Busy morning

I have been busy this morning. I picked up a little around the “condo” and got son started on school work. I know, I know – its Saturday.  What we are doing is having him do school on the same days his dad is working.  This is a way where we can spend hubbys days off with him and not be tied down school work OR get behind.  Yes there was a lot of grumbling. lol  I expected it.

Hubby came home just dog tired yesterday.  The uniforms they have them in, well the pants are made of wool.  Who the heck planned that??  We are in FLORIDA!!  I went and got him a Gatorade yesterday to take with him today.  The part he is learning today and for the next few days will require him to be outside all day.   I am going back today to get him more Gatorade.  He called during his lunch break and I could tell he was exhausted.  Thankfully, his job will not require him to be outside all the time.

If you have voted for my son on this little contest – thank you.  He is now in 4th place with only 3 more days.  It would be nice for him to win because not only will he win a new pair of shoes (hehehe), but they will have him as a model for a short time in their print advertisements.  This would be awesome to put on his resume.  You can go to:  HERE TO VOTE.   You will need to have facebook to vote.

On another note, our friend was cast as Grunge the Tattoo Artist on “The Do-Over” with Adam Sandler.  It comes out today (I think) on Netflix.  Our friend, Tim was so cute. He texted me this picture back when the movie was filming and said, “Do not post this at all until it is ok, but I wanted lil man to see it.”  He calls our son lil man. hehehe  We havent gotten Netflix yet, but we are going to soon.  This is one of the first things we will watch.  Tim knows that son absolutely LOVES Adam Sandler.  If you watch Sleepy Hollow, you might have recognized him from the first show of the last season during the prison shot.  He was cell mates with Ichabod Crane.  Tim and Adam in the Do-Over

I am sure you may have already seen this, but a few days ago, a car was carted off by the Police for illegally parking in Key West.  I totally want one!  It looks kinda like they took a golf cart and converted it.  But I LOVE it. lol  They have not released the owners name.  I wonder if it is Fred?  My lil man is starving, so I guess I need to feed him.  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome weekend.



The Perpetual Campers


Beach day

Whew, its late.  We decided around 1pm that we wanted to go to the beach. Since hubby has not started his job yet, we thought it would make a great outing for a few hours.  Ya know, this 250 sq ft of space and 4 walls just kinda close in on you at times.  Beach time was just what was needed.

We decided to go to Cocoa Beach. Specifically, Lori Wilson Beach.  Parking was free, but there are not a lot of parking places.  We had to find someone who was leaving.  I jumped out and as the  other car backed out, I walked forward into the parking space to make sure nobody would try to come from the opposite side and snag our space. lol

Panoramic view of the beach

The weather was beautiful, but very windy.  The water felt wonderful until we got out, then it was just cold. hehehe

Dad and son time in the water.  
This is what happens when you decide to roll in the sand.

We were able to see the cruise ships leave Port Canaveral!  Made me cruise sick!  I wanna go.  Oh well, all in due time.

Disney ship.  This is just how close they were to the shore lines.  Disney was the last to leave.
Carnival was the second to leave.
Norwegian was the first one out to sea.

I didnt get a picture, but someone brought their cute little doggie and he just played all in the sand and chasing his tennis ball.  He was so cute and was having a great time.

Then we had a woman sit not 2 feet from us and her children started playing in the sand.  They threw sand our way.  Just as we were biting into our apples that we brought with. UGH!!  A mouth full of sandy apple. YUCK.

Just playing in the sand.
Sea Turtle sand sculpture by my son.

All in all it was just a day, or few hours, at the beach. Have a good night!!  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers