A night away.

During this whole ordeal with no job, etc, hubby received a scholarship to go to a class to get one of his certificates that will be necessary to help him find a job.  Ok, easier to help him find a job.  He can keep retaking the class until he passes the test that is necessary to receive the certificate.  It is a very hard test!  We had to go to another town during this whole time that my eyes were swollen so that he could take the class.  This is going to be about the journey we had during that day.

We had to leave out of the Orlando area around 7am to get him to his class on time.  He had to be there at 9am and traffic is usually bad.  We also had to take our doggie with us because it is a 2 day class (Saturday and Sunday) and we couldnt leave him by himself in the camper.  Our breaker flips too much and I didnt want him to be stuck in here with no air conditioner.  I am a Choice Rewards member where I earn points toward free hotel stays through Choice Hotels (Quality Inn, Clarion Inn, Clarion, etc).  I have done surveys online in the past that will give me points to Choice Rewards.  For this stay at the Clarion, I had enough points to earn a free night.

WE dropped hubby off at the office where this class was at and then son and I headed over to the area where the hotel is at.  I knew that it was just too early to check in, so we walked into the mall for a bit.  We had a few odd looks because I have a stroller that I  put our doggie in. lol  He has asthma and I hate for him to get an attack when we are out in public, so I push him around.

This is our stroller, but in gray.  He loves being in his stroller.

Since I had just been at the ER two days earlier with my eyes, we decided to head out to the van. I just needed to rest.  I packed us sandwiches to have for lunch so that we wouldnt need to pay for lunch.

After we ate, we went across the street and tried to check in. I knew it was a long shot since it was a little after noon, but I had to try.  My eyes were just hurting.  The very nice lady at the front desk was not able to check me in.  Son and I sat in the van.  Ok, I fell into a light sleep while he played video games.  I would have taken him to the pool, but it was raining.  I just felt it was safer to sit in one place and lock the doors.

It was about 230pm when I walked back into the lobby.  The lady told me that our room was still not ready.  I  had already told her about my allergies and that I needed to sleep when I was in there earlier.  She told me to hang out for a minute while she got her manager.  He was on the phone right next to her.  When he got off the phone, she brought me to him, and explained the situation.  He looked at me and could tell I was not feeling good.  He got on the phone with housekeeping and found that the rooms were available.  Wait – ROOMS?????  I only reserved one room.

He told me that I had reserved an executive room and it was not available when they blocked the rooms the night before.  So they put us into two rooms that connected.  OH MY GOSH!!!  I almost cried.  We had a separate room where we could shut the door so son could sleep.  I told him that I knew I had to put either a credit card or a cash deposit and that I would prefer to leave a cash deposit.  He told me to put my money away – deposit was not needed.  I have always had to leave a deposit at each choice hotel I have ever stayed at.  I told him that I had to bring our lil dog and I knew there was a $30 charge for him.  I told him that our dog was so little and so good that they would never know he was there.  So he made a bet with me – if housekeeping called and told him the next day that they detected a dog in the room, we would be charged the $30, but if not then we would not be charged.  I promised him, he would never know the dog was there.  Sure enough, there was no proof he was there, so we didnt have to pay that either.

Son and I walked into the first room (on first floor) and found a king bed and a huge accessible bathroom.  I unlocked the connecting door, left son and went and got our overnight bag.  I went into the second room and found another room just like the one son was in.  The bathroom was not accessible, but still HUGE!!  I opened up the connected doors and we were very happy with the space we had.  I would say that we had almost triple the amount of room that we normally have in the camper.  Son watched TV on the flat screen TV and I went into the other room and tried to rest.  We also had microwaves and tiny refrigerators.  When it was time, we left and went to get hubby.  We didnt tell him about the two rooms.

When I picked him up, he could tell I was miserable.  We headed to the hotel and decided to just rest.  We stopped by the grocery to buy drinks for the room and lunch for the next day.  We ended up ordering out since we didnt have to give a deposit.  We couldnt leave the dog in the room, so we couldnt go out to eat and I didnt feel like it.

The next morning, we quickly checked out and headed over to the place where hubby is taking class.  Son and I were allowed to go inside and use one of the conference rooms to sit in and be a little more comfy.  We had lunch with hubby and then son and I settled down in the conference room.  Son turned the light out to make it better and more soothing for my eyes.  I ended up laying my head on the table and falling asleep.  But at least we were inside in the air conditioning and safe. lol  Of course, our dog was in there with us. lol

During this time, son told me that he left his charger for his games at the hotel.  We called and they said they would look for it.  Before we headed home, we stopped back by the hotel and sure enough, the super nice manager was there with our charger. I have to say that this was one of our better stays.  The rooms were recently renovated.  The lobby was beautiful.  They also had free breakfast that consisted of scrambled eggs, toast, oatmeal, sausage, bacon, waffles, etc.  What was so nice is that usually you just go through, and you place what you want on your plate.  They actually had people serving us.  The breakfast was ok, not the best but not bad either. They were also doing renovations on the outside of the hotel.  I wish we could have gone to the pool.  This is definitely a hotel that I would consider staying at again!!

Well, thats all for today.  I dont know when they are going to schedule his test for his certifications, but hopefully SOON.  lol  Hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


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