Busy lil bees just a flying all around

Thats the way I feel today.  I have things to do and dont feel like I have enough hours to do them in.  I have got to stop by the pharmacy at some point.  I just dont want to leave out.  Why, you ask.  Its flipping HOT today.

I was at the laundromat earlier and thought I was going to sweat to death – and I was the only one in there running any of the machines.  lol  I had four loads to do today.  You might wonder where we actually stash dirty laundry to keep it out of the way so that we dont walk all over it.  In the closet of course!  I shut the door and forget!  I have started to perfect this whole laundry game.  I am going once every week and a half.  It takes me about $10-$12 to wash and dry the four loads.  It just works better for us.  Usually I will stay in there and fold my clean laundry on the tables, but it was so hot today that I brought it home.  All laundry has been washed, dried, folded and put away!!

I have things around here I need to do, but just dont feel like it.  Hubby is off work by 6pm today, and he wants to go walk around Disney Springs.  Im just not sure.  Its just so hot. lol  I am such a sad case.  I hibernate in the house during the summer time unless I am going to the pool.  But I dont like cold weather either and could never survive in an area that got really cold and snow. See, sad case!!

We also need to stop in at Best Buy and a few other places near it so that we can get our ShopKicks.  All for walking in.  I am about 200 “kicks” away from having a free $5 gift card from Walmart.  I know it doesnt sound like a whole lot – but its FREE!!  I havent spent anything to get them.  Of course, if I did, I would get more kicks and get to my rewards a lot faster.  But I am ok with  just getting kicks for walking in and scanning things.  If you sign up for this, I will receive about 50 kicks! PCW Shopkick Link

We got the official “YOUR HIRED” email from Disney today.  I can say that hubby is now officially a Disney Cast Member!!

Hubby said I could post  – only if I removed his name! lol  

He has a ton of stuff to fill out.  But he can do most of it all from the comfort and luxury of our “condo”. It is a step in the right direction and hopefully he will be able to work himself into the IT Dept.  He was so excited when he called earlier, “Babe….. we get 50-60% off cruises with Disney!!!  Based on availability.”  Ummmm, yeah!  Im there.  Maybe next year for Mothers Day, or soon after!!  We have never been on a Disney cruise.  I never could see paying the $$ for it.  But heck, if they are going to mark it down way low – YES!!!  I will go.  lol  While I am thinking about travel, I just wanted to let you all know – I knew that the Keys would be too expensive for us to do right now.  I didnt want anything thinking we were crazy or anything since we are strapped for cash right now.  We are not going to go and I had to show hubby just how much it would cost.  Once I did, there was no other talks of it.  Its just one of those things where you wish you could but know you cant and even though you cant you are still going to verbalize it. So, thanks for letting us “dream” yesterday. lol

I better get off here and go do the things I need to do.  I will be grumbling the whole way! lol  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers



10 thoughts on “Busy lil bees just a flying all around

  1. DaisyWillows May 13, 2016 / 6:17 pm

    Apologies Stacy . I already knew your husband took the Disney job…. Mind went AWOL for a bit. I’m genuinely happy that things are on the up. I will happily live in Florida if you want to live on a cold and sunshine less island called th U.K. 😀 .. – Hey it can happen – I can see you on the sun deck already. After me and G’ get hitched on the 22/06 we are saving up to have a late family honeymoon in in Miami. I have family over there. We don’t need to bother about hiring a car and accomadation -luckily. We want to go to the Keyes and I want to take my little Bee to Disney world. I spent my 5 th birthday there. may have already told you this on one of your other posts xxxx

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 13, 2016 / 6:24 pm

      No apologies necessary!! I understand. When we have a lot on our minds – they do tend to go AWOL for a bit. lol Ummm, yeah, I will not live in a cold area. Just not gonna happen. lol Ok, I could probably survive – just choose not too. hehe Oh my gosh – a honeymoon to Miami will be awesome. Disney is about 4 hours from the Miami area. You will probably want more than one day there. There are 4 major parks there, plus much much more. I dont blame you for wanting to go to the Keys. I want to go!! I have never been there and just cant wait to go one day. well, that is – if I can ever decide to stop going on cruises. lol Your lil Bee would absolutely LOVE Disney. Our son has been so much in the past – he could be a tour guide. lol I say if it has been since you were 5, it is time to come back! One day I will make my way over to the UK!!


  2. Rob and Becky May 16, 2016 / 3:55 am

    I have heard that our weather in Oregon is very similar to the UK, at least the part of Oregon I live in. So, I’m used to it. Today was rainy and wet, but not very cold. Things were getting too dry, so I’m fine with it.

    I’m very happy for you that your husband has gotten the job. I know it will be so nice for you when things settle down and you can just relax a bit from your financial worries. A cruise sounds super fun. I’ve never been on one, either. So, go when you can, and tell us all about it!

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      • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 18, 2016 / 2:23 pm

        They have really good benefits!! From insurance to discounts!! I told him that I absolutely LOVED all the benefits from years ago when I worked there.


      • Rob and Becky May 18, 2016 / 2:31 pm

        That’s great. Insurance is a big one these days! Does he start Saturday, as previously planned?

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      • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 18, 2016 / 2:36 pm

        It is a HUGE one. lol Right now, we have state issued insurance and its just not good. He does. He is so excited. We went yesterday to see where he needed to go for his orientation class.


      • Rob and Becky May 18, 2016 / 2:46 pm

        I’m glad. I hope he enjoys it and his excitement lasts! In any case, it will be awesome to get some regular paychecks going, with the hope of better ones later.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 18, 2016 / 2:53 pm

        Thank you. I am sure it will. We have always been huge Disney fans. It will be awesome to have regular paychecks. It will be awesome to finally be catching up on a lot of things that we need to get caught up on. I am not sure how long it will be, but as soon as he can get overtime – we will be doing ok. He has heard from one person that it could be a few weeks, and another has told him that it could be 12 weeks before he can have overtime. Either way – he is going to get as much as he can. lol


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