Saturday Audition Beach Sunday Film Home

Oh my gosh – I am exhausted.  This weekend was a whirlwind.  Friday, I spent the day just trying to get things together for us to go on our little trip down south.  There were things that I needed to go get and take with us.  I also had to take son to get a haircut and decided that I needed one too.  This is the first I have had in ages.  The lady did ok.  Not the best, but not the worst either.  I don’t think I will be back.  Maybe I should ask some of my friends around my area who is really good with cutting hair.

So, Saturday morning, we got up and got ready to head out for the audition.  Most everything was packed.  All I had to do was get up and get ready, print out his resume, attach it to the picture and we could get out of here – or so I thought. Its never as easy as we think it will be.  For some reason, my eyes popped open at 6am – an hour and a half earlier than what was set on the alarm clock.  What the heck??  Cant I get a little sleep too?

I came out to the living area and pulled up my computer and decided to go ahead and print his resume.  Imagine my surprise when it came out blank.  I had purchased color ink the day before because I thought it was low.  I almost bought black ink, but didn’t. UGH!  I call out to my hubby, “Hubby, wake up.  I need you.”  He came out to the living area and I told him that either he could go or I could go to the store and get black ink.  Guess who got the job to go since someone else was still “asleep”? lol  Yup, that would be me.  Off I went to the wild blue yonder called WALMART!!! HA.  I was home within 45 minutes. UGH!  Resume printed, breakfast made, showers taken and van packed – we were ready.

This was going to be an interesting day. We are going to the audition, then traveling down south for the night – all with the dog!!  Bless him.  He has traveled more this past year than he ever has his whole life.  He does not like to ride in the car.  Most dogs do, but it absolutely terrifies him.  He claws me and will not move from my neck and chest area.  We put him in a soft sided carrier and put him down at my feet to keep him happy.  While we went into the audition, he stayed in the van with hubby. He let the doggie out and let him roam all through the van while we were at the audition.

After that, we noticed that I had forgotten a few things, so a trip to dollar tree was in order.  After our little stop, we got onto the turnpike and headed south for our night in Stuart, FL.  It was the only hotel that I could find with the points that I had.  Everything else would have cost us.  Of course, we could have been more close to the filming location on Sunday, but we would have had to spend a lot of money.  We ended up in Stuart around 3pm.  We checked into our room and then headed off to the beach.

We also had a retro McDonald’s by the hotel.  It has been ages since we saw a retro McDonald’s, so I had to grab a picture of it too. lol


I bought son new clothes the other day (really good deal at JCPenny – buy one get one free) and I wanted to take his picture at the beach in some of them.  Below are some of them.  At one point – the water pulled him down and the photo shoot was over.



We went back to the hotel and threw son into the bath.  We chilled for a bit and then went to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner.  It is called Flannigan’s and I was able to get their tuna steak with a jalapeno aioli.  It was a 10 oz steak.  I could only eat half of it – but it was OH SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!   We were amazed because it was only $13.99.  Then, because we were staying at the hotel, we got 10% off.

One good thing is that our doggie did not bark through the night like he did last weekend.  He slept right on my feet and was a good boy the whole night.  The next morning, we packed up and were late getting out of the hotel.  We ended up being about 15 minutes late to the taping.  Oh my gosh, these boys and girls are just too cute.  By 1pm, we were done with taping and were heading back to the homefront.

Sorry I haven’t checked in over the last few days, but I was just super busy.  We made it home and were hit with “ewwww, whats that smell?”  I only bring this up because I think it is important for would-be full-time RVers to know what NOT to do!!  Friday, hubby pulled the valves on the black and gray water tanks.  I poured the solution down the toilet to clean it out.  We were going to clean it Saturday before we left, but that was thrown out the window with a sudden trip to Walmart.  We completely forgot about the tanks being closed up.  Well, here in Florida – the sun comes out, A LOT!  It has been warming up quite a bit lately.  I cannot say I know what it feels like to be warmed up poop – but I sure know what it smells like now and it is not nice!!  All day Saturday and Sunday, those tanks sat here just closed up. YUCK!!  I think I am going to go vomit now just thinking of it. On that note, just make sure you open the flood gates and just let it go!

Hope everyone has a great day.  It is lunchtime and we are having homemade chicken noodle soup today.  How was your weekend?  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Busy busy day

Yesterday was just a busy day.  Son had a print job that he was photographed for.  They had 3 kids there.  One was there for an hour with my son and left.  Then the next lil guy was there for an hour. Son was there for both hours. Then they had to call the first little guy back because the photographer didnt photograph something right, so they kept my son during it. He was there for 3 hours.  All I can say is this kid has now earned more in three hours than I have ever earned in one day.  😦

Waiting to go back into hair, makeup and wardrobe.



Break time!!

So happy for him.  Now if I could only get him as interested in school work. lol  Which is a huge battle today.

We have more taping that we will go and do this weekend.  He is looking forward to it because this one deals with trains.  He loves trains – I hate them.  Not ready to talk about why I do, but I do.  I will address it one day though.

Tomorrow is my moms birthday.  We havent sent her birthday card off yet.  Going to do that as soon as I can get son through school.  I know, I know, sooo bad. I should have already had this in the mail. Hopefully I will get it in the mail in just a couple of hours.

I am going to go round up son so that hopefully we can get out of here in a few. Have a great day everyone.

The Perpetual Campers


Time needed

Sure do hope you all had a nice Valentines Day.  Ours was really nice.  We both bought cards for each other and chocolate.  You will never guess the type of chocolate hubby bought me.  Reese’s!!  My favorites.  Guess what type I got him.  hehehe   Yup, Reese’s!!  Great minds think alike.

We are so much alike it is not even funny sometimes.  We joke about being carbon copies of one another.  Some people think that having a spouse that is polar opposite is excellent, but I would disagree for us.  We get along so well.  Yes, we have our little disagreements here and there – and most of the time he makes me laugh when I am mad at him – but we get along more than not.

We also got son some chocolate (not Reese’s) and a card.  We ended up going up North about 3 hours from us, to spend the day with our friends.  We got there Saturday night and had a nice dinner waiting on us.  We then went and checked into an Econo Lodge.  My main concern was that I wanted a nice shower in a regular sized tub!! lol  Yeah, I dont ask for much.  Its just nice to have when you have a shower that you can barely turn in.

We came back from our friends house about 10ish at night and got into our room. We had already checked in earlier and placed our luggage in the room.  The motel had rooms that were refurbished, so that was nice. They are really trying to spruce up this older motel and I could tell.  We brought our little doggie with us, but did not tell them since they wanted to charge more for him.  He does not make a mess, so we thought – for one night – that it was crazy to pay for him. It was only one night and he is only 10 lbs. Go ahead, beat me with a wet noodle for not paying for him!!

Trust me – they had bigger fish to fry.  At one point, we could hear a radio somewhere.  I looked out the window and there was a security guard that was talking to someone about their radio. They he runs off to the other side of the property.  A few minutes later, I see him fast walking to the opposite direction. lol  Yeah, I think they are trying to keep this from being a party motel.  Hubby and I got like zero sleep because our doggie would bark as soon as we would get to sleep and wake us up.

We ended up back over at our friends house for the day and had a great time.  I just wanted to get away and get my mind off dad.  Valentines Day was the 6th month anniversary of his death.  Of course, I didnt show it, but I thought of him all day.  When we left and started to come home, I received a call from my aunt telling me that they had been at my dads property and that his neighbor had made a police report because someone when and stole the central air unit from my dads property.  They had also busted the sliding glass door. She wanted to know if there was anything there that had any value to it that they could have stolen. I told her probably not because we had removed most things.  This just really pissed me off.  Sorry for the language.  Because I am not there living on the property, his little thieving neighbor thinks it is ok to steal from dads property.  I have already called the sheriffs office on him a few months ago.  This one kid has a rap sheet that is longer than a mile!  I just wish they would stop playing around with him and put him in jail where he belongs.

I have got to run.  Still trying to get son through school work.  Bless his heart, he needs work in penmanship.  His writing is worse than a doctors!!  Ohhh yeah, we also got a call today that he has been selected for a print job tomorrow.  We will be up early taking him to the studio where he will make more in a few hours than I ever did in a day. Sad isnt it?? lol

Hope you all have a great day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

VD Rituals

Valentines Day (VD for now on) is just hours away.  What do you usually do with your spouse or loved one on this holiday that can potentially drain you of money?  I have to be honest here – it has never been a huge day for us.  We might buy each other a card and get son a card and chocolate, but other than that – we don’t really pour a whole lot of money into it.

My most favorite VDs have been when we have made each other a card.  These mean the most to me and I put them into a box and put it up so that I can keep it forever. When we first got together many years ago, hubby brought me roses, balloons, well….the whole kit and caboodle for the day.  I immediately told him how much I loved them.  I did. They were beautiful and very thoughtful.  I waited a week or so and then told him what I really thought.  Every woman loves to get the basics on this day.  Me too!!  I really do.  I mean, I would be crazy to say that I didn’t.  HOWEVER, I prefer something that comes more from the heart.  Something that he puts thought into and makes.  Even if it is just a piece of paper, folded in half with hearts drawn on it and his own words on how he feels about our relationship. Another good one would be instead of getting me roses – get me a rose bush so that I can grow my own and have them more often!   Crazy?!?!  I know!!  Lol

The VD after son was born – we had just moved and we were broke as a joke.  I had pink and light green copy paper on my home desk that I would use sometimes for different things. It came in a pack that had 5 pastel colors in it.  He grabbed all of the pink and green one and went into our bedroom on VD.  I had no idea what he was doing.  When he came back out, he presented me with a dozen “roses” that he had made out of the paper by rolling it in a certain way.  It did look like a dozen little roses right as they are trying to open.  My heart absolutely melted that day.  I didn’t think it was possible to love him any more than what I already do.  I wish I had them with me because I would take a picture and post it.  YES – I still have them.  They are in a memory box in storage.  That is one thing that I will never part with.  I remember that my cousin came over and when she saw them, she kinda giggled that day and asked about them.  I told her that they were my VD roses that hubby made me.  She was blown away and thought it was the sweetest every.  Yes, I love my hubby. Lol

I wish I could say that I made him something this year.  I did not.  I am just not “up” to it this year.  Tomorrow will mark the 6 month anniversary of my dad’s death.  I really do not feel like being all lovey dovey and everything.  I just wish my dad was here so that I could reach out to him and tell him Happy VD day.  Ok, ok, that sounds a little perverted.  Just realized that some could take me not spelling it out the wrong way.  With that, I will bid you a good day.  I would love to see or hear about what you all are getting/doing for VD day.  Thank you for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Fantabulous Storage idea.

Aye Kurumba.  I think an attitude has rolled in with my son just like this crazy weather. Lol  Yes, Hurricane Son has rolled through and Tsunami Mom is about to go bat-poop-crazy on him.

I don’t have a whole lot of time today to work on my blog – dang it.  Son has been really slacking with his school work and I have had to stand over him to make sure he is doing it.  I had said that I was going to post a picture of my “couch” and I am.  This is sons twin mattress on the cot dressed up.  It is not as high as it was when it was on the real couch that came with the camper.   Bless his little heart – he kept falling off the bed at night.  Now that we have changed it, he gets into a groove and hardly moves. Lolimage

I also found a few little ottomans at Walmart for $19 each, plus tax.  These are working out really well for us.  We are able to place our feet up while watching tv at night.  Makes it a lot more comfy.  They are small, so they do not take up a whole lot of room.  They totally go with the décor of the two chairs that were given to us, which is a good thing.  They are a pleather type material, but that’s ok.  It just makes them more durable for us.  They can hold up to over 200  lbs on top of each of them.  WHAT????? Lol, yup, that’s what the packaging said on them.  We got two so that hubby and I would each have one and not fight over them. What is best is that they open!!  We have put our shoes in them as a way to store them and keep them out of the way. image

Have a great night.  Hey, Valentines Day is coming up – any plans??  I feel like everything we have been doing to the condo – every day is Valentines day. lol  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Fat Tuesday Remodel


Happy Fat Tuesday!!  I sure do miss Fat Tuesday and going to the parades when I lived in Biloxi, MS.  I do not, however, miss all of the drunk and obnoxious people that go with it.

I have been working on a few things around the “condo”.  The first thing that I have been working on is our bathroom.  The shower curtain that was hanging is one that came from the factory when the “condo” was built.  It sticks to us when we get into the shower.  I know part of the problem is our big ole butts. HEHE  Hubby had to get his drill out and remove the old shower curtain track from the ceiling.  We went to several places before we were able to find a shower rod that was small enough to fit in the shower.  We wanted the rounded one, but couldn’t find one small enough.  We finally found one that you twist to make it fit the shower.  I went into Walmart (favorite place – eyeroll here!) and found the hooks, shower liner and shower curtain.  All in all, I think we spent $30 at the most.  I think it looks good considering.image

The next thing that we worked on was in the kitchen.  I found a mat that is specifically for drying dishes.  I put the top of the stove down so that I could lay the mat on it.  I place my wet, clean dishes on it so they can dry. I was having issues because I had no place to put my dishes after I washed them.  I have been using the mat for about a week now and it is working really well.  I found it at my favorite place for $4.

Totally not trying to show off the clean dishes – but the mat under them. lol

I also found a few interlocking, wire shelves to put behind the sink.  I had all this space that I couldn’t reach (short-leg-it is).  I was trying to keep some of our things there, but it was very disorganized and everything kept falling over and all over the place.  So we thought if we got these shelves it would help.  I really like the way they are working out in that corner. It makes it easier for me to store things and looks a little neater.  I know, I need to get rid of some of my spices and some of the utensils to clear out some space too. Lol

The shelves are all the way in the corner and some of my light colored “black-out” curtains!

Son has been really pushing my buttons today to get his school work done, properly and neatly!  I am making this short so that I can deal with him. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Super Aunt

Going over lines for the audition.

Hope everyone had a very happy Super Bowl Sunday.  Ours was interesting and sad.  First of all – our cold/hot weather is going crazy.  Super cold at night and warmer, much warmer during the day.  Someone has said that our weather is bi-polar – and I agree!!! We also took son to a couple of open auditions on Saturday, while it rained all day.  Still waiting to hear back for call-backs.

So Sunday morning, we woke up kinda late for us.  We came into the living area with our son.  He had woke up about 30 minutes before we did and was already watching tv.  We sat down on our chairs and watched tv with him.  I also picked up my tablet and decided to see what was going on in facebook world.  After about 30 minutes or so, I decided to look at the emails I had received.  I wanted to see if son had gotten any call backs.  I see an email from my husbands uncle.

In this email that was sent to several people, we received word that hubbys aunt (the uncles sister) had passed during the night.   This woman has been like a second mom to him and he had even lived with her for a while when he was in college many moons ago.  I had to break the news to him.  This is not easy.  I sat there really quiet for several minutes trying to decide how to do it.  Finally, I just blurted it out that I had received an email from uncle that Aunt had passed during the night.  He picked up the phone and called his uncle to inquire.  She had pulmonary disease.  She had been really ill for a while.  We knew she was not feeling her best.

She is going to be missed so much.  I have talked to her on the phone for hours at a time. She would always say, “Well, young lady…”  or “Hello, young lady…”  Yes, she knew my name, but just always called me young lady.  Lol  I wish I would have had more time to spend with her.  Out of the 13 years hubby and I have been together, I have only had one face-to-face with her.  With her living in a northern state and us being all the way here – it was just never possible to visit with her.  We thought we were going to see her in July when we take hubbys dads ashes up to his home state to be put on his families land.  I am sure hubby has many funny stories with his aunt, and when he is ready to share – I will be here to listen.  Right now, he has been very quiet.  This is just how he deals.

So we forgot diet foods for the day.  We had to run to the store anyway (more on that tomorrow), so we went ahead and got finger food type things for the Super Bowl that we do not watch. HAHAHAHA  Yeah, we are not a sports type family.  Ok, we recorded the super bowl and will watch it today or tomorrow ONLY for the commercials. We zip through the actual game.  I know, I know – but we just have other interest.  Son doesn’t like to play sports either.

So for our non-super bowl eating experience, I made the little cocktail sausages in BBQ sauce, cheese bites, croissants and veggies.  I also took pizza sauce, pizza dough, cheese, and pepperoni and made pizza rolls.  The croissants, I unrolled them, took them apart and then cut them all in half to make small ones and baked.  They were the perfect size!  Now the pizza was interesting.  So I bought the dough that comes in the little roll from Pillsbury.  I unrolled it and used my rolling pin to make it a little more flat.  Then I topped all of it except for the last 3 inches with sauce, minced garlic, pepperoni and cheese.  I took the part that was topped and started rolling it toward the part that was not topped.  I made  a pinwheel with them.  I then cut it into 8 pieces and baked.  Son absolutely loved them. We also had chips and salsa. We just kinda grazed during the day. Lol


I have things I need to go and do today.  Hopefully I can post a few pictures of what I am working on in the “condo”.  Have a great day and thanks for reading.
The Perpetual Campers

Folding rugs? That doesnt sound right!

Hello!  Hope your day is going well.  I feel like I have been running all darn day.  We had things we had to go get today from Walmart – my most favorite place on earth (insert eye roll here). While there, I went ahead and bought another panel of the brown, blackout curtains.  I am trying to get it dark in the area where son sleeps so that the morning sun does not wake him up too early.  With more curtains and his new cot for his mattress – he will be snoozing real good soon.  We also had to take something back to home depot.  We had bought too many materials to stop the leak on the slide out.

Speaking of the leak, I think we have it fixed.  I know! Its not the same as buying the materials and paying someone to come over and replace the seals, etc.  But for now – it worked and all we spent was $10.  We used waterproof tape and flashing.  Its not ugly like that huge band aid tarp was. Here is hubby on top taping it up. Lol


After we got back, I had to take all of our sheets, blankets, rugs, etc down to the laundry and wash them. Hubby wanted me to wait until tomorrow to do laundry, but I told him that I wanted to do it now, not then.  On the weekends, the laundry room is full of people.  Sometimes it is just hard to get two washers beside each other and even a few dryers.  Going during the day while everyone is in school and at work – it frees up the laundry room. Lol  Thankfully, our weather is cool again and made going in there bearable. I change our sheets pretty regularly, but our blankets just needed a wash.  It had been about 2 months or so since they had been washed.  Do you wash yours on a regular basis or is it every few months?  Check out the folding job I did on the sheets. Yeah, I needed to gloat a little bit. Lol  My grandma taught me how to fold the fitted sheet properly.  I remember telling her one time that I could never fold the fitted sheet well.  She said, “Well honey, let me teach you how.”  Ok, I will let you. I love my grandma. Hehe  Wish I could see her more often. The fitted sheet is on the bottom in the picture.  Hint:  its tucking all the corners into one.image

My dad had put down rugs in the camper when he first got it.  I left them here and use them.  They help cut down on the dirt that we drag in.  I have been doing a few things around the outside as well. I am not ready to show what I have done, but this will be something I write about at a later time. Maybe a few days or so.  I did buy a welcome mat to put at the foot of the stairs to also help with the dirt coming in.  One thing I have noticed is that this little home gets dirty FAST!!  I think I have to sweep every day. UGH!  Lolimage

What is everyone doing for this weekend? I think we are going to take son to an open audition.  We also have a filming to go to later this month for the series he was cast in.  We hope and pray it gets picked up.  I know it is supposed to show on the local educational channel in Broward Co. FL, but would love for it to be picked up and shown elsewhere.  Here is the facebook link if anyone wants to go on and like it or look it over.

Well, I STILL have a few things to do around here.  I want to get some things taken care of while hubby is at work so that we can have the whole weekend to enjoy.  Thanks for reading!!

The Perpetual Campers

Air drama aint for this mama!

Well, if its not one thing – its another!  Sorry I have been MIA lately.  We have had things around the condo that we needed to repair.

First off – we know we have to fix the leak.  We don’t have a whole lot of money and we don’t really have the money to have anyone come out and fix the leak.  We are pretty sure that where it is located – it is coming from where the slide-out comes in and out only on one side. We went to home depot and bought this foam that goes around air conditioners. It does not retain water – but repels it.  Hubby took this foam and squished it under the foam seal that has become weak.  It is a temporary fix and we know that.  He also took metal flashing and placed it on the top of the slide-out in a way where water will run down the flashing instead of going into the slide out. Our neighbor also had a waterproof tape that we put on the top and bottom of the flashing.   Kinda like a cover.  It has not rained yet, so we do not know if it is going to work.  Keep your fingers crossed.

You might wonder what we did with the tarp.  Well, we took it down.  When hubby and the neighbor put it up, they put it over the air conditioner.  I tried to tell them that it could not go over the top of the air.  But do you think they listened to me?  Heck no!  At some point over the weekend, we started to smell a funky burning smell.  The fan in the air conditioner was also rattling.  Great, no air.  We had it turned on, but there was no cool air coming through.  All day Saturday and Sunday, we were here with no air.  It wasn’t that bad, but the next few days were projected to reach in the mid to low 80s.  Monday morning, we were on the phone trying to find a repair person. We talked to one guy, who said he wouldn’t be able to come until next MONDAY!! We left messages for a few others but had no calls back.  We opened all the windows and went to storage to grab our huge cyclone fan.  Lets just say that it was HOT.

Finally, yesterday, one of the repair people called us back.  We told him what was going on and he said that it sounded like it would be an easy fix.  He wasn’t sure if he was able to get here or not on the same day, that he would try but warned that it may be Wednesday.  Hey – its better than next Monday. Lol  Hubby went on to work while my little munchkin and I sat here.  Ok, it was so hot that I became sleepy and ended up taking a nap.  Let me ask you, when it is hot, do you ever just want to veg and not do anything?  I get to the point where all I want to do is just sit around with a fan and a cold washcloth on my neck.  This was just bringing back too many bad memories. See, last August when my dad passed, our apartment air was on the fritz.  We went off and on for over a month without air. Yes, they gave us portable air conditioners, but it only cooled one room and we all had to sleep in the living room like we were in a commune. Here we are, almost six months later having air issues again.  Not good in Florida.  Especially with our crazy weather.  One day we are cold and the next we are hot.

So as I am sitting here dozing off in the chair, I hear a knock on my door.  The very nice repair man showed up.  He got onto our very soft roof and got to work.  He replaced the return something or another switch and was done in about 30 minutes at the most. Thank you Jesus the air is working!  Best of all, he gave me a discount for paying with cash.  After all was done, it cost us $106 for the repair.  We were really scared that the tarp had done bad damage to the air and that we would need a new one.  So darn glad that this was not the case.

What else have we done, you may be wondering.  The couch that came with this unit was old and tilted to one side a little. I know we have sons twin mattress on top of it since it lays all the way down, but I didn’t think he was getting quality sleep.  We decided to pull the couch out.  We had to unbolt it from the sides of the wall, but it was relatively easy to get out of here.  We put it in storage with the rest of our junk.  We went to Walmart and found a camping cot to use as a frame. We priced bed frames and the cheapest we could find was $75 and they we would need to get a box spring, which would have been another $100. YIKES!!  We went with the camping cot because it was only $32.  We put his mattress on top of it and fixed it just like we had it before.  The mattress hangs off the right and left sides by about 3 inches each.  After son slept on it, we asked him how it was and he said that it was some of the best sleep he had ever had. Lol

Well, I just wanted to catch up on everything that has been going on.  One think we are learning in this little journey is that we will always have something going on that requires our attention.  Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers