Battery Back-up, Blow-up, SCORE!!!

Oh my gosh, I was in car hell yesterday.  We started off the day with me hammering into my hubby that I need a car – bad.   Everything he said I countered with, “Well, I could go and do that IF I HAD A CAR!”  Bless his heart.  We left out of the house for him to take me to the store to get a few groceries, which I would not need a chauffeur if I HAD MY OWN CAR. He took us to lunch and while sitting there, I started talking about how we could go and see the van that I found online.  He decided to go ahead and call out and use Friday as a “find my wife a car” day.

He called the people that had the van that I found online and I could tell by his expressions – he was not really thrilled with the way they were doing business.  “OH, we have someone coming at 4pm to buy the van….. We had someone drive it this morning.   etc, etc, etc”  We went ahead and went to look at it.  Oh my gawd!  It had been wrecked, but was not falling apart.  You would think when a person calls and says “we are on our way” that they would have pulled the vehicle up and made sure everything was ok with it.   We got there and the sales person in his faded and holey sweat pants and old t-shirt told us, “Umm,  well, let me get the jump box. Battery is dead.”  We barely drove it, turned around and left. He tried everything he could to get us to stay and pay $1000.

We left and I got onto my tablet and started searching again.  I found another van at another place for $995.  We went to the place and not one person came up to us.  Now I have to say that the inside was really neat.  I have included a few pictures.  image


We also saw a huge turtle while there. image When we finally got someone he said, “I’m not a salesperson, but I can help you.”  We told him which van, he had it pulled up AFTER they put air in the tire. Yup, it had a flat tire. When we got over to it our not-a-salesperson had disappeared and the service person came up, tried to hand hubby $3 to go put gas in it for a test drive.  HUH?  When we walked up to the van facing it, we could tell the front had been wrecked.  I opened the passenger door and noticed that there was a paper mat on the floor.  I picked it up and noticed that the floor was wet and had mildew all over it.  EEEEEWWWWWWWW   It says to me that the car had a leak and it was apparent due to all the rain we have had. Honestly – I already have a leak in my house…….I dont need one in my car too. lol

After a few other places, we ended up at a dealership that works with people who have slow credit, etc.  We are trying to repair our credit. It is so bad right now due to hubby losing his job last March and not finding one until recently.  They qualified us before we looked at anything.  They were able to tell us what we qualified for.  We did a test drive, did all our paper work and became the owners of a new-to-us van.  We were able to get a 2010 Town and Country Stow n Go.  We are beyond tickled.  We were not going to get  into another financing situation, but we decided that since the other places were selling  nasty cars for what we could afford to pay out-right, we might need to rethink our situation. With what we had as a down payment, we were able to get low payments, and with hubbys job and tax season – we should be able to pay it off sooner than later.

I will leave you a few pictures of our new addition.  Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.



YES!!  This is my new van.


The Perpetual Campers

Suck, tarp, suck

It has been a busy day!! We were up early this morning and taking care of business.  Lol  We finally went and got a PO Box so that we no longer will receive mail here at the campground.  We also had our phones turned back on. Yup, the Perpetual Campers are no longer quiet!! Hubby took us to breakfast since we were up so early.  All I wanted was coffee. Ok that wasn’t all, but I wanted coffee. Hehe

After we had breakfast, we had to go over to Walmart (OOOOHHHH, how I hate you Walmart) to get a few things.  We needed a tarp to place on top of the camper.  It will not cover the entire camper, but most of it.  We still have one area of concern, but we will try to fix it soon.  The tarp was much needed because all it has done is rain.

I am so tired of this truck.  This is what I have to use just to get into the darn thing.  imageIts called Short-leg-itis and I suffer from it.  When I get out, I just kinda turn my body to the outside, hang my legs over and drop to the ground.  Drats!!  When I got home and did this, the truck door came back on me and knocked our left-overs from breakfast right out of my hand.  Lets just say that someone’s dog will have a really nice “dinner” at some point.

Our neighbor is so sweet.  He helped hubby put the tarp on the camper. He actually got on the top and spread it out for us.  We asked him not to, but there he went – up, up and away to the top. We are very grateful for all of his help.  We now have a “Band-Aid” on our camper.  Now that we have the camper covered up, I have to get to work on the huge wet spot on the inside. image

For this, we purchased a small Stanley Dry/Wet Vac for $20.  I get down on the floor, turn it on and SUCK, SUCK, SUCK the spot.  I think that was probably the best $20 we have spent. Lol

Internet has been really crazy today with all the rain.  Because we have dial-up, half the time (during rain) we have it and then we don’t.  Gotta go make dinner for my munchkin.  Have an awesome night and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


I have taken a few days to myself.  They were much needed.  I have not felt completely well, and that is probably from the warm-to-cold-to-warm-to-cold.  You know, all the typicals with a cold. Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, etc, etc. I will be glad when the rain goes away.  We are going to need to go to an RV store this weekend and see if they have a tarp that we can pull over the top of the camper.  We have discovered that where the slide out is at – there is ANOTHER leak.  UGH.  We need a sealer to go in the front of the camper at the top – right where our heads are when we sleep.  Lol  Luckily we have yet to feel the water drop on us.  I have opened up those cabinets and put industrial size garbage bags down with towels on top of them to catch any water that may come in. Suggestions on where to go:  camper sales (like camping world) VS camping equipment store (like Bass Pro Shop)?

Have you ever seen the movie Overboard with Goldie Hawn?  Well, there is one segment of the movie where she is asleep on the couch and water is leaking into the home and hitting her right on the forehead.  But she is so exhausted that she sleeps right through it and dreams that the drip is really a piano playing and she is at this huge New Years Eve party.   I only imagine that I would sleep right through it and have a dream of being anywhere but where I am at. Lol  Just like Goldie Hawn.

We are on the search for a car.  Hope to have a not-so-new new car for me this weekend.  I absolutely HATE being stuck at home.  Hate it.  Not much I can do though since I cannot drive the truck.  Its just too big.  I would hit everything in my way.  Buildings, cars, people – I mean EVERYTHING. Hehehe  I will feel like I am part of the living again. Yeah, I don’t do good with being dependent on others.  I know that I probably would not go to many places.  I am very much a homebody.  But there are times that I really need a vehicle.  I need to be able to take son to auditions, or run to the store, etc.  So, hopefully a new car will be in the cards for this weekend.

That’s all for me folks.  I am going to lay down for a bit.  Hopefully I am not getting a cold from the cold.  Its been warmer the last few days, but cooler climates are coming again. Lol  Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Cold weather.

I do hope everyone is staying warm. We ventured out for a little bit today to get a few things at the store. When we were out, the temps were 50, with 20-22mph winds and reports that it felt like 37 degrees. We arrived back at our little condo on wheels and have not left at all. It is almost 10pm, and the temps are 44. Reporting that it will get to 34 tonight. The wind has slowed to 14mph and it feels like 39. Sorry for the weather report. I just want to express what it is like living in our little “condo” without heat. We are drinking hot tea, have ourselves in warm clothing and have the little portable heater going non-stop. Right now, we are warm. But it is not the coldest it will get tonight. It’s going to be long and it looks like hubby and I will be in the chairs in the living room sleeping tonight. :D. There have been reports that North Florida had snow flurries earlier today. Can’t wait to see if it happens again in the morning. Have a great night everyone. Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

I’m so nuken warm!!

I sure do hope you all are staying warm if you are in an area that is cold right now.  We were starting to warm up, but these storms that rolled in this morning are bringing the cold again.

I have a question for everyone. What do you do to warm up really quick?  This is just one of the questions I am coming across as I live in a camper.  The next night after me sleeping in the chair was supposed to be a lot warmer. Like almost 10 degrees warmer.  But when I woke up at 7am, I noticed that it was even colder than the night before. UGH!!  I totally screwed up.  Why didn’t I sleep in the chair again?  That’s right ………. Its because I trusted and listened to our local news.  See if I ever do that again! Lol  My poor baby.  I totally failed as a mom for that night.  Well, not entirely. I did make him wear long pajama pants to bed and he has a really thick comforter.  He was cold, not freezing, but cold.

I, however, was just in a short nightgown that has thin straps.  Kinda like the one pictured here, but made out of t-shirt material. nightgownNeedless to say – yeah I was FREEZING when I got up. Lol  The first thing I looked for was my little light weight, zip-up sweatshirt.  Then I went on the hunt for something to put on my legs.  I found a pair of leggings that I normally do not wear because I am constantly in shorts.  Oh my – they were cold to the touch.  Ok, how do I get them warm, and quick?  PCW just had a brilliant idea I tell you, absolutely brilliant!  I throw the leggings into the microwave and put them on high for 30 seconds.  I stand and watch to make sure they don’t burst into a huge fire. I pull them out and I think I am in heaven.  I pull them on and my legs feel so flipping GOOD!!!  I turn around, grab a pair of clean socks and throw them in too.  HA, I thought I was in heaven with the leggings.  Yea, I really am now with warm socks on my feet. Hey, a womans gotta do what a woman has to got to do to remain warm.

My mom, grandmother and aunts are all getting blasted by snow today in TN.  Stay warm guys!!  Be safe and don’t venture out too much.  Its always tough there because there is usually ice below the snow.  Think I am going to go dream of being on a cruise ship today.

NCL Getaway Jan 2015 197
Sure do wish I was here, or somewhere like this. This was in Nassau Bahamas last year when we went.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!!

The Perpetual Campers

Fruit salad hair

Can I have a do-over? Today has been one of those days. Lol I am so ready for this cooler weather to go away.  No, I don’t like the summer weather either.  My perfect temp would be around 70-ish.

Yesterday, I decided that I wanted to start trying a home remedy for my hair.  With all the stress that we have been under, my hair has started to thin right in the front. This is just very traumatic for me. I have always had long, thick, beautiful hair. Well, it is still pretty, but just thinning. Yeah, I think I want to go cry right now.  Only my hubby can be the bald one in the family.  Bless him, he doesn’t need to worry about stress making him lose his hair because  – he doesn’t have any!! Lol  That’s ok, bald is sexy on him. So, I melted a little coconut oil and applied it to my hair and was very generous to the scalp where the hair thinning is at.  I then wrapped it up with saran wrap and placed a warm towel over the wrap.  I left it for about 45 minutes before heading back to the shower area. I hung my head over and took a cup of apple cider vinegar and applied that, then wrapped it again. I left it for about 15 minutes. The smell was enough and I headed off to wash it OUT!!  When the hot water hit both, I smelled like a fruit salad – and not a good one!!  But oh my gawsh, my hair has never been so soft.  Today, it feels really good.  I read somewhere that I would need to do this twice a week and for a while to see the growth come back.  I don’t know if son will be able to handle this.  Of course, hubby was NOT here.  Heck no, I am not going to let him see or smell me like that. Hehehe

Our temperature was just bad last night. I know, a lot are probably dealing with snow – and I feel for you, I really do.  We got down to 39 last night.  I decided, since I stay at home and take care of son, that I would “sleep” in one of our new chairs (ouch) and keep the heater on all night.  I knew that I would not sleep really good, which is what I wanted.  It was my way of waking up every 2 hours for at least 30 minutes to make sure that we were all safe.  I wanted son to stay warm all night, so I left him on his bed and hubby was in our bedroom.  I did not send son into the bedroom because it gets cold during the night. The bedroom is not near where the heater is plugged up at. Son is so darn sweet.  I had my head leaned over onto his bed and he woke up around 4am and planted a big ole kiss on my head. I love that little man.  He woke up at 730 for the morning and I traded spots. I got a little sleep until I heard, “Mom, I am HONGRY!” lol  Needless to say, I am very tired today.  It is going to be about 10 degrees warmer outside, so I should be able to keep the heater off tonight and sleep in my bed. Lol

So whats up today with me? Well, I was cooking our fish for our lunch and the flipping pan I was cooking it in flew off the stove.  I was about to put the second batch into it to cook when it happened. I did not bump it and hubby saw it happen.  I just knew it was going to land on my bare feet.  Hubby was getting ready for work, so I guess he needs to go out and check the camper tomorrow and see if it is level. UGH!  Luckily, there was no fish in it and the carpet only minimally melted where the pan landed.  I guess that just means that I need to go sit down and prop my feet up for the rest of the day.

Have a wonderful day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Aldi ambulance

Today has been a tough day.  We had to run over to Aldi to pick up a few items that were needed (we ran out of) for our Dr Phil 20/20 diet.  Hubby woke up late.  I was up early watching Howard the Duck with son.  When hubby got up, he had his breakfast and cup of coffee and then we took off to Aldi.


Normally Aldi is uneventful.  While in there, son was badgering me with what we were going to have for lunch and why we couldn’t have pizza, etc.  So, I looked at him and said, “Son, come on, just hush for a few.”  This lady that had her bike helmet on kinda snickered when I said it. It wasn’t a normal snicker, but a snicker none the less.

We got all the way over to the other side of the store where the frozen foods were at.  I needed to get fish and a few veggies that were over there.  When I am in the store, I am just totally oblivious to others around me.  All of a sudden we hear a crash and I look over and the woman who had snickered had fallen and hit the base of her head/neck on the cart. Hubby walked over and asked if he could help her up and it was at this time that he noticed she was having a seizure.  He made sure she was on her side and backed up.  He told someone that worked there that they needed to call an ambulance.  An employee came to her aid and flipped her on her back.  Another customer passed by and placed this woman back on her side and told them not to move her until the ambulance arrived.

Of course, son wanted to stand there and take in everything that was going on.  We knew that the employees were going to handle the situation, so we moved to the check out and paid for our groceries.  When we got back in the truck, I took the opportunity to inform son that he should never stare at what is going on in situations like this. It is something that I have told him before, but since he had never experienced anything like this before – human nature took over.  Please, if you have never had a talk like this with your children, grand children, nieces, nephews – PLEASE do it now.  The last thing that someone who is having a medical emergency wants is for people staring at them.

I heard the manager tell another employee that they should move the lady to another point of the store.  I cringed.  Now we know why she was wearing a protective helmet in the store.  The other customer who had told them NOT to move her was asking if she was a regular, had a history of seizures, if she had a husband, etc.  This poor woman was by herself. Usually her husband is with.  She also has a history of seizures, which means she shouldn’t have been on her own. The EMTs were walking in as we were walking out.

This really made the start of our day kinda odd.  I pray that this lady is not severely hurt.  She was not able to talk when I was there, but showed signs of wanting to sit up.  So, anything interesting happen during your day?  Thank you for reading!!

The Perpetual Campers


Waist is a shrinking and tushy is more comfy

My oh my. I have had a headache for a few days.  I am sure it is because I am purging some yucky stuff from my body.  Namely, sugar and salt.  This is day 3 on the Dr. Phil 20/20 diet.  I am not completely crazy about the recipes.  I think it is because most of them have mustard in it.  I am not anti-mustard.  But with every meal – its just overkill.  I would love to figure out if I can substitute mustard for something else that is similar in nutritional values.

I was very surprised yesterday when I made our lunch.  I made, from the diet, cod cakes.  A lot of people do not care for fish, much less cod.  Luckily we are a family that likes all types of fish.  It called for us to cook lentils and mash them then mix the cod along with mustard, garlic, lemon juice, water, rye crackers and spinach.  I mashed those little lentils until they couldn’t be mashed any more.  I then took the cooked cod and flaked it, ok mashed it and added it to my other ingredients.  I took my hands and just squished and squished until it was well mixed.  I formed them into little “cakes” and baked, turning them once.

Imagine my surprise when I placed them in front of son and he told me that he liked them.  I really was not expecting this from him.  I was expecting him to fight, argue, complain – you know, all the typical 11 yr old things.  But I didn’t get any of those.

Cod Cakes

One thing I noticed yesterday on this new way of eating is that we were all HUNGRY!!  I do hope that this is only because we are so new into the diet plan.  We drank extra water, had a few walnuts and just nothing helped.  We were perpetually HONGRY!!

Today has been ok.  We had a scramble egg spinach breakfast.  There was no salt used in it at all, but it tasted like there was.  The trick is to use a little lemon juice.  We had egg salad on rye crackers for lunch with apple.   This has been one that is ok, but it just uses too much mustard for my taste.  Ok, just the sound of eggs and mustard together is ODD, but its not totally gross.

We also were very blessed over the weekend.  I tell you, neighbors in a campground are nothing like neighbors when you live in an apartment or home.  So, our neighbor on the other side of us is a single woman.  She has lived here for almost 2 years. Just the sweetest. She has two dogs that son loves to play with when they come outside.  They are the cutest lil doggies.  Well, she told us that she had a storage unit that she had to clear out.  She was bringing her recliner and was getting rid of her two chairs that were at the back of her fifth-wheel.  Hers is almost 10 feet longer than ours and has slide outs on both sides.  We walked into it and I was immediately jealous of all the room. Lol

She needed to do something with the chairs that were in the way of where she wanted her recliner to go.  She asked us if we wanted them.  Ummmm, let me think about it.  So, we have this one swivel chair that came with our camper way back when.  The bottom of the chair is not comfy and is starting to fall through.  I always put a pillow on the seat when I sat down to make it more comfy.  When hubby is home, I would let him have that chair and I brought in a folding lawn chair that I would sit in.  The lawn chair is really not that bad. So she has offered us these two chairs where there is no bottom falling out and has hardly been sat in.  She has cats and they have scratched them up pretty bad, but still – it aint no lawn chair and bottom falling chair!!  So, do we want these two chairs?  I’m sorry Ms. Neighbor, but we do not have the money to purchase them right now.  She responded with, “No, I do not want money for them.  I am giving them to you if you want them.  If not, I am just going to throw them away.”  WHAT?!?!?!  Oh yeah, we want the chairs.  It is a little more congested in here now, but our tushies are comfy.  Well, all except them not having arm rest on them.  We picked the perfect place to park our camper.  We could have done much worse for our neighbors.

One of our new chairs

Oh, and I almost forgot. I know I said we are on day 3, but out of curiosity this morning I wondered how well we were doing.  We do not have a scale here. Just no room for it. We go to the grocery store and weigh ourselves on their big scales at the entrance.  Hey, I have seen people weigh their luggage on these before. Lol  Nope, we haven’t gone and weighed ourselves.  We had to take our measurements before we started.  I put the measuring tape around my waist and I am down 1.5 inches already.  Hubby – he is down 1 inch.  Score!!! It seems to be working.

1.5 inches for me and 1 for hubby.

Have a great day everyone.  Once again, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts.

The Perpetual Campers

Breaking wind!

The sun has finally came out today.  From what the weather man was telling last night – it was going to be near evening time before the rain would go away.  I absolutely hate bad weather.  It has become worse since we have moved into our “condo”.  We have known that we need a new roof.  UGH!!  One price we were quoted was about $5000. Its just not worth it.  If we go to resell our condo, we would never recoup that amount of money. SIGH!  So, knowing that we are in our drier season, we have become very lazy about our roof.  Well, today we noticed that we have a leak – right above our heads – in the bedroom.  NO!  We were not in there when it started to leak.  We caught it right as it was starting and put things in place to catch water.

Let me back up a little. We knew last night that the weather would be bad.  I went out yesterday to call son inside from playing and noticed my neighbor outside doing things in her yard. I went over to talk with her for a second and noticed that she was securing all the small items in her yard.  When I asked her about it, she looked at me and said, “News is stating that we are going to get 160 mph winds.” Ummm, ok crazy lady.  Figuring that it was going to get bad, I decided to secure some of the things around our yard too.  I came inside and never saw anything about 160 mph winds.

So son and I had dinner later in the evening and sat down to watch American Idol.  Last season – we gotta see it.  As soon as it goes off, they give a teaser that coming up in the weather section of news – they have information about a huge storm coming our way – stay tuned!! Ok, I am watching!  Whats going on with our freaky weather.  From what they told us, its all part of El Nino.  I was so flipping amazed that I had to take a picture of the TV.


Yup, that says 160 MPH winds.  Wait!!  WHUAAT?  So, my neighbor isn’t crazy or smoking something.  It really said it.  The bad weather was supposed to start rolling in around 6am, which it did.  I was laying in bed at 8am, awake and listening.  I could hear the rain hitting the top of the condo and the wind was swirling all around.  But it was nowhere NEAR hurricane strength winds. From what the news stated, the rain would be very heavy – and it was.  They said that the 160 mph winds were in the upper level heading toward north Florida and Georgia.  Whew!  However, we were advised that our winds would gust and reach up to 40 MPH. We were also told that there could be possible tornados.  I can report that I do not think the winds got near 40, but it did throw caution at us and made us think about the safety of our condo during bad weather.  We now have a plan in place and will use it if we are ever faced with bad weather.  Of course – my plan:  bad weather is coming so the Perpetual Camping Family is heading to a hotel. Lol  Would have been at one last night if we would have had the money.  Like I said, I have never liked bad weather and this condo makes me like it even less.

In the rain, we did take our truck across the road and hit up our local Aldi for the groceries we will need to start our diet.  I sat down this week and put together my shopping list.  I also put together my menu for each day.  We will need to eat at specific times, so I needed to plan our meals so that I can send things to work with hubby that may be easy to keep in his lunchbox.  We came back with our items and I put them all up.  For lunch, I used my new oven and made baked chicken breast sprinkled with curry and an arugula salad on the side.  Theres a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy! Lol

Need to go check on our leak in the bedroom and then catch up on some blogs I missed yesterday. Have an awesome day everyone. Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

I’m hot and I’m cold…..

Today is a new day.  But lunch was the same. Lol  Yup, we had the rest of our turkey loaf.  I put it in our little convection oven.  Once again, it came out moist.  We are so happy with our little oven.  We did our measurements this morning and OH MY GAWSH!!!  We gotta lose some weight. Lol  I am also working on our menu for when we start in a few days.  Dr Phil 20/20 diet seems to be a great weight loss tool and I am seeing people on FB with huge success.

Ok, it is official – I am TIRED of this weather.  I had this little “condo” so warm last night.  It felt so nice.  It was down to 43 last night.  Of course, when hubby got home around 11pm, he said, “Why is it so hot in here?”  Ok, just take your hot rear right on back outside and sit for a bit! Lol  Son and I will stay right here where we are comfy.  The high today is 62, but it feels so warm in here.  I am sitting here in shorts, tank top and socks and I am a little hot.  The door is wide open, but the air and heater are both off.  That’s the best about living in this little “condo”, we can sit here and let the fresh air in and have it feel really nice.  However, tonight I will have that little heater going again. Which brings me to the scratchy throat I had this morning when I woke up.  That’s all part of the winter weather here in Florida. Lol  But, throat relief tea will help with this.

Well, good luck to all who are playing the Powerball Lottery tonight.  It would be nice to win something that could help us with this financial situation we are in. Just so you know – I am NOT holding my breath for that win. Lol  It would be nice if we did win though, I would definitely be able to start that non-profit to help single moms that I have wanted to start.  It would also be nice to be able to get the brakes fixed on the truck and get me a car.  Oh, and have our flipping phones turned back on.



Well, I have got to get son off the playground and started on school.  I am trying to let him go out when the other kids are in school so that he go and play without the bad antics that these kids pull.  Always drama with them.  I know that son needs the exercise and needs to wear down his energy too. Plus, if it stays warm like this, I might actually be able to get into our small bathroom and shave my legs that has turned into a forest I think. lol

Thank you all for reading.  Have a perpetually awesome day!!

The Perpetual Campers