5.5 hrs to cook wings? Are you serious?!?!

Good day everyone!  I say day because I do not know what time of the day it is from where you are reading!  My oh my, my lil blog was busy yesterday.  I now have more followers and I cant thank you all enough for reading my rambling thoughts.  It really does make me feel appreciated and like my voice (ok, typing) matters!  So, to all my followers and “stalkers” – THANK YOU!!!  You all are appreciated.


I turned yesterday into a cooking day!  There are some things that I need to get out of our “condo” before we start on our Dr Phil 20/20 journey.  I would just take them and donate them all, but with money being tight – I cant do that!  We have to make sure son has something to eat.  Next payday comes in the middle of the month, so that’s when we will replenish our pantry with the 20/20 approved foods.

I bet you are asking, “What did PCW make this time?”  “What did she use to cook with, the waffle iron or the crockpot…..OR BOTH?”  Well, I had a pineapple cake mix in the pantry, so I decided to make a crockpot cake again.  I prepared the cake mix just as it called for on the box.  I made my parchment “boat” inside the crockpot and placed the batter inside the boat. I then took a small can of pineapple pieces and spread them (minus the juice) on top of the batter.  I placed the top on the crockpot and let it cook.  After an hour, I took the top off and wiped the inside of it down to remove the moisture.  On the second hour of cooking, I removed the moisture again.  I think it was 2.5 of total cooking time.  It did not rise like a cake should, but it wasn’t bad either.  Of course, both of my roomies thought it was the best EVER!!!  As well they should or they wouldn’t get me to cook again. Lol

image1 (9)
Pineapple right-side up cake!

I also decided that dinner was going to be something straight from the new crockpot cookbook that my friend gave to me for Christmas.  Melissa, this is in your honor!!  I really wanted chicken wings.  I looked through the recipes and found one where I had most items already in my kitchenette.  We made a list of the few things we needed and then headed over to Aldi for the rest.  The wings I picked up were frozen so I had to thaw them at home.  Once thawed, I had to cut the tips and then cut the drumettes from the other part of the wing.  I had to let the crockpot cool before I could cook the wings in it.  The recipe we decided to make was Moroccan Chicken Wings.  Let me just say – they were DELICIOUS!! They were not the best to look at, but they tasted very good!  The absolute best part – we saved money.  If we had went to a “wing house” and ordered them, we would have spent a fortune!! Small fortune, but still much more than we spent making them on our own.

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Wings
Ugly food taste bad – said no-one EVER!!

So, what happened for them to be ugly? Lol  ME!!  I completely messed them up.  I put too many in the skillet to brown them before dumping them into the sauce.  The skin did not cook properly because of it.  Then, once I dumped them sauced up into the crockpot, I turned it all the way “on”.  I have done this before.  After an hour, I wasn’t smelling them, so I went to check on them and it seemed like the pot was warm, so I didn’t think anything of it.  I checked again in about an hour and they were still no more cooked than before. WHAT??  Ok, this is the second mistake I made on these wings.  When I turned the crockpot all the way “on”, I didn’t realize that it was on WARM not high.  Well CRUD!!  So I switched it over to high and kept my eye on it. It turned out to be a very late night for eating.  Like 9pm eating.  We usually eat earlier than that, but I had to give them enough time to thoroughly cook.  The recipe says that it would take normally 3-3.5 hours to cook.  Here it is and I have stretched it out to about 5.5 hours. UGH!! We finally ate, and this was the finished version.

I am going to reheat the left overs in a skillet today and give to son.  They were really, really good and it will be something that I make again!!

On another note – OH MY GOSH winter finally showed up!  Ok, well, for some its not cold – but it is to us.  We woke up in our tin can with temps outside of 51.   It rained all day yesterday, so we knew it was going to bring in the cold snap, and it did. Bless our Florida hearts, we are all in sweats, socks and jackets this morning sitting around drinking our coffee.  Even our lil doggie was cold.  His ears were just soooo cold and his little paws too.  I ran some warm water and put down for him to drink.  He didn’t like it too much, but after about a minute of lapping it up, he had a little pep to his step.  Gotta keep my lil fur baby warm!  Actually, I think if we had electric blankets right now, it would be really good.  However, I don’t even want to purchase them because we don’t get enough cold weather to use them enough, and we just don’t have the storage for them.  Today is a high of 63, but it is already feeling really good outside.  They are saying that it is going to be 49 tonight, so we will need to bundle up during bedtime! Lol   OH the trials and tribulations of living in a condo on wheels!! Lol

I need to get son started on his school work today.  That’s always fun!! Have a great day everyone.  Thank you for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


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