I wish…..

that I could do a really good April Fools joke on here – but I cant think of any.  So I guess I will just ramble instead. lol  I am watching a movie with son right now that has Lucille Ball in it.  He keeps saying, “But its not funny mom.”  He loves to watch Lucille Ball and has become accustomed to her funny antics.  We are watching Du Barry Was a Lady.  I have to agree with him, its not one of her best to me.

Son is a very unique young man.  I will DVR things that I wonder “Will he like it  – probably not!” and he usually ends up liking the film/show in question.  The other night, I taped something on PBS that was TED talks (or something like that).  It was about science.  Science is one of his big interest.  I saw that there was a lot of science on this show, but since we had never seen it, I was not sure what it was all about.  Most of it was good, some not so good.  We watched it last night.  They had one of the computer graphic artist (cant remember her title) who was on and talked about how she got into Pixar Studios through her love of math, science and artistry.  They also had a guy on there that talked about camels and how camels originated from the good ole USA.  After the show was over, I asked how he liked it and he said, “Mom, that was absolutely a really good show.  You need to tape it more often.”

As a parent, its fun to watch your child grow and come into their likes and dislikes.  He loves to still watch cartoons, but he likes the teen shows on Nickelodeon and Disney, he watched a Law and Order with me too and liked it, he likes documentaries (They Call Me Malala) and old movies.  I just never know with him because he is all over the place. He doesnt focus on just one genre.  What about your children?  Are they all over the place, or do they keep it to just one style?  If they are already grown, how were they when they were little?  I am just fascinated by this.

Well, things are not well with the job that hubby has.  It appears as if they told him fibs on the pay structure and is making it impossible to collect or make commissions.  He is not the only one who is having issues.  We thought it was going to be a great job, and it has been anything BUT!  He is at another place today interviewing to use it as a paycheck until he gets his hire date at another company that he has been hired at.  I know, that sounded crazy huh?  A few weeks ago, he went to a really big company here in central Florida and was told that he had to pass a physical and a certain test and then they would give him a start date.  They cant get him into the physical until the end of the month or beginning of next month.  This would NOT be in the field that he wants to go into, but it would be more money (plus major overtime) that he would be paid.  I hate to say it, but he is going to use these companies like stepping stones to the next best thing.I am not so sure about the place where he is interviewing today, but, well…… we will see. He hasnt quit the other place yet, but if he feels confident with the other place today, he will quit where he is currently working.  UGH!!  I will be glad when he is in a job where he can stay for a while, like he use to be.  I know he doesnt like this either. He doesnt like the uncertainty. Much like me, he likes stability. lol

With that, I am going to hop off the computer.  I have things around the camper that I need to do.  Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Thanks for sticking with me and reading.

The Perpetual Campers



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