Sunday already? UGH!

Cant believe the weekend is almost over.  I know that when hubby really gets into his job that he just took – the weekends are going to be few and far.  He will also have only one day off a week.  Today will be spent cleaning, doing laundry and packing.

We are going to be out of pocket for a night.  One of my very good friends paid for a hotel room for us for my birthday.  Yup, a few more days and I am a year older. She really wanted to get me out of the camper for a night.  I greatly appreciate it!!  So I need to get a few things taken care of today so that we can spend some time with our friend, her daughter and just enjoy our day!

How are you all spending the last day of your weekend?  Happy Sunday everyone!!  Thanks for reading and sorry so short today.  Got lots to do!!

The Perpetual Campers



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