Another issue

So, another issue we had during all this sickness is that we were unable to get on the internet.  Well, I was able to use my phone and get onto FB, but I was not able to log onto my blog or post pictures through here.

I have stated it before.  Centurylink – our internet provider – absolutely SUCKS!  We are not able to get fiber optic lines where we are.  We are connected through a phone line that comes from a little box and straight into our camper.  I feel like we are living in the early 90s!!  It takes so long to do anything on the internet most days.  I thought we were just having issues with our internet and would not be able to get on these last few weeks or so.

Partly, I didnt care either since we were so sick.  I spent more time being ill and caring for the ill than I wanted to be online.  Now that we are coming out of our “sick” fog, we started to investigate a little more.  On Saturday, while I was making dinner, hubby called centurylink to find out what the heck was going on with our service.  After unplugging and replugging the modem, etc, they told us they could not detect anything wrong with our service.  I do not remember if it was my idea or hubbys (we will just say it was his for arguments sake), but he went outside with the phone still attached to him to see if there was something going on outside.  You know, like maybe the cord became loose or came out of the little box.

A few minutes later he came back in, giggling, and said, “I found the problem!”  Ok, so whats up?  Well, it looks as if the latch became undone and opened up the box. Either rain or lightning hit it and totally messed up our connection. The phone cord was all black where it attaches inside the box. UGH!!  Good ole Florida weather. lol  We had to schedule a time for a repair man to come fix it.

They were scheduled to come on Monday evening.  Surprise!!!  They came early.  Monday, by noon, I was back online and ready to go.  In this day and age – it just feels like I had lost an arm or something because I could not get online. lol  Anyway, here is a picture of what the box is like.


Hope you all are having a wonderful day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers