His comfort is mine.

It has been a busy day so far.  How does one get a child who has absolutely NO interest in school interested in school?  I admit, my focus has been “off” the past 9 months or so.  I feel like I havent done what I needed to do to keep up with his school work.  Today, I really got on top of the issue and we had a “come to Jesus” meeting about his school work or lack of interest in it.  He was like this when he was in school too.  So now that we have a handle on that – we can move forward.  lol

As I was sitting here checking sons school work today, I looked down and saw this.


What the heck?  He does this all the time.  Its just crazy to me.  How can he possibly be comfy on his back with all four up in the air.  That picture was taken at 115pm and here it is 2pm and he is STILL like that.  Yes, he is still alive.  lol  I can see his paw twitch every once in a while or his tail give a half wag.  I just dont see how it can be comfortable.  He is very content.  He is NOT an outside doggie.  He does not care for the outside world.  He likes to be in the house under my feet at all times. Yes – he is a doggie who absolutely LOVES his human mommy. He has anxiety if he is not near me.  Ok, so his human mommy loves and adores him too.  lol

Here are a few other pictures through the past 4 months that I have snapped of him resting.

He was looking at me, but trying to make it seem like he wasnt.  
Yup, thats his under-bite!!!  I absolutely LOVE that lil under-bite.

For anyone else who has dogs, what do they do that make you go, “hhhmmmmmmmm”?  What is a silly trait of theirs?

Hope you are all having an awesome day.  I think  we are just about done with school and will be running out to the pool for a bit. Didnt go yesterday, there were even MORE people in it than Saturday.  Thank you all for reading!

The Perpetual Campers



15 thoughts on “His comfort is mine.

  1. DaisyWillows May 2, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    He is so cheeky looking, My Tatiana used to sleep like your little one when she was a kitten -all four legs raised to the sky 🙂

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 2, 2016 / 6:58 pm

      Oh he is! He is just rotten. So much personality in that lil 10 lb body. Leo thinks he is human. Its amazing to see their little personalities come out. He is not happy unless he is snuggled right on my feet at night. lol


  2. Michelle Malone May 2, 2016 / 11:28 pm

    Nice pup! My Golden Retriever loves to supervise me — whether I’m folding clothes or blogging. On to the human baby…why no interest in school? Are you homeschooling?

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 3, 2016 / 12:06 am

      Awww, thank you. Leo is definitely a supervisor!! lol We had him in school and it was a disaster. He went all of K, 1st and half of 2nd grades. He was bullied – A LOT. The teachers and school wouldnt do anything about it. He is also ADHD and they didnt want too help him with his studies. They constantly got onto him about not sitting down and talking – and he was on meds to help him. Sooooo, because they were worried about him sitting down and talking – but not worried about him being bullied (long story) – his dad and I decided to school him at home. Every year he is tested and has exceeded beyond anything what we would have imagined. Per the State, he has to be tested every year to see where he is at grade-wise. He technically is in 6th grade, but tested for 7,8 and 9th in all subjects except reading. That he tested 12th grade level. PLUS – his schedule is more free this way. He wants to be an actor and we are able to take him to auditions and filming during school hours without worrying if he is missing days. We just take the school work with or have him make it up the day before or after. It just works better for us.

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      • Michelle Malone May 3, 2016 / 12:32 am

        Wow! Very interesting! As an educator, it breaks my heart to hear about a child being bullied.

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      • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 3, 2016 / 12:38 am

        As a mother, it broke my heart. He was new to the area and the school. The kids had been through preK, K, etc, etc, had older siblings ……he was an outsider! Believe it or not, it was mostly the girls. They wanted to sit on his lap while he would swing, steal his lunch – just to name a few. Yeah, “If you want to swing, then I need to sit on your lap and hold your hand or we wont let you swing!” Not cool for 2nd grade. When I went to the teacher and eventually the principle, they both said that it was just kids being kids. This mama had enough and brought him home. I am not against schools, but if he ever goes back in, we will be very choosy.


  3. Rob and Becky May 6, 2016 / 5:21 am

    Spring fever! Every spring my homeschooled kids get it.

    I’ve homeschooled quite a few of mine. Right now, Lovana is doing 2 community college classes, Ja’Ana is homeschooled, and Patsy goes to public school. I try to fit the needs of each one. Lovana did homeschool through high school, and is just now trying the community college. She just wasn’t ready before.

    We’ve been part of a lot of co-ops through the years–sometimes that keeps them interested. We did not do one this year–Ja’Ana was burning out trying to keep up with some of the more academically inclined kids and there was too much homework for her–but we did for several years before that. She does not like school under the best of circumstances, but especially when the work is too much for her and it makes her feel stupid. That’s the beauty of homeschool for us–we can get along at each child’s own pace. She took a homeschool Spanish class for 2 years, and did great. It was a combination of class once a week and a lot of homework (like hours per day) and most of it was on-line. Because school is so difficult for her, I do occasionally read a book aloud to her, still. I had handed her Swiss Family Robinson, which was in Old English, and she admitted she was having a hard time with understanding. So, would I read it? Yes, I would, and I read, we discuss it, and move to the next chapter. She reads most of her books on her own, but I used to read a lot of them to her, and other of my children. If I give her one of those intricate coloring books and colored pencils, she will do that while I read and discuss anything, such as history, science, etc. Reading aloud can take the worst day and turn it into a better day. (I mean it literally calms her down when she is having a hard day, as does her music) We do math together, each working the problem, and see if we agree. If not, we work it out.

    This year, she is taking dance class with some of her friends, and has been a part of 2 youth groups, the 4H club, and a little guitar and a little piano. Music is so important to her that we are taking a keyboard in the camper for her to play. It relieves her stress. For her, it has always been about the friends, never about academics, so I try to make sure there are some things that interest her when she gets the hard stuff done. she has to complete school to my satisfaction before she gets her phone or Kindle each evening.

    She is enrolled in a program where they go over what she’s done and give her grades so she can have high school credit. After completing the program, she will get a diploma from them. They accept a lot of different things to make a credit, which is good, such as several p.e. activities like dance, bowling, swimming, etc. added up to make the needed hours for a credit.

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 6, 2016 / 4:27 pm

      He does not like school at all. I do not have him in any co-ops. But we have him in other things, like acting classes where he goes with other kids. It was all about trying to figure out what he liked and would participate in. lol When we have the money, I think we are going to put him into voice lessons as well because the kid loves to sing. We love homeschooling because we can make our own schedule.

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