and yours, PCW. I had a car repossessed many moons ago. Not a fun thing. I’ll be praying for you guys! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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