Merry Christmas!

merry christmasMerry Christmas!!  Happy Birthday to Jesus.  We went to our friends house for dinner last night and it was so nice.  Good food, great company and gifts that were unexpected.  Of course, as soon as son saw the gifts when we walked in, he had to be the normal little rude boy and ask, “Are they for me?”  I know, I know, kids will be kids.


It was so nice to have somewhere to go and spend time with.  Even if they would have invited us and not offered dinner at all – it would have been worth it just to be around people who wanted us around.  I will say, they gave me the most meaningful and thoughtful gift that I could have right now.  I was gifted a cookbook with all recipes for the crockpot.  It hardback, binder and has tabs for different sections in it.  Very nice!  I am going to look through it after we have lunch today.  Son really liked what was given to him: a book, a science experiment kit, a pooping reindeer and a pair of overalls (that he needed for Ted the Trainman). Hubby received movies on DVD that turned out to be his favorites!!  We all got things that we really wanted/needed.

slow cooker recipes
Best gift EVER for PCW!!


Speaking of crockpot cooking, I made a “cake” in the crockpot yesterday.  I purchased a spice cake mix, a large can of pumpkin, sliced almonds and pumpkin spice morsels.  I took half of the can of pumpkin and mixed it with 2 eggs.  Then I added the dry spice cake mix and mixed well.  I took a little bit of olive oil and put in the bottom of the crockpot and spread with a paper towel.  Then I made a “boat” with parchment paper.  I took almost half of the spice cake mix and put on the bottom  of my “boat” and spread it out. I then took about ¼  of the almonds and spread them on top of the mix.  I topped that with some of the spiced pumpkin morsels.  Finishing it off, I took the rest of the cake mix and laid it on top of the morsels.  I put the top on and let it cook.  I really did not know how this was going to turn out and this was not a recipe that I had found somewhere.  I just made it up!!

Right before I put the top on to cook.

After an hour, I decided to check on it. I removed the top, wiped the top down to remove the moisture and put it back on.  In another hour, I did it again.  After 3-3.5 hours I could tell that it was cooked and looked like cake.

I brought it out of the crockpot and put it on top of the stove to cool.  After it cooled a little, I placed cream cheese icing on top along with more almonds and spiced pumpkins morsels.

After being decorated and before being cut!

Today, I cut it into squares and put it into a bowl just to make room.

Cut into squares and triangles and ready to be eaten.

OH MY GOSH, we all tasted it thought before I put it up – SOOOOO GOOOD!!  I really outdid myself with this one.  Enjoy the pictures!

Off to spend the rest of Christmas with my two favorite guys.  My other favorite guy is looking on us from heaven.  Missing him a lot today. Love you dad!! Have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


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