Let it go, let it gooooooo………

Thats just what I did. I let all that ice GO!  Our fridge is frozen no more.  Quite frankly, this was a job that I just was not ready to do.  I knew it was going to be a lot of work.  I am not opposed to doing things that require a lot of work – but I at least want to enjoy it. This was not enjoyable at all.

Like I stated yesterday, I googled the manufacture and style name in order to find an owners manual for it. It is amazing at things one can find on the internet.  LOL  I found the section that described what I needed to do and it seemed fairly easy.  Up at the top, on the outside is a button that is ON/OFF.  I had to select the OFF setting.  I also had to take everything out of the freezer and the fridge.

Under the fins (?) on the inside of the fridge is a drip pan that will remove water from the fridge to the outside of the camper, somewhere. I also put a dish towel in the bottom of the fridge and a medium sized bowl on the second shelf to help collect ice.  The manual said that you just sit and wait.  At this rate, it is going to take all night to remove the ice.  I just do not have this type of patience.

So I go to my good friend, Google, again.  I type in my question on how to speed up this process, basically.  Looks like I am not the only one who is impatient.  LOL  Here I go with the suggestions on thawing the frozen block that is in my fridge.  I grab my hairdryer and put it on the warm setting.  Not cold, not hot – but warm.  I stand at the door and blow warm air onto the block.  I DO NOT put the hairdryer near the ice.  From what I read, the plastic on the inside of the fridge is very soft and the hairdryer can harm it.  I would “dry” it for about 1 to 2 minutes at the most.  I would then take a plastic spatula and try to work it in-between the fins.  Then I would sit for about 5-10 minutes and watch it drip.  This is a cycle I repeated many, many times.

I think I started this around 330pm.  This will never happen again. As soon as I start to see ice form, that sucker is getting cut off so that it can melt and go down the drain on the drip pan.  Hubby returned home around 530pm from work and I was almost done.  It was more near 6pm before I had it completely chipped away.

Awwww, it looks so CLEAN!  This was one day after cleaning.

Of course, how can one make a little boy happy during all this process?  My kitchen sink had all the frozen food in it.  So I put all the ice in the toilet. “MOMMMMMMMMM, whats going on in the bathroom?”   My reply to that was, “Son, just make designs when you need to go and flush!”  The giggles I heard were all worth it.  Sorry, you probably didnt care to know that, but he was funny about it.

Take it from me – do not EVER let your RV fridge get a block of ice on it like we did.  It was a 2-2.5 hr job that would have been longer had I not decided to blast it with warm air at times.  Here is a look at the fins today!

Hubby received the info on when he will go for his physical with one of the bigger companies (we will call that one D) that he has applied for. If he passes the physical, then it will be a few weeks or so after that when they start him.  He would love working at D! The benefits are just awesome, and the pay is good too.   He still has the other company in his grasp too (we will call that one P). He has a scheduled exam for them soon.  If he passes it, then he will need to interview with them.  At this point, it could come down to which one gets him working first.  The exam he has to take has a lot of memorization to it and from what I have read – is difficult to pass.  It has a 80% failure rate.

Anyway, I need to do a few things around here.  Hope you are all having a great day, and dont let your fridge freeze over!  Thanks for reading.  

The Perpetual Campers

PS> Melissa – I havent made that one meal yet, but will soon.  I HAVE used my crockpot though. lol


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