Your a mean one……donkey?!?!

Oh my gosh, lets just say that I am over this season of mean.  Even after I talked with the kids yesterday about their behaviors – they are still acting like total donkeys.  I know that son his not innocent.  He said that the girl that he has been having issues with came up today and told the other girl, “Come on, don’t even go over by HIM.”  Which made him reply with, “Hello _____ the horrible”.  I told him that he could not be at the playground if she was there.  I found out that she was there because I went out to check on him.  In his defense, there was another very young adult (19 with a 2 yr old) that has been down there.  He thought that because this guy was down there that he could stay.  UMMMM  NO!

So I decided to go down there and stay around just to see what they would do.  They did nothing.  Of course they did nothing. I expected them to be on their best behavior.  Of course, they all walked off to the other playground soon after.  Son asked if he could go and I told him no. Im not going to let him chase after these green-eyed monsters. Then one came back that is supposed to be his friend.  Son got onto the swings with him and this kid starts swinging sideways and very meanly saying, “GO AWAY.”  I told son to get off the swings and come to me. I just went off…..again.  “See, this kid is not your friend son. If he was, he wouldn’t demand you to leave. This isn’t his playground – its everyones.  But we are going to go ahead and leave.  Don’t defend him anytime soon either because if he was your friend, he would have taken up for you earlier and never left your side.  But you know whats worse? He pretended to be your friend when he really wasn’t.  He is the worst one of the bunch.”  I said other things too, just cant remember.  I know I did say that each one of them were mean and did not deserve a minute of sons time.  This kid got such a mean look on his face.  We walked by and I told him to enjoy his swing. He kept giving me that go to you know where look.

I stopped and said, “Yeah, you got something to say?”  He said, “NO”  I told him not to look at me like that and he just got this evil grin on his face.  Son said, “That’s his evil look when he is mad at someone.”  I told him that he could get over it, not to look at me disrespect ably.  This is the brother of the kid that said he wasn’t allowed to go in at all yesterday, which I did see him go in.  I do hope that son now has an eye-full of who they are.  We have friends that he can play with, he doesn’t need these donkeys as friends.  I know that is harsh, but I am just tired of kids acting like this and getting away with it.  As a mom, I hurt for my kid.  I am trying to teach him the appropriate ways to behave. I know that when I am not around, he is going to do things that, well, childish and kid-like.  Just like all children, I know he is going to instigate at times too.

Hello, I am one of the kids that wants to terrorize your son!!

He became upset with these kids and asked to come home.  I purposely stayed out there longer than what he wanted because I wanted him to see what they were all about.  We came home and talked about what had just happened.  I do hope that he now has a better understanding of how mean people can be. I really do think it is because these kids are jealous at the fact that he is working on being an actor.  He has a lot more going for him than they do – like two parents who support his dreams.

Wow, I never knew!! I wonder if kids know this?
“Where are all the mean kids?  I’m hungry!!” 

On that note, I have a young man who I need to go spend some time with.  Of course, I joke with the pictures.  Have a wonderful day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


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