Now we’re cooking!

Well, not actually cooking, but I have internet again.  Not unlimited internet, but internet through a hotspot in our “condo”.  I will still have to go to the Library, but not every day.  YAY!! Hubby had the last two days off, so thank you for understanding my desire to spend time with him and get things done instead of being on the computer.  He had to be back at 745am for training.  I set the timer on the coffee pot, made his lunch and slept while he was getting ready!

We looked every where for any type of internet service that we could find.  We looked at all different types of hotspots and were just not finding what we wanted.  Finally, we went into Best Buy and talked with a really sweet and knowledgeable salesman there.  He told us exactly what we were looking for. He gave us the model number and told us that he didnt have it in his store, but we could go to the TMobile store and purchase it there.  Best Buy has customers for LIFE!!  He could have let us keep going and never told us – knowing he would give up the sale, but he didnt.  Kudos Best Buy!!

With this hotspot, we only get 10G of data, but streaming is FREE!!!  Oh yeah.  lol  Youtube, Netflix, etc, will NOT go against our data use.  This is the whole problem we were having with other hot spots.  We wanted to get Netflix or Sling or both, but we didnt want to run out of data and then pay for more each month.  We havent ordered Netflix or Sling yet because we need a new ROKU stick.  Ours is an old one and we cant even find the remote to it. image

We also found our DVD player last week.  Which is really good too.  We can get movies from the library for free.  I lucked up and found all the Hunger Games movies, except for Mockingjay part 2.  The last few days, we watched the three that we had.  We had only seen the first one.  Honestly, I didnt care for the first one.  It just didnt make sense to me.  But these other 2 were excellent.  When we go back, I am going to see if I can find Part 2.


I had also enrolled in Redbox about a year or so ago.  We havent used them since we havnet been able to find the DVD player.  But as soon as we found it, Redbox sent me a code for a free movie!  Ummm  YES PLEASE!!! hahaha  Son was so upset because we did not have the money to go and see Star Wars The Force Awakens when it was in the theater.  I decided to surprise him and rent it with my free movie code.  We watched it yesterday.  Of course, I am upset about Hans, but other than that – the movie was good. Son wants to know when the next one comes out. lol  I dont even know if there is another coming out in this lifetime.


We also shopped around for a campground that would be closer to the Disney area, and there are none.  If we moved to that area, it is going to put him in a lot of traffic and make his commute to work even longer.  Plus, the other places are the same price or a little more.  There is still one that I want to check out, and the plus is that it is near one of our friends.  Our son gets along with their children really well!  BUT, it still might be a little too far for hubby to travel. Needless to say, we are not rushing to make a decision. lol

Well, I need to get son to focus.  Bless him, he just doesnt care for school.  I also need to look at travel stuff for my cousin who wants to come down for a visit.  Hope you all are having a great day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers



4 thoughts on “Now we’re cooking!

  1. jacquelineobyikocha May 25, 2016 / 6:24 pm

    I like Best Buy too. Their staff were quite polite and helpful as far as I can recall. Unfortunately, they dont have Best Buy in Dubai. Have fun with your new hotspot.

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    • The Perpetual Camping Wife May 25, 2016 / 8:21 pm

      Thank you!! Thats just horrible! There needs to be a best buy in Dubai. I was really surprised that they would give up the sale to make sure we found exactly what we needed. Hopefully I havent used up almost all of my 10Gs today. lol I have had way to much fun on the internet. hehehe


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