Super Aunt

Going over lines for the audition.

Hope everyone had a very happy Super Bowl Sunday.  Ours was interesting and sad.  First of all – our cold/hot weather is going crazy.  Super cold at night and warmer, much warmer during the day.  Someone has said that our weather is bi-polar – and I agree!!! We also took son to a couple of open auditions on Saturday, while it rained all day.  Still waiting to hear back for call-backs.

So Sunday morning, we woke up kinda late for us.  We came into the living area with our son.  He had woke up about 30 minutes before we did and was already watching tv.  We sat down on our chairs and watched tv with him.  I also picked up my tablet and decided to see what was going on in facebook world.  After about 30 minutes or so, I decided to look at the emails I had received.  I wanted to see if son had gotten any call backs.  I see an email from my husbands uncle.

In this email that was sent to several people, we received word that hubbys aunt (the uncles sister) had passed during the night.   This woman has been like a second mom to him and he had even lived with her for a while when he was in college many moons ago.  I had to break the news to him.  This is not easy.  I sat there really quiet for several minutes trying to decide how to do it.  Finally, I just blurted it out that I had received an email from uncle that Aunt had passed during the night.  He picked up the phone and called his uncle to inquire.  She had pulmonary disease.  She had been really ill for a while.  We knew she was not feeling her best.

She is going to be missed so much.  I have talked to her on the phone for hours at a time. She would always say, “Well, young lady…”  or “Hello, young lady…”  Yes, she knew my name, but just always called me young lady.  Lol  I wish I would have had more time to spend with her.  Out of the 13 years hubby and I have been together, I have only had one face-to-face with her.  With her living in a northern state and us being all the way here – it was just never possible to visit with her.  We thought we were going to see her in July when we take hubbys dads ashes up to his home state to be put on his families land.  I am sure hubby has many funny stories with his aunt, and when he is ready to share – I will be here to listen.  Right now, he has been very quiet.  This is just how he deals.

So we forgot diet foods for the day.  We had to run to the store anyway (more on that tomorrow), so we went ahead and got finger food type things for the Super Bowl that we do not watch. HAHAHAHA  Yeah, we are not a sports type family.  Ok, we recorded the super bowl and will watch it today or tomorrow ONLY for the commercials. We zip through the actual game.  I know, I know – but we just have other interest.  Son doesn’t like to play sports either.

So for our non-super bowl eating experience, I made the little cocktail sausages in BBQ sauce, cheese bites, croissants and veggies.  I also took pizza sauce, pizza dough, cheese, and pepperoni and made pizza rolls.  The croissants, I unrolled them, took them apart and then cut them all in half to make small ones and baked.  They were the perfect size!  Now the pizza was interesting.  So I bought the dough that comes in the little roll from Pillsbury.  I unrolled it and used my rolling pin to make it a little more flat.  Then I topped all of it except for the last 3 inches with sauce, minced garlic, pepperoni and cheese.  I took the part that was topped and started rolling it toward the part that was not topped.  I made  a pinwheel with them.  I then cut it into 8 pieces and baked.  Son absolutely loved them. We also had chips and salsa. We just kinda grazed during the day. Lol


I have things I need to go and do today.  Hopefully I can post a few pictures of what I am working on in the “condo”.  Have a great day and thanks for reading.
The Perpetual Campers


4 thoughts on “Super Aunt

  1. Miriam February 8, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    So sorry to hear about your hubby’s aunt. It’s always hard when it’s someone close.

    Liked by 1 person

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