Another day, another…..oh crud – AGAIN?

Hi!  I have spent the day just thinking and trying to make decisions based on current circumstances.

DSCF7881First – let me start with how we ended the day.  After staying inside all day and trying to come up with a game plan, we took son to the splash park and let him play in the water a little bit.  Neither of us wanted to get wet, and our pool had huge shadows all over it, so we knew the water would be cold.  We took him a few blocks over to where the splash pad is at and let him have a grand ole time.


Yesterday, hubby talked to the HR rep at the new job.  She said that they did not have the drug test back yet.  Even though we know he will pass it, it is per corporate that the new hire cannot start until it comes back.  In this type of industry – it is unheard of.  Hubby has always been able to start and IF (which it never would) came back positive for drugs – then they would let him go.  UGH!

So today, he got up and called back to the new company.  He left a message for HR.  Then he called back and spoke with management.  Management told him that he is definitely hired and he can start Monday.  Ummmmmm.  Wellllllll….. Thats not what he said a few days ago. He told hubby that he would start today (Friday).  Hubby went ahead and quit the other job on the pretense that the new one would start him immediately (which most places do in this industry).  Now we are going to have a week without a paycheck. We felt deflated.  Like the wind had been taken from our  sails.  He only needs the job until the bigger company officially hires him, which hopefully will be at the end of the month or early next month.

I feel bad because I am just sitting here every day.  But I take care of son.  I poured through the internet today to see if there are any work at home jobs and there are none that are legit or look good.  The other thing is that if they require internet – we all know mine is bad. lol  So I think when he does get a good paying job, I am going to save up some money to get the business license and everything to start a non-profit organization.  Once I have it started, then I can talk more about it.  I think it is going to be a good one though.

Its getting late and Ijust wanted to pop in and say HI!  Have a great night. Thanks for reading. Pretty flowers to end the blog with tonight.DSCF7868

The Perpetual Camper



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