Feeling a little down today.  It comes and goes, which is expected.  We have just been through so much this year and when we think it is starting to get better, we get slammed again.  Christmas was really good and we were certainly blessed this year.  We had friends who sent gift cards to us, which is awesome because that is going to help with gas to get hubby back and forth to work.  We had an organization help with our sons Christmas.  Kauses4kids.org is the non-profit organization that was able to provide Christmas for our son.  They work with families in this area and are all about making sure that kids get what kids need.  Check them out.  I will be working with them later in order to start a non-profit of my own, something I have wanted to do for about a year now.


So my non-profit will be for single moms where the dad is not in the picture at all.  There are so many moms who are trying their hardest to make ends meet and yet cant because of different circumstances.  I want to be able to raise funds to help them with rent, electric, water, toiletries, etc.  There is so much that the government does not help with.  I would like to be that force that comes in and says, we can help you.  I still haven’t narrowed down a name for it, but I am working on it.  Once I have everything in place, I will need to then work on a Board of Advisors, etc, that will help with the running of the non-profit.

So the problem I am having today is that tomorrow is the deadline for our car.  We need to have $555 to the bank by end of business and we only have about $275 (not including our gift cards).  They are NOT going to take a partial payment, we are just too far behind right now. Also, hubby does not get paid until this Friday, and that is not going to be enough to pay for the car.  Plus, its Friday and not tomorrow like they want.  If we are able to make the payment (by miracle), then they are going to want another payment in two weeks which comes in at the same time as our monthly payment here at the campground. UGH!!!  Honestly, I don’t see any way around it and am afraid they are going to just need to take the car. We have the truck, but that thing is so big – I cant drive it.  I will be stuck at the house without a way to go if the car is repossessed.  If hubby is at work, then I will not have a  way to get son to auditions, etc.  UGH!!!  Whats so bad is that we can see the end of the tunnel and know that this is turning around.  It absolutely SUCKS that we have come so far and are about to lose the car.

Well, with that, I am going to go and spend time with my lil man. Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!

The Perpetual Campers


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