He was just a baby.

Oh God he was just a baby.  Yesterday it was all on the news that a little boy was attacked by an alligator at the Grand Floridian resort on Walt Disney World property.  After 17 hours of him being missing – they finally recovered his little body.

Tuesday night, I was on the phone with my hubby as he was leaving work.  He drives right beside the Grand Floridian to come home.  He told me that he could see all of the helicopters int he sky and I could hear them over the phone.  What a sight!  I had just asked him about 30 minutes before if he had heard of a gator attack over there.  Yes, they were all aware.

I was up and down quite a bit through the night checking, praying, hoping that they had found this precious little baby who had not even had a chance at life yet.   We got up and took son to an acting workshop at his acting school and still had not heard anything about this little boy.

I sat and read things on facebook where people were coming down hard on the parents for not watching “their snot-nosed brat more carefully.”  Yes, someone had actually written that on a news feed. OH MY GOSH!  Hope that person doesnt have children.  Then I read somewhere about how Disney should be ashamed of themselves for allowing gators to live on their property.  Ummmm, wildlife!! It happens – especially in Florida.  We have snakes and gators and, well, creepy crawlies.  Its hard for one to dictate with a massive animal where they are or are not going to live.  Disney has procedures in place for these types of animals and they are doing everything by law with them.  They put down at least 5 that I know of while looking for this baby.

I cannot pretend to even imagine what this family is going through.  I know that it is going to be hard for them to get through the next day, the next week, month and year.  This mom carried this boy in her womb. She nurtured him and protected him for 9 months.  Her every waking moment for the past two years has been about her children – feeding them, clothing them, cleaning them, teaching them, EVERYTHING for them!  Now that stops.  How does one go on?  How does one live without a person who has always been such an important part of your life?  I pray for this family!

Well, I have had enough of the bad stuff going on.  Come on Orlando – lets be the City Beautiful and be Orlando Strong again!!

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Utter Disbelief


I started writing this a few days ago, and I just couldnt.  It appears as if things are just getting worse in my city Beautiful!  I am going to take you on a small timeline of what it has been like for me over the last few days.

Saturday morning, hubby woke up early because he had to be at work at 730am.  I got up only because the call of nature was pounding on my bladder.  It sucks getting older sometimes.  lol  So I stumbled down our few steps with one eye opened and one ear closed.  I had every intention of going back to sleep.  It was about 6am.  As soon as I opened the door to the bathroom, my hubby told me that there was a mass shooting at a nightclub downtown.  Ok, that got my attention and I was rocked out of sleep FAST!  I went into the living area and sat down to watch everything that was unfolding around me.

My first thing to see was the woman just crying and asking where her son was at, that he was in there….I dont need to tell you all. We have all seen her on TV and it appears as if she was one of the last to find out that her son was one of the casualties.  I was glued to the TV. I didnt understand why this was happening. We didnt have answers.  Our law enforcement did not know much at this point.  All we knew is that a man, who acted alone, went into a nightclub and shot people.  At this point – thats all I need to know about him.  Crazed radical!

I literally kept it on the same channel all day and watched nothing BUT the coverage.  My facebook came up at one point with an invite for me to “check-in” and let my friends and family know I was ok.  Well, they should know!  I do not frequent night clubs very often and am usually in bed when this all went down.

The next day, hubby didnt have to be to work until 230pm.  We needed to go to the store and get a few things.  I can tell you that this is the first time i have been to the grocery and witnessed what I did.  Usually there is a lot of noise going on in the store.  Kids are always acting like kids and there is just a lot of noise.  On this day – it was like being in a library.  There was a lot of somber people walking around.  This is something that has totally touched the lives of everyone in our community.

I watched and watched and saw where they have released the names of everyone who did not make it through that night.  Oh Lord!  I am so heartbroken for the families that are laying their loved ones to rest.  I pray for the ones who are still in the hospital recuperating and having surgeries.  I also pray for the ones who were there that night and were able to make it out alive by the grace of God.

Pray for my community, for my city – the City Beautiful.  We are strong and we will overcome this – it just might take a while.  I did not know anyone that was there that night.  But I have friends who lost friends and loved ones.  Pray for them.  Be on the lookout.  Always be on high alert. If it can happen here – it can happen where you are. Never ever ever let your guard down.  #OrlandoStrong


Beautiful people!  Casualties of terrorism.

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We survived TS Colin

Hi everyone. This is the first chance I have had to come to the library.  Just a quick note, since it is about to storm and I need to run back home.

We survived the tropical storm.  Our tarp held up very nice and we did not have any leaks.  I was up until about 330am because the wind was snapping outside and it totally freaked our dog out!  If it had been much worse, I would have insisted that we go somewhere else.

Just wanted to check in really quick.  Sorry I havent been on here or answered any replies.  Miss you all and hope to catch up real soon. xoxoxo

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TS Colin

got to be quick. Wind is blowing good. Found a tarp and put it over the roof yesterday. Getting ready for tropical storm Colin. We are going to be on the rough side of the storm. Might be a day or so before I check back in, depends on if I can get internet. Sorry, but no time to respond to comments right now.

yeah, it’s hard to get inside right now. Lol



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I’m melting!

oh my gosh is it hot! Summer has just began and I’m already melting. I am hooked up to Disneys wifi sitting at the Indiana Jones Stunt show. It has yet to start. Today I s hunts last day off and he wanted to have fun. But really, how much fun can one have when they are melting?? Lol


We have had a lot of fun and it has been a great escape from reality. We packed sandwiches and had a picnic at one of the fast food places in the park. We brought in Gatorade and have asked for ice through the day. We have ridden many rides and have a few more to do. Then it’s back to reality and the condo! Yes, Disney on a budget! Hehehe

Son beat me on Toy Story today.

Have a great day!! Thanks for reading.

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Here I sit….

At the Library again. lol  I am taking advantage of hubby having a few days off where I can come to the library.  Once he is back at work, he will be taking the van with him. That will leave us at home without a way to go.  If we need something, we have a grocery within walking or biking distance.  But, because Disney is over 15 minutes from where we are at – I let him take the van.  Its better on gas AND his brakes are not fixed on the truck.  It has been sitting in the parking place for a while. lol  Before he was at Disney, he would cautiously take it to work since work was 8 minutes away.  But I dont want him driving the truck knowing that the brakes are almost gone.

I am trying to be quick so that we can go and get things done.  He didnt make it to the top of the roof yesterday to spray the sealant.  It rained last night.  The bedroom area did not leak.  He did need to move his chair because a drip kept dripping on his bald head. lol  We put a small trash can to collect it and  put plastic bags over the plugs and sat down and watched The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2.  OH WOW!!  Really good, but so sad it is over.

This morning, after we had scrambled eggs and turkey bacon, hubby pulled out our neighbors ladder and climbed on our very bad roof.  We know we need to have it replaced – we just dont have the money right now.  I was out there with him to make sure if he fell, I could call an ambulance.  Yeah, there is just no way I could catch him if he fell off the roof.  hehehe  I absolutely do not like him getting up there.  But it had to be done.  He used the whole can in certain areas – the ones that we knew it leaked.  I am not ready for it to rain soon, but I am eager to see if it repels the rain.  I will let ya know!

I am being rushed today, so I will leave you with a few pictures from when we were at Animal Kingdom the other night.  The first two are from a street party they have. The costumes were so beautiful. They are now lighting up the tree and telling a story on it. We did not stay for the story, but I did get a quick pic of the tree lit up.  Hope you all are having an awesome day!  Thank you for reading.




The Perpetual Campers.