Traditions aka Orientation

Well, yesterday was the first day for hubby as a cast member at Disney.  He called me during his breaks and OMG at the enthusiasm.  Before any phone calls came, I first received a text from him. The only thing he sent me by text was a picture!  Here it is.


This is something they give to all of their new hires.  Everyone gets a pair of ears.  Some might say that you are not official until you have earned your “Ears”.  I still have mine from many many years ago. They are put up in storage somewhere.  But I will always keep them as a reminder of me working at the Mouse House at one time.

He was able to meet with the Union Rep and is now part of the Union for his department. I told him that this was very important and he would want to be a union member.  There is a fee associated with it, but they will take that out of his paycheck weekly.  I asked him how much and he responded, “I dont know, I dont think they told me.”  LOL  I am sure they did, but he was on OVERLOAD.

The next picture text I received was this:ID

All personal information was removed.  This is his employee ID.  If he wants to go to the parks for the day, he shows this. If he wants to get discounts, he will show this.  If he wants to go behind the parks or in any of the employee only areas – he will need to have this.

Then it was a while before I received another text from him.  I knew what he was doing though since I have been through Traditions (Orientation) before.  They teach you all about Disney, the history of Walt Disney, etc.  They introduce you to the Disney way of doing things.  They end up taking you into the tunnel that is below Magic Kingdom.  Yes, there is a tunnel below the Magic Kingdom.  It was really yucky and stinky, but hubby said it smelled nice – like pizza!  He said there is now an ice cream joint and Starbucks in the tunnel.  Of course, it was not there when I worked for Disney back in 1995.  The next picture he sent was from the Magic Kingdom!



It was really hot yesterday and I knew that they were all jumping at the chance to get back into the classroom.  In Traditions, you have to wear business casual clothing and shoes.  Even if you are in a position where you will be wearing a uniform – you still need to dress in business attire.  It was getting near the time for Traditions to be over and I was sitting here just waiting for an update.  I was surprised when I got this:

Traditions Mickey
Picture was taken with the trainer.  I removed her from the picture since I do not have permission to post her picture.

They had Mickey come in and say HI and Welcome to the “family”.  They did not do this when I was a Cast Member.  Bless my hubbys heart – he is such a kid in an adult body!  He was so excited to see Mickey.  lol  He also came home with gifts that Mickey gave to each of them.



Well, that is a small glimpse of what it is like to be a new hire at Disney. Thank you so much for reading.  I am needing to get off this computer. I am sitting at the Campground office plugging into their wifi this morning since the library is closed.  I cant sit up here for long.  Just too much going on and my attention span due to lack of enough coffee is HUGE. lol  Have an awesome day.

The Perpetual Campers



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