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Oh my gosh – I am exhausted.  This weekend was a whirlwind.  Friday, I spent the day just trying to get things together for us to go on our little trip down south.  There were things that I needed to go get and take with us.  I also had to take son to get a haircut and decided that I needed one too.  This is the first I have had in ages.  The lady did ok.  Not the best, but not the worst either.  I don’t think I will be back.  Maybe I should ask some of my friends around my area who is really good with cutting hair.

So, Saturday morning, we got up and got ready to head out for the audition.  Most everything was packed.  All I had to do was get up and get ready, print out his resume, attach it to the picture and we could get out of here – or so I thought. Its never as easy as we think it will be.  For some reason, my eyes popped open at 6am – an hour and a half earlier than what was set on the alarm clock.  What the heck??  Cant I get a little sleep too?

I came out to the living area and pulled up my computer and decided to go ahead and print his resume.  Imagine my surprise when it came out blank.  I had purchased color ink the day before because I thought it was low.  I almost bought black ink, but didn’t. UGH!  I call out to my hubby, “Hubby, wake up.  I need you.”  He came out to the living area and I told him that either he could go or I could go to the store and get black ink.  Guess who got the job to go since someone else was still “asleep”? lol  Yup, that would be me.  Off I went to the wild blue yonder called WALMART!!! HA.  I was home within 45 minutes. UGH!  Resume printed, breakfast made, showers taken and van packed – we were ready.

This was going to be an interesting day. We are going to the audition, then traveling down south for the night – all with the dog!!  Bless him.  He has traveled more this past year than he ever has his whole life.  He does not like to ride in the car.  Most dogs do, but it absolutely terrifies him.  He claws me and will not move from my neck and chest area.  We put him in a soft sided carrier and put him down at my feet to keep him happy.  While we went into the audition, he stayed in the van with hubby. He let the doggie out and let him roam all through the van while we were at the audition.

After that, we noticed that I had forgotten a few things, so a trip to dollar tree was in order.  After our little stop, we got onto the turnpike and headed south for our night in Stuart, FL.  It was the only hotel that I could find with the points that I had.  Everything else would have cost us.  Of course, we could have been more close to the filming location on Sunday, but we would have had to spend a lot of money.  We ended up in Stuart around 3pm.  We checked into our room and then headed off to the beach.

We also had a retro McDonald’s by the hotel.  It has been ages since we saw a retro McDonald’s, so I had to grab a picture of it too. lol


I bought son new clothes the other day (really good deal at JCPenny – buy one get one free) and I wanted to take his picture at the beach in some of them.  Below are some of them.  At one point – the water pulled him down and the photo shoot was over.



We went back to the hotel and threw son into the bath.  We chilled for a bit and then went to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner.  It is called Flannigan’s and I was able to get their tuna steak with a jalapeno aioli.  It was a 10 oz steak.  I could only eat half of it – but it was OH SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!   We were amazed because it was only $13.99.  Then, because we were staying at the hotel, we got 10% off.

One good thing is that our doggie did not bark through the night like he did last weekend.  He slept right on my feet and was a good boy the whole night.  The next morning, we packed up and were late getting out of the hotel.  We ended up being about 15 minutes late to the taping.  Oh my gosh, these boys and girls are just too cute.  By 1pm, we were done with taping and were heading back to the homefront.

Sorry I haven’t checked in over the last few days, but I was just super busy.  We made it home and were hit with “ewwww, whats that smell?”  I only bring this up because I think it is important for would-be full-time RVers to know what NOT to do!!  Friday, hubby pulled the valves on the black and gray water tanks.  I poured the solution down the toilet to clean it out.  We were going to clean it Saturday before we left, but that was thrown out the window with a sudden trip to Walmart.  We completely forgot about the tanks being closed up.  Well, here in Florida – the sun comes out, A LOT!  It has been warming up quite a bit lately.  I cannot say I know what it feels like to be warmed up poop – but I sure know what it smells like now and it is not nice!!  All day Saturday and Sunday, those tanks sat here just closed up. YUCK!!  I think I am going to go vomit now just thinking of it. On that note, just make sure you open the flood gates and just let it go!

Hope everyone has a great day.  It is lunchtime and we are having homemade chicken noodle soup today.  How was your weekend?  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


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