A night out!

We went out last night.  Hubby was off work at 5pm last night and we decided after we had dinner that we should go out and get exercise.  We went out to Disney Springs for a little walking.  I was able to get about 7000 steps in while I was there.  I have found that my amount of steps that I have gotten in have diminished – greatly!!  I am not getting the exercise I was once accustomed to.  Hopefully that will change soon since I will have a little more money for gas and can get to parks.

Anyway, boy I have such a problem getting off track sometimes, we decided to go to Disney Springs.  We were able to listen to a symphony orchestra.  We also watched a guy play a guitar like I have never seen before.  It was really awesome.  Hubby told me that the way, and type, he was playing was very  difficult.  Very good!  We enjoyed both.  But the one that we had the most fun with was an acapella group.  Their name is Right On Key.  Very talented group.  They allowed people to come take pictures with them and of course – son was the first one up in their face.  lol  I think he wanted to get into a sing off with one of them. All were very personable and just treated everyone there so nice. #rightonkey  #disneysprings


Before we left, we had to stop by the big merchandise shop and swap out our antenna thingie.  We had one that was Oswald the lucky rabbit.  imageSon had picked him out when we got our van.  Our can has an antenna on it, so we could get one finally!  Well, poor Oswald lost an ear one day.  I dont know when it happened or where we were even at, but Oswald was riding around on our antenna with only one ear.  Thats just unacceptable.  We took Oswald to the shop and traded him in for a new one.  We now have a complete Oswald leading our way down the road!


Hope you are all having an awesome day.  Our breaker has already flipped three times today.  That is no bueno for us since it is in the 90s today. Thank you all for reading!!

The Perpetual Campers


6 thoughts on “A night out!

  1. Michelle Malone May 14, 2016 / 10:28 pm

    Sounds like you had an awesome time! Praying that your breaker chills out…get it? Think cool thoughts, happy camper. 🙂

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 15, 2016 / 2:25 am

      I do!! Lol. It only flipped about 7 times today. We did have an awesome time. Anytime my two guys and I spend time together it is awesome. So grateful for times like last night. Very blessed!!

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  2. Rob and Becky May 16, 2016 / 4:04 am

    Although I’ve never been to Disney World in Florida, we have enjoyed many, many trips to D-Land in CA. So, I’m assuming that the Disney Springs is kind of like Downtown Disney–a shopping place with movies, restaurants, Disney + other stores…..Anyway, for us, it’s a great place to go hang out when we are waiting for the next day when we have a ticket to the parks(we live far away–it’s a journey and we might arrive late in the day and not want to waste a ticket, but want to do something Disneyish), or grab a bite to eat when the park isn’t open yet, or buy souvenirs when the kids have looked for 3 days straight and then finally made up their minds after we exited:), or eat at Rainforest Cafe or look at the huge Lego store…..etc….lots of fun there, too.

    Hopefully, after a while, your husband will get to sign your guys in once in a while. I’m excited for you!

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 16, 2016 / 5:19 pm

      Have got to be quick! We are out of data and I will need to go to the library soon to get wifi. Yes, its the old Downtown DIsney. It has gone through several name changes. Disney Marketplace, then Downtown Disney and now Disney Springs. lol Its a nice place to go for a little bit!

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