Yesterday was just for us.

We needed a day yesterday, just for our little family.  I woke up a little emotional.  See, yesterday was my dads birthday.  This is the first one without him and it just stings.  If he were still here, I would have had at least a 2 hour conversation with him.  We usually talked about once a month, and the conversations would last anywhere from 1-2 hours.  I never knew it was possible to miss someone so much.

We woke up kinda early and had breakfast here in our little condo on wheels.  So what does one cook on a special day?  I decided to make pancakes – with a twist.  The night before, we had been to the grocery store and I picked up a fresh pineapple.  We have discovered that son absolutely loves them.  I but the outside and ends off and then made them into ring slices.  As I put the pancake batter in the pan, I took a pineapple ring and put on top.  When one side was done, I flipped it and cooked the side with the pineapple.  I had seen on FB a few days ago how someone made pineapple upside down pancakes. I didnt read their recipe, but I think I duplicated the picture they posted. Of course – coffee accompanied it. They were a hit with my two guys!

We packed a lunch in a small cooler.  We bought lunchables that had the small sub sandwiches in them with water, chips and 2 Hershey kisses. They were on sale, so we snagged 2 for son. We didnt know how long we wanted to be out, or even where we were going.  I made sandwiches for hubby and I.  We had bottled water that we took with also.  We just kinda went all over the place.  We did make one stop at a shopping area.  As we were coming back to our van, we saw a car where the owner had pieced the back bumper together.  Dad, being a car guy, would have found this funny.  I had to snap a picture.



I was able to take pictures of some really pretty flowers when we were walking here and there.  I am a sucker for wanting to take pictures of pretty flowers. lol



We ended the long day going to Olive Garden and using the gift cards that hubby had won through his job.  They always put so much food into an entree!  All 3 of us were not able to eat all of it.  Son and I squished ours into one box and then the hubbys went into another box to be brought home.  Oh my!!  It barely fits in the fridge. lol  Which reminds me, I need to figure out a way to defrost the fridge, it has ice build-up on it.  I am going to google the make and see if I can get recommendations.

It was a very relaxing day.  We ended up in many different places while just trying to keep busy.  We had great laughs and spent quality time together – which was much needed.  I know that dad would not want me sitting around boo-hooing over him.  He had told me that when my father-in-law passed (2 months before he did), that when it was his time – he didnt want people crying over him and that he wanted it to be a party.  I treated it just as so, and his family ridiculed me and said that I was not grieving properly. HUH!?!?!?  Going on that promise that I made him, I have tried not to cry and be depressed – but it is HARD.  So we celebrated yesterday.  Happy Birthday Dad.

With that, I am going to go for the day. Hope you are all having a fantabulous day!  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers



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