An in-ride bath? Really??

Well, not only has our internet been turned off – so has our cable.  It was just costing too much for us right now and we decided to disconnect.  This has been really hard for me since I am here all the time.  We forgot to look for our DVD player after the fact.  We cant find it.  We don’t really have the money to go and purchase another, so we have been without TV. We have a small set of “rabbit ears” or a small antenna BUT it doesn’t hardly pick up anything. PBS was all blurry and yucky.   A person that hubby is currently working with found out about our living situation. He handed hubby a green box the other day and said that it was ours!  This is a more powerful HGTV antenna.  Hubby told him that we didn’t have the money to pay for it and the guy told him not to worry about it – it is ours to keep.  He said that he had bought it and never took it back and didn’t need it anymore.  We are able to pick up about 20 channels (CBS, ABC, LAFF, ATV, ION, Spanish Channels and home shopping channels).  YAY!!  I get to watch the Young and the Restless now. Hehehe Needless to say  – I was extremely grateful!image

We had somewhere to go this morning, and we had a show of our own that was kinda funny.  We were sitting at the red light and my husband stopped mid-sentence and said, “Would you look at that guy!  He is taking a “ bath”. So I look across and see a cab driver next to us.  imageHe had picked up a bottle of cologne and started spraying it all over him.  We started to count the sprays.  We were at 32 when he put that bottle down and he had already sprayed many before we counted.  He put that bottle down and picked up a Perry Ellis bottle and sprayed it directly onto his underarms.  Of course, we counted 1, 2, 3, 4………………..15, 16, 17….” He also sprayed the back of his neck with this one.  All I can say is God help the person he picks up in that cab.  OH MY GOSH at the smell!!  I would not do well. My sinuses would be all messed up. Lol

Well, hubby is just excited about the fact he is starting work with Disney.  He has to wait for them to call him in to work on his new hire paper work before they will officially give him a start date.  But from what the lady told him on the phone – he is scheduled to start on 05/21.  I don’t know if we are going look for a campground near that area, or stay where we are.  Right now, we are about 20-25 minutes from Disney – but the traffic is not bad at all.

Hubby is so funny though. He wants to take a few days off to transition to Disney.  He asked me this morning if I wanted to go to the Keys for a few days and we sleep in the van.  Ummmm, not really!  I don’t think we would have the money for it.  I am not even sure how far the Keys are from us and how long it would take.  I have never been down to the Florida Keys and would LOVE to!  I might need to research it.  I did ask him, “How do you think we will pay for it…..with our looks?”  His response is one reason why I love him.  “Sure, you are pretty cute – I would pay for ya!” hahahahaha  Dude – I am already bought and paid for by you.  I will leave you with this picture! Our tiny home is a happy home!


Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day!

The Perpetual Campers


4 thoughts on “An in-ride bath? Really??

    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 12, 2016 / 9:32 pm

      Oh how I wish we could. It would cost too much! It would also take 8 hrs to get there. We wouldn’t be able to see or do anything due to lack of money. It’s just going to need to wait for another time.


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