Its all gone!

I have used up all my data. That didnt last long.  Hubby has told me that I need to cool it with the internet. lol  I guess I do.  The government will not allow phone carriers to supply unlimited internet data, so I am stuck!!

We are at the library for a few minutes. Hubby told me since it is his day off, he doesnt want to be here long – and I understand.  When he left work yesterday, we headed over to Animal Kingdom.  They are starting to keep that park open late.  This is something they never did before. Usually the park would close around 5 or 6, but I guess so many people complained that they decided to keep it open.

But it was pouring last night when we got home.  I mean, the sky opened up and just let loose!  We were hoping that it was not leaking in the “condo”……which it was!  Today we stopped at Lowe’s to get a rubber sealant  spray to see if we can maybe spray a few areas where the leaks are coming in at.  It was $9.98 and we just didnt have the money for it.  We are absolutely broke.  Thankfully paychecks will be on a consistent period now. Faced with the “What the heck do we do?” I told hubby that our Shop Kicks may give us immediate Lowes Gift Cards.  If you want free money too, get ShopKicks on your phone and use my referral code:

I pulled out my phone and starting letting my fingers walk all over that app.  Sure enough, we could get a gift card that could be electronically sent to us and used immediately. Hubby had enough for $5 and I had enough to get a $5 gift card.  I absolutely LOVE free money!  The only thing we paid was tax.  We paid $0.63 out of our own pocket.


Now we just need to get it on the roof!  Which is another reason why hubby wants to hurry up and get out of the Library!  By the way, the contest is still going for my son.  Just look for this picture to vote:web Z TUCKER-47


There is only a few more hours left, and he is in 3rd place.  Really good since he just entered a few days ago.  Everyone else entered earlier in the month!!  I wish he would win – but we are ok if he doesnt. lol  Thanks for your votes.

Until tomorrow, or the next day!!  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers


Busy morning

I have been busy this morning. I picked up a little around the “condo” and got son started on school work. I know, I know – its Saturday.  What we are doing is having him do school on the same days his dad is working.  This is a way where we can spend hubbys days off with him and not be tied down school work OR get behind.  Yes there was a lot of grumbling. lol  I expected it.

Hubby came home just dog tired yesterday.  The uniforms they have them in, well the pants are made of wool.  Who the heck planned that??  We are in FLORIDA!!  I went and got him a Gatorade yesterday to take with him today.  The part he is learning today and for the next few days will require him to be outside all day.   I am going back today to get him more Gatorade.  He called during his lunch break and I could tell he was exhausted.  Thankfully, his job will not require him to be outside all the time.

If you have voted for my son on this little contest – thank you.  He is now in 4th place with only 3 more days.  It would be nice for him to win because not only will he win a new pair of shoes (hehehe), but they will have him as a model for a short time in their print advertisements.  This would be awesome to put on his resume.  You can go to:  HERE TO VOTE.   You will need to have facebook to vote.

On another note, our friend was cast as Grunge the Tattoo Artist on “The Do-Over” with Adam Sandler.  It comes out today (I think) on Netflix.  Our friend, Tim was so cute. He texted me this picture back when the movie was filming and said, “Do not post this at all until it is ok, but I wanted lil man to see it.”  He calls our son lil man. hehehe  We havent gotten Netflix yet, but we are going to soon.  This is one of the first things we will watch.  Tim knows that son absolutely LOVES Adam Sandler.  If you watch Sleepy Hollow, you might have recognized him from the first show of the last season during the prison shot.  He was cell mates with Ichabod Crane.  Tim and Adam in the Do-Over

I am sure you may have already seen this, but a few days ago, a car was carted off by the Police for illegally parking in Key West.  I totally want one!  It looks kinda like they took a golf cart and converted it.  But I LOVE it. lol  They have not released the owners name.  I wonder if it is Fred?  My lil man is starving, so I guess I need to feed him.  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome weekend.



The Perpetual Campers

Quick fix …. DONE!!

Hello.  I was absent yesterday. lol  I got tangled into a web of good ole trouble-making.  When we were at the library the other day, I saw a book right on the end in a display that I have been wanting to read badly.  While I was checking out movies, I picked it up too.

The book I have been wanting to read was TroubleMaker by Leah Remini. If you are not aware of her story, here goes!  She was brought into the Church of Scientology when she was really young by her mother.  The book was about her struggles to conform to the ways of life in Scientology and, eventually, her move to leave the organization and the harassment she received while doing so.  It was a very interesting read.  She also wrote about her struggles getting started in Hollywood. I normally do not take the time to sit and read.  I just have other things to do and I have found it hard to read when I am working with son.  I am soooo glad I read it.  Actually, I finished it in a day. #Troublemaker #LeahRemini

.Lea Remini

On to my quick fix!  We have these vents that are in the kitchen, bathroom and our bedroom.  They have the little handles on them where you can turn them and the vents will pop open to allow fresh air, etc.  Ummmm, I’m in Florida.  We dont need any fresh air here!  lol  If we did, it would only be hot air.  We even have hot air at night. I noticed that during the middle of the day that it would just get hot in here.  I told hubby that I wanted to cover those vents as a way to keep the sun from coming through.  The vents are a cloudy cover, so its not like it is direct light, but they are not insulated and the sun does come through them strongly.

I went over to Dollar General and got black poster board.  OK, I cant cut a straight line to save my life if I needed too! I brought it back and cut it to fit the vents in the kitchen and bedroom.  Well, it helped……..but I just cant cut right!  hehehe  The poster board did not stay long.  Hubby took packing tape and tried to stick them into place.  That didnt work either.  I told him that maybe we needed cardboard.  But after seeing the black poster against the cream colored ceiling, I just couldnt put brown up there.

I went back over to Dollar General for a fix!  After touring the school supply area, I found a thick poster board that was just the right color.  This was thick like cardboard.  PERFECT!!!  I purchased it for less than a dollar and brought it home.  Mr. Carpenter AKA hubby took out his measuring tape and box cutter and got to work.  I should have let him do it to begin with.  He is so much OCD with stuff like this.  He measured it out, took a ruler, drew his lines and cut.  The new cardboard posters stick into the vents perfectly!!  We have had them in place for about a month and they have not even tried to come down.  It has made our “condo” a lot cooler in here during the heat of the day too, which means our air conditioner will not need to work as hard.  Here is what it looks like.


I also ask, if you have Facebook, please go onto this link and vote for my son Zachary.  If he wins, he will win a new pair of shoes and will be a model for them for a short time.  Thank you in advance!! The link will get you to the top of the leaderboard and then just scroll down until you see his picture with my name under his picture, Stacy!!  Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

!web Z TUCKER-47

I have many things to do today.  Thank you all for reading.  Have a fantastic day.

The Perpetual Campers

Now we’re cooking!

Well, not actually cooking, but I have internet again.  Not unlimited internet, but internet through a hotspot in our “condo”.  I will still have to go to the Library, but not every day.  YAY!! Hubby had the last two days off, so thank you for understanding my desire to spend time with him and get things done instead of being on the computer.  He had to be back at 745am for training.  I set the timer on the coffee pot, made his lunch and slept while he was getting ready!

We looked every where for any type of internet service that we could find.  We looked at all different types of hotspots and were just not finding what we wanted.  Finally, we went into Best Buy and talked with a really sweet and knowledgeable salesman there.  He told us exactly what we were looking for. He gave us the model number and told us that he didnt have it in his store, but we could go to the TMobile store and purchase it there.  Best Buy has customers for LIFE!!  He could have let us keep going and never told us – knowing he would give up the sale, but he didnt.  Kudos Best Buy!!

With this hotspot, we only get 10G of data, but streaming is FREE!!!  Oh yeah.  lol  Youtube, Netflix, etc, will NOT go against our data use.  This is the whole problem we were having with other hot spots.  We wanted to get Netflix or Sling or both, but we didnt want to run out of data and then pay for more each month.  We havent ordered Netflix or Sling yet because we need a new ROKU stick.  Ours is an old one and we cant even find the remote to it. image

We also found our DVD player last week.  Which is really good too.  We can get movies from the library for free.  I lucked up and found all the Hunger Games movies, except for Mockingjay part 2.  The last few days, we watched the three that we had.  We had only seen the first one.  Honestly, I didnt care for the first one.  It just didnt make sense to me.  But these other 2 were excellent.  When we go back, I am going to see if I can find Part 2.


I had also enrolled in Redbox about a year or so ago.  We havent used them since we havnet been able to find the DVD player.  But as soon as we found it, Redbox sent me a code for a free movie!  Ummm  YES PLEASE!!! hahaha  Son was so upset because we did not have the money to go and see Star Wars The Force Awakens when it was in the theater.  I decided to surprise him and rent it with my free movie code.  We watched it yesterday.  Of course, I am upset about Hans, but other than that – the movie was good. Son wants to know when the next one comes out. lol  I dont even know if there is another coming out in this lifetime.


We also shopped around for a campground that would be closer to the Disney area, and there are none.  If we moved to that area, it is going to put him in a lot of traffic and make his commute to work even longer.  Plus, the other places are the same price or a little more.  There is still one that I want to check out, and the plus is that it is near one of our friends.  Our son gets along with their children really well!  BUT, it still might be a little too far for hubby to travel. Needless to say, we are not rushing to make a decision. lol

Well, I need to get son to focus.  Bless him, he just doesnt care for school.  I also need to look at travel stuff for my cousin who wants to come down for a visit.  Hope you all are having a great day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


Traditions aka Orientation

Well, yesterday was the first day for hubby as a cast member at Disney.  He called me during his breaks and OMG at the enthusiasm.  Before any phone calls came, I first received a text from him. The only thing he sent me by text was a picture!  Here it is.


This is something they give to all of their new hires.  Everyone gets a pair of ears.  Some might say that you are not official until you have earned your “Ears”.  I still have mine from many many years ago. They are put up in storage somewhere.  But I will always keep them as a reminder of me working at the Mouse House at one time.

He was able to meet with the Union Rep and is now part of the Union for his department. I told him that this was very important and he would want to be a union member.  There is a fee associated with it, but they will take that out of his paycheck weekly.  I asked him how much and he responded, “I dont know, I dont think they told me.”  LOL  I am sure they did, but he was on OVERLOAD.

The next picture text I received was this:ID

All personal information was removed.  This is his employee ID.  If he wants to go to the parks for the day, he shows this. If he wants to get discounts, he will show this.  If he wants to go behind the parks or in any of the employee only areas – he will need to have this.

Then it was a while before I received another text from him.  I knew what he was doing though since I have been through Traditions (Orientation) before.  They teach you all about Disney, the history of Walt Disney, etc.  They introduce you to the Disney way of doing things.  They end up taking you into the tunnel that is below Magic Kingdom.  Yes, there is a tunnel below the Magic Kingdom.  It was really yucky and stinky, but hubby said it smelled nice – like pizza!  He said there is now an ice cream joint and Starbucks in the tunnel.  Of course, it was not there when I worked for Disney back in 1995.  The next picture he sent was from the Magic Kingdom!



It was really hot yesterday and I knew that they were all jumping at the chance to get back into the classroom.  In Traditions, you have to wear business casual clothing and shoes.  Even if you are in a position where you will be wearing a uniform – you still need to dress in business attire.  It was getting near the time for Traditions to be over and I was sitting here just waiting for an update.  I was surprised when I got this:

Traditions Mickey
Picture was taken with the trainer.  I removed her from the picture since I do not have permission to post her picture.

They had Mickey come in and say HI and Welcome to the “family”.  They did not do this when I was a Cast Member.  Bless my hubbys heart – he is such a kid in an adult body!  He was so excited to see Mickey.  lol  He also came home with gifts that Mickey gave to each of them.



Well, that is a small glimpse of what it is like to be a new hire at Disney. Thank you so much for reading.  I am needing to get off this computer. I am sitting at the Campground office plugging into their wifi this morning since the library is closed.  I cant sit up here for long.  Just too much going on and my attention span due to lack of enough coffee is HUGE. lol  Have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers


Ibotta a lot with a gift card and…..

Hello!!!  I just wanted to try to get a post in today.  We are still going to the library for internet.  Its hard for me to sit for long periods of time here.  Ok, well not so much me – but son!!  He is a wiggle worm and has to move around a lot.

The other day I posted about apps that will earn you money.  Well, we were able to fully see how these apps paid!  I already knew how Ibotta paid because I have been doing that one for a while.  At least over a year.  We found ourselves in a predicament where we needed to buy bread and eggs, but had only a little change until payday, which was a few days away.  Hubby decided to go ahead and cash in some of his “kicks” on shopkicks for a $5 gift card.

Before we went in, we sat in the van in the parking lot and redeemed the points.  By the time e went into Walmart, the reward gift card was loaded onto his profile on shopkicks.  We also went in and scanned the items that we could to earn more kicks. We went and got our eggs and bread and hubby also got a drink thing that you squirt into water and it flavors it.  By the way, they  also had wine tasting while we were there.  Who woulda thought – Walmart?!?!?!  LOL  It was no bigger than a teaspoon, but still…..WALMART?!?!?!

We took our items to the register and had the lady ring them up. Hubby then showed her the gift card on his phone. She scanned it and told us that our balance was 46 cents!  I dug out mostly pennies and paid the lady.  We then got into the van and I got into my Ibotta app and scanned the receipt for the bread and eggs.  Through Ibotta, I was able to redeem 2 rebates at 25 cents each.  Thats right – I am being paid 4 cents to walk away with the items!!  Thats a good grocery day if you ask me.Yeah, I had to use a combination of both apps to get it, but I got it!!  Here is a copy of my receipt and a screen shot where Ibotta paid me.



Ok, this boy of mine is driving me crazy with wanting to walk all around.  Think I am going back to the “condo” and throw him in the pool. lol  By the way, today is hubbys first day at Disney.  I hope he is having a wonderful day at Orientation.  I know they have changed it up a lot since I have been there. lol  Anyway, have a great day!!  Thanks for reading. I leave you with a funny!!  My relatives can visit whenever!! lol


The Perpetual Campers

More of Town Center at Disney Springs

I was able to finally download all my pictures.  I dont know what happened the other day. I thought they would have downloaded – but at least I still had them.  So here they are!

This leads to the area that is inside.

This is the inside area:

This is another burger joint.  It looks really good.

Planet Hollywood and a new Coca Cola place they are building:

Just around:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The restroom was a little small but very clean:

At Guest Relations.  We LOVED the rocking chairs.

Some sort of water thing for kids to wear themselves out on!!


I have to be honest. I have no idea what this is.  From what I understand, it is something athletic.  We did not go in!


And I leave you with this last one.  As always, thank you for reading. Sorry this is so short, but I am at the library until we can get internet in the house.  I also am trying to take time to read everyone else blogs too.  As the picture says, “Welcome to the Family”….the Perpetually Camping Family that is!


Apps that will earn you money.

Just a quick post.  I have come across a few apps that will help you earn free money.  Two of them you just go into the store and scan products.  Its not a whole lot of money, but every little bit helps.  If you use my referrals, then I will earn while you are earning.  Get your friends to sign up under your referral and you will earn while they are earning.  We hope to take this free money and turn it into a vacation for us.  Hubby is doing it too!!  Disclaimer:  I do not know if these apps are available in other countries.


This one I scan products and get points as I walk into some places.  I can redeem for several types of gift cards.  I am going to use them for Walmart gift cards.



Use the bonus code while signing up –    Stucker28

If you go past it and do not put it in, they will not allow you to later.  It has to be done at the point where you are signing up. This one also is gift cards.  I am using this one for Walmart gift cards.



Use referral code jqziiq.  This one you have to unlock discounts.  You scan your receipt and/or product that you have purchased and they will create an account for you with that savings in it.  The other day, I was able to purchase pasta, scan the receipt and they put $0.25 into my account.  Once I reach $20, I can transfer it to paypal.

Thank you all so much for reading. Have a great day!

The Perpetual Campers

The ball is rolling and the rain fell hard.

I absolutely cant stand not being in my own privacy using the internet. lol  I am sitting at the library writing this today.  Son is trying to do his school work, but there appears to be a group that the library has brought in of small kids where they are LOUDLY reading stories.  The reader is very animated and son keeps trying to laugh.  Focus son FOCUS!! This will be heavy with pictures today. I also realized just now, not all of my pictures were saved on my computer.  When I get home, I will need to download again and capture the ones I forgot.  I have more pictures of the new area of Disney Springs!!

Yesterday was very exciting for us. It was hubbys day off, and he had to go and finish his NEW HIRE paperwork with Disney.  OH MY!!!  Son and I went with him so that we could make a day of it.  We sat in the van and waited while he was in there.  We could see the clouds moving in as we pulled up.  As soon as hubby walked in, the sky opened up and we were poured on.  We had parked under a tree because the sun was out and we wanted to be in a shade.  As soon as the rain started, we could hear limbs falling and hitting the van.  Then the van started to move a little bit, side-to-side.  This was making son a little nervous.  I moved over to the drivers seat and moved the van to a spot that had NO trees around it at all.  Son asked if he should keep his seat belt on.  Sure – I am too!  We were there no more than 20 minutes!!  Thats just how fast the weather rolls in FL.  Hubby was done and we were on our way. I wish I could post the video I took.  It was really bad.

We went over to Disney University so hubby could see where it was at and where he would have their version of orientation.  After that, we went over to the new area of Disney Springs that they just opened up about 2 days ago.  It is all shopping and so very nice.  I kinda felt like they were catering to locals with this new area.  Its a lot of stores that you would find in a mall.  There are also places to eat.  One thing they are working on is Planet Hollywood. That place needed refurbishing on the outside.  I think this area is going to be one of my new favorite places. It is really nice!

Going back to the parking garage. No detail is too small. Tiles on the stairs.
Guest services area. It was a wrap around porch and they had rocking chairs that we sat in for a few minutes.
Outside at the Lego store.  The backdrop is made completely of legos.  Son was in lego heaven.  lol

One place we are just excited to try (when we have some extra $$) is Poutine.  French fries with a flare!!  Honestly, I think I am going to LOVE the French version. But they all look so good!



The other place I am dying to go back is Amorettes.  Oh my gosh!  This is a pastry shop.  I need to loose some lbs before I go in there!!  Anyway, I will let the pictures speak for itself!  Enjoy!!



After we left out of Disney Springs, we decided to come back home since the weather was not good.  We were home about 30 minutes when the sky opened up again and released buckets on us.  Once again – we had leaks.  Now that hubby will be working a normal paying job – we can save up some $$ and have something done with this crazy roof. lol

Well, thank you all for reading today.  Sorry I cannot post as often right now since I have no internet at home. It is also really hard for me to read everyones blogs, but I am darn sure gonna try!! I think we are going to end up purchasing a hotspot device where we can pre-purchase internet to use. I still wont be able to download as much or look at videos – but right now it is all about saving money.  Have an awesome day my friends!!

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