Mothers’ May – 5/3/16

I am so honored to be featured on another bloggers page!  Thank you so much for telling a little piece of my story Michelle.I am humbled!

This is a life lesson that was taught to me from my mom when I was young.  Little did I know that circumstances would eventually put me into this exact situation.  Not only did it teach me to give unconditionally, but it also taught me to receive with integrity and self respect.


2 R Better Than 1

Happy Mothers’ May, friends!  Today we celebrate Stacy’s mom. Stacy is a blogger, mom, and perpetual camper! That’s right. I said perpetual camper.  She and her family chronicle their camping adventures  here: The Perpetual Campers. Check out her site, and read her vignette in celebration of her mom.

My mother taught me to give. Do you remember those green stamps they would give out at the grocery store? Well, my mom would collect them in the little books that they gave out. She would save them all year long. When December came around, she would take all of those books over to the store where you redeemed them and would turn them in for toys. She always worked with Dept of Children Services to “adopt” one family and would give all of those toys to the children in that family. She wanted to give to children when she knew the…

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