Thinking of dad.

Hubby is spending a few days with son and I before he starts working at the new place.  We spent the day out yesterday just having fun and doing nothing.  Here are a few rambling thoughts as we went through the day.

First off, I woke up in a grouchy mood.  I dont know why, but I was grumpy.  I didnt want to go anywhere and kept feeling like I was getting signs that maybe we shouldnt.  I pushed through because I know when hubby starts the new job, he will be working 9am-9pm every day. UGH!

So we went ahead and went out for the day.  We stopped by the grocery so that we could pick up a few sandwiches.  We still had water in the van, so I didnt need to worry about that.  We then left and went and had a picnic lunch.  We ended up going to one of the outlet malls to just walk around.  Son was SO NOT HAPPY about this. lol  One of the first things that I noticed.  If you are not from Florida, and not acclimated to our climate – remember to bring or wear deodorant.  Its not too much to ask for.  If you dont have it, Dollar Tree has different ones you can purchase for a $1.  I only say this because it is uncomfortable for anyone around you.  We were next to a person who seemed to follow us through a part of the mall.  He kept lifting his arms and OMGOSH, I almost vomited.  Yes it was that bad.  He was at least 4 feet from us.  Sorry, I am not trying to be ugly, but its just hygienic.

Second, dad has been on my mind a lot. Maybe it is because his birthday just pasted and mine is right around the corner.  Not sure, but he is in my heart and mind.  While out, we saw a man who was wearing a pair of overalls.  Dad wore his quite a bit in the past few years of his life. They were just comfortable to him.  So when we saw this man in his overalls, I thought of dad and his overalls.  I have his overalls.  They are in storage right now.  When we do get back into a real home, I want to have something made from his overalls, and well, all his clothes that I kept.

Last, we were in a store.  A guy walked up to  us to see if we needed help.  When I looked at his name tag I almost burst into tears.  I had to walk away.  Hubby saw the name and explained that his name was also my dads first name.

I think he was trying to tell me that he is always with him.  I did talk to one of his brothers last week and the brothers wife.  They told me that every time the whole situation comes up about the funeral or my dad, my uncle tells their sister (my aunt – if thats what you want to call her) that what she did to me was just WRONG.  He also said that he knew that their sister was my dads beneficiary for a few years. WRONG!!  I have proof that he changed to my aunt being  beneficiary just a few months before he passed.  Still dont know what I will do with this information, if anything.  I have proof that I was beneficiary since the early 90s and then it changed just a few months before passing.

So dad is always on my mind. I miss him a lot – grouchy ole thing! lol  I miss the phone calls and I really wish that son could have spent more time with him.

Well, I dont know what we are doing today. Trying to talk hubby into taking us to the beach, even though its a little over an hour away.  Its in the high 70s and beautiful today.Hoping you all have an awesome day. Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers



3 thoughts on “Thinking of dad.

  1. Miriam April 7, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    Hope you make it to the beach, it’s always such a peaceful place to contemplate. Cherish those memories of your dad, you’re right, he will always be with you.


      • Miriam April 7, 2016 / 11:46 pm

        I’m sure you do. Memories never die. xo

        Liked by 1 person

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