It is going to be kinda quick today.  I am trying to get ready, get son ready and get out of here. Son has an audition today for a commercial.  Keeping fingers crossed!!

I have been faced with the fact that my little boy is growing up.  Yeah, I already knew it…….but I didnt want to face it!  I mean, this is the lil guy that I would hold in my arms while he went to sleep.  I would do everything for him.  I would wash him, change him, feed him.

But he is not a baby anymore and hasnt been for a long time.  Of course, like I said, I knew this.  He has grown so much in the past year.  It was almost like one morning we woke up and his clothes no longer fit him.

So what was it that really brought this revelation to me lately?  His flip flops!  The other day I needed to walk outside and couldnt find mine quickly.  I saw his and thought, “Hmmmm, I can slide his on and know that at least some of my foot will be covered on the bottom.”  In goes my foot.  OH MY GOSH – they fit.  PERFECT!!  They were not too small or too big.  I cannot believe that my lil man has the same size foot as his grown mom!  Just to verify – I took a picture of one of my flip flops and one of his flip flops side-by-side!


I will need to be careful.  I will blink my eyes soon and he will be completely grown!  Running out the door!!  Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


2 thoughts on “Perspectives…

  1. kay ~ the barefoot minimalist April 28, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    ooooooooooh, enjoy every moment for sure! Once they grow up, it’s hard to shrink them back down again! Believe me, I’ve tried! 🙂

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife April 28, 2016 / 10:39 pm

      I dont want him to get any taller or bigger. My baby he will always be! lol I know its happening and I am glad it is. Its awesome to see him grow and become a young man. Just wasnt expecting to stick my feet in his shoes and wear them. lol Yes – we are enjoying every minute of it!


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