Biking is the “in” transportation!

What an exciting day!  We took a bike ride today to the grocery store.  I absolutely LOVE riding my bike.  I was under the impression a few years ago that I wouldn’t be able to ride one.  See, I was very over weight.  I didn’t think there was one that would be able to safely carry me. Nooo, I wasn’t like the show I watch and over 500 or so pounds, but I was very overweight.  I still am.  But I have forever lost 85 lbs in the last 4 years that I plan to keep off forever.

Not only was it my weight, but the last time I was on a bike was when I was a young teen.  My cousin and I would take our bikes and ride all over our hometown.  We would go from one end to the other.  I should mapquest it one day and see just how many miles we would put in.  I know it had to be over 20.  We would stay out all day.  I so much enjoyed my time with her.  Hard to believe that her heavenly anniversary is coming up next month.  My gosh, 24 years ago this year.  Miss you so much Sandy. Think about you all the time – especially when riding my bike!

I thought before I got on my bike that I was going to need training wheels or my husband would need to run behind me and keep me steady.  But one thing that people always say is true – once you learn how, you never forget!!  Of course, I was a little wobbly at first.  I have gotten better.  The most I have ridden in one day is 17 miles.  Yup, my fat butt was on that tiny seat for HOURS!! Yeah, it hurt. Lol  We had our bikes in our storage room when we first moved here. We had been talking about going to get them out and riding them as a form of exercise.  Last weekend, we retrieved them.  They are expensive bikes, so we have to lock them down to something that will not move. Lol  Since this whole fiasco with the car and now the truck, we knew that we needed a way to get to the store.

We have two groceries that we can hit up that is less than a mile from us.  One is across four lanes of traffic. The other is just down a little further, but on our side.  The one on our side is more expensive. Knowing the 4 lane road/drive, I do not want son crossing it. It is a very dangerous road.  So we decided to go down a little.  Really glad we did because I was able to get non-compliant foods that we can eat before we start our Dr. Phil 20/20 diet.  Yup, pasta was buy one and get one free, so I bought 2 boxes.  Pasta sauce was on sale for buy one get one free.  Then in the meat department, skinless-boneless chicken breast was on sale for buy one get one free.    We literally have enough for 6 different meals and with the other few small staples, we spent $26.  We snatched up a lottery ticket on the way.  Hey, it is at $900 million.  Lol  I know the odds are EXTREMELY slim, but you just cant not buy one.  We stuffed our groceries into the basket on the front of my bike and into the little cooler on the back of hubbys bike and made our way home. Have I mentioned – I LOVE MY BIKE!!

Our bikes, chained up, at the store. LOVE IT!!

Lunch, I made turkey and cheese bitesize pinwheels for son to have for lunch.  By the way, yesterday for lunch I made turkey meatloaf “burgers”.  They were a hit!! Then we settled down to watch True Confessions.  It is a black and white movie from 1937 with John Barrymore and Carol Lombard.  Very good movie!  Yeah, hubby and I like to watch the old ones together.

turkey, cheese pinwheels

After our movie, we decided to ride our bike around the campground and let son play at the other playground. We went the long way around and up and down all the roads here several times to get exercise in.  Oh and one of the kids had caught us on the way to the store earlier and was telling us how there was lots of drama going on with one of the other kids, calling police, lies being told, yadda, yadda, yadda!  Then he ended it with, “Just thought you would want to know.”  I told him ok and thank you.  Ummm, I don’t want to get mixed up with their drama and now that son is seeing what they are doing, he doesn’t want to be around them at all.  Yup, true colors are shining through.  Cyndi Lauper song!!  I see your true colors shining through……….  Memories of Sandy again. She and I both absolutely ADORED Cyndi Lauper.  I still do.  Saw her in concert ages ago and thought of Sandy the whole time.


On that note, I have to go make dinner (yes dinner, not lunch) for my two guys.  We have been on the right lunch at lunch time and dinner at dinner time since hubby doesn’t work today. Hope your day was as awesome as mine.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Biking is the “in” transportation!

  1. tigerofmyheart January 11, 2016 / 12:39 am

    i love my bike too! i cant wait til i can get it out of storage and fly on it again. sounds like you had a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

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