Turkey 911

What a day, what a day!!  I thought the day was going to be really good.  First of all, I received a package at our office.  I knew that my friend Marlene was sending me a package and was expecting it today.  OH MY GOSH – she got me a Black and Decker Convection/Toaster oven!!  What the what???  Really??  YES!!  Now I can bake things without worry.   I am so excited to try it out.  So what will my first dish be? Hey, I’m starting to wonder if my friends are secretly trying to keep me cooking!!  A new cookbook and a new convection oven!!  I am feeling the love girls.

New Convection/toaster oven. Isn’t it a beauty?

Well, I did put out ground turkey to thaw this morning.  You all know that while hubby is working, I am making dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner.  I wanted bake.  I love to bake my food.  Baking is fun!!  I took out half of an onion and chopped it up.  Then I took out the rest of the ingredients I needed and mixed them with the ground turkey and made a small turkey meatloaf.  I have the other half, mixed, in the fridge for either dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow.

Before going into the oven.

My observations with my new little oven:  The meatloaf cooked in an hour.  It also was extremely moist, which I was scared it wouldn’t be.  It also did not produce any liquids as it cooked – which is probably why it was moist.  Yes, it did heat up the home.  But that is ok.  Our turkey loaf was extremely good.  This little oven is going to come in very handy with our diet we are starting in a few days. I just need to research it and  see if I can use my Pyrex dishes in it.  I am sure I can, I just want to make sure first.


We got a knock on our little “condo” door today. I went to the door and the guy asked for my hubby.  We walked outside to see what this guy wanted.  He was here from our auto insurance company.  When we turned the car back into the bank, we knew we would receive some sort of phone call or something the bank.  Well, the bank called our insurance company to file a claim regarding the damage to the trunk where we were rear ended the same day as dads funeral. We did file a claim with the insurance company of the person who hit us from behind. We did receive a payout for the car since it was technically totaled.  The car was still drivable, so we decided to take the money and get our car note caught up at that time and go buy a truck to pull our camper.  We really do need the truck since our car would no way pull the darn thing.

So the bank is now trying to get our insurance to pay for damages to the car and has even went as far as to say we keyed the car before we left.  Ummmm, excuse me?!?!  I took pictures before we left that day and showed them to the insurance guy.  They are going to try everything possible to get the money for the damages PLUS the life of the loan from us.  I just don’t know what they can possibly do since we received money for the car from the other insurance agency.  All I know is that they cannot squeeze blood from a turnip!

After hubby made a few phone calls, he got ready for work.  Son took his bike to the playground to play for a little bit before we did school.  We have the door wide open and I heard a scream. Of course, momma bear came out!! Hubby was like, “How did you hear that?  I didn’t even hear it.”  Man, that’s cause you are not a mom. Lol  This ole mom walked outside and my little drama king was halfway home, saw me and screamed, “CALL 911!” Of course, I asked why. “BECAUSE, I WRECKED MY BIKE. I FELL AND I’M BLEEDING!!”  I can see that he did in-fact scrape his knee.  But it does not require 911 or going to the ER.  I brought him in and cleaned it up.  Boy is he playing it hard now.  “oohhhh, my knee…..”  Yeah,  he is an actor alright.

Hubby left out and said he would call me on the way to work.  I sat and waited, and waited and waited.  Then I picked up my phone and tried to call him and discovered that our phones have been turned off. The phone company did it.  Drats!!  And the Perpetual Campers go quiet!  Well, except for the internet.  At least we still have it. Lol

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Turkey 911

  1. Mrs. Optimistic January 13, 2016 / 1:29 am

    It’s great you got a little positivity in the midst of your downpour! Graciousness! Keep your chin up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife January 13, 2016 / 6:56 pm

      Thanks! Trying my best. I will not let this get me down. These are all just “situations” that come and go and they do not define me, so the chin is up and ready to face another day.


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