Olympic style hurling

Howdy!!  I know it has been a while and I do apologize.  It has been a crazy few weeks for us.  Let me explain.

After we got back from filming that one weekend, I thought all was going well.  It all started with me.  Let me just preface this with – yes, I wash my hands.  Yes, I do everything I can to keep from being sick.  From what I understand – it takes 5-7 days just for a cold or any sickness to show up.  You already have the germ, it just doesn’t rear its ugly head right away.

I wrote my blog that Monday (I think it was a Monday) telling all about going to the audition, etc.  I got son through school and got hubby out the door for work.  I felt very lethargic.  I chalked it up to just being on the go so much lately and that I was really tired.  After hubby left, I moved from the dinette over to our chairs and stretched out.  I never felt dizzy or anything.  Just tired.  Hubby let me know he had got to work and clocked in.   Ok, great!  Thirty minutes or so passed by and then it hit me.  My stomach cramped and I thought I was about to explode.  I got into the bathroom and I didn’t know whether to sit or kneel.  “Dear Porcelain King – I honor you today!”  Sorry!  “Oh no!” I said to myself.  I immediately thought that I had a virus. UGH!

For the next two hours I was so sick.  Took my temp and I was at 101. Yup, I got it.  Finally my stomach settled down and I was just exhausted.  I texted hubby and let him know what was up.  My lil man was so sweet.  He constantly wanted to do things for me and kept saying, “Mommy, I am sorry you don’t feel good.”  Gosh darn I love him.  But I just wanted him far from me so that I wouldn’t get him sick. I was about 6 hours into this, and it all started again. UGH!  And I didn’t even eat or have anything to drink.  Hubby brought home  to me crackers, Gatorade, etc.

The next day I was better, but still not my usual self.  Actually, it took about 3 days for the sick feeling to completely leave.  Then it hit again.  But not me this time.  I tell ya, as a mom seeing your child violently ill, it just does something to you.  I cant fix it.  I cant make him better.  So I sat and did everything I could to make him more comfy.  He just broke my heart because he kept telling me how hungry he was and that his stomach was hurting.  Sorry baby, its because you are sick – not hungry.  I finally gave him a 2  crackers and 2 tablespoons of Gatorade.  Within 45 minutes, this was coming up.  His temp was at 100.  I texted hubby and he immediately came home.  It was super cold that night. I had son in pajama pants, a t-shirt and his hoodie with his socks and sneakers on.  We loaded up into the van and went to the ER.  I grabbed a small trashcan for the bathroom and gave it to son to have in the van – just in case!  It’s a good thing too.  As we pulled up at the ER, he was utilizing it. He couldn’t really move from the seat to walk in.  I burst into the ER and told the security I needed a wheelchair since my son was vomiting and couldn’t make it in.  Hubby parked the car while I got him all checked in.

He vomited at least 5 more times while there waiting.  There is something going around and there were at least 5 others in the waiting area vomiting.  If it were not so disgusting, it would have almost been comical. I can almost imagine a song being written to the hurls going on.  Hurl, hurl, hurl…… hurl, hurl, hurl….. hurling all the way.  They finally got him back and gave him drip and meds to stop the nausea.  They gave him two small popsicles and sent us on our way.  We stopped at the 24 hr Walmart (it was already around midnight) and got more Gatorade, etc before coming home. Son sat in the van while I ran in. As soon as we got home – he was vomiting again.  This is where I start to get agitated.  We called the ER and they told us that we should have gotten the meds filled for nausea that they prescribed him. Ummm, where is a pharmacy open at this time of night?  They gave us the info and hubby jumped into the van and took off.  Bless him. He is suck a good daddy and it showed when we were at the ER.  Most kids want their moms when sick.  Not our son.  One minute it was, “I want mommy now.”  Then a few minutes later, “I want daddy now.”  Hubby and I were playing musical chairs. Lol  Anyway, hubby got to the pharmacy and in the middle of them filling it  – the computer system shut down.  He was not happy and it was near 4am before he got home.

It was a few days, but son finally got over it and is back to normal.  I, however, and still tired.  I have taken Lysol to everything in here. More than once!  I have changed and washed our sheets and blankets.  I have tried to sanitize as much as possible.  Then just a few days ago – hubby told me (right before lunch at work) “I feel nauseous.”  OH NO!!!    Not again.  Yup, it got him too.  He had to stay at work, so I took crackers and nausea medicine to him.  He put his head down while at lunch and when he got back – it started.  Every symptom son and I had- he has had.  He was the last one to get it.  He is feeling much better now. But it has taken its toll on all of us.  He is still really tired too.

We have had other things going on too.  A few days ago, we had son go and have new headshots made.  I am very excited to see them.  We had a different photographer do them this time, at the suggestion of one of his agents.  We REALLY liked the one who did the first ones, but we hope that maybe son will get more calls from the new ones.

The other thing that we have had go on is that hubby finally has had an interview with a company that will use his degree.  We received the call when we were about to go down South to do sons filming.  The company called him on that Saturday that we were in Stuart and asked if he could push the interview back a few days since they were not able to find a hotel.  Yes, a hotel.  The company that he interviewed with is about an hour and a half from us.  But they wanted to make sure that he was on time and not stuck in traffic, etc.  So they put him in the Crowne Plaza in Melbourne, FL.  They are paying him mileage, tolls, parking at the hotel, and breakfast.  He has never had a company do that before.  He was done a little after lunch time and was on his way back home.  At least he was able to make it through the interview before he started to get the crud like we did.

Well, I have written a lot so I think I am going to scoot on out for the day.  I have a lot of blogs to catch up on too.  Don’t know if that will be today or tomorrow or the next, but I will be reading all of your blogs soon.  Have an awesome day everyone and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


6 thoughts on “Olympic style hurling

  1. Miriam March 4, 2016 / 9:04 pm

    Sorry to hear you’ve all been unwell. Hopefully that’s the last of it. Sounds like you had a bad trot. Good luck to your hubby.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife March 5, 2016 / 12:31 am

      Thank you. I think we are all on the mend now and hopefully will not have a repeat. lol Thank you for the good luck with hubby. We are praying that he will get the job. It would mean a lot to our family.


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