Battery Back-up, Blow-up, SCORE!!!

Oh my gosh, I was in car hell yesterday.  We started off the day with me hammering into my hubby that I need a car – bad.   Everything he said I countered with, “Well, I could go and do that IF I HAD A CAR!”  Bless his heart.  We left out of the house for him to take me to the store to get a few groceries, which I would not need a chauffeur if I HAD MY OWN CAR. He took us to lunch and while sitting there, I started talking about how we could go and see the van that I found online.  He decided to go ahead and call out and use Friday as a “find my wife a car” day.

He called the people that had the van that I found online and I could tell by his expressions – he was not really thrilled with the way they were doing business.  “OH, we have someone coming at 4pm to buy the van….. We had someone drive it this morning.   etc, etc, etc”  We went ahead and went to look at it.  Oh my gawd!  It had been wrecked, but was not falling apart.  You would think when a person calls and says “we are on our way” that they would have pulled the vehicle up and made sure everything was ok with it.   We got there and the sales person in his faded and holey sweat pants and old t-shirt told us, “Umm,  well, let me get the jump box. Battery is dead.”  We barely drove it, turned around and left. He tried everything he could to get us to stay and pay $1000.

We left and I got onto my tablet and started searching again.  I found another van at another place for $995.  We went to the place and not one person came up to us.  Now I have to say that the inside was really neat.  I have included a few pictures.  image


We also saw a huge turtle while there. image When we finally got someone he said, “I’m not a salesperson, but I can help you.”  We told him which van, he had it pulled up AFTER they put air in the tire. Yup, it had a flat tire. When we got over to it our not-a-salesperson had disappeared and the service person came up, tried to hand hubby $3 to go put gas in it for a test drive.  HUH?  When we walked up to the van facing it, we could tell the front had been wrecked.  I opened the passenger door and noticed that there was a paper mat on the floor.  I picked it up and noticed that the floor was wet and had mildew all over it.  EEEEEWWWWWWWW   It says to me that the car had a leak and it was apparent due to all the rain we have had. Honestly – I already have a leak in my house…….I dont need one in my car too. lol

After a few other places, we ended up at a dealership that works with people who have slow credit, etc.  We are trying to repair our credit. It is so bad right now due to hubby losing his job last March and not finding one until recently.  They qualified us before we looked at anything.  They were able to tell us what we qualified for.  We did a test drive, did all our paper work and became the owners of a new-to-us van.  We were able to get a 2010 Town and Country Stow n Go.  We are beyond tickled.  We were not going to get  into another financing situation, but we decided that since the other places were selling  nasty cars for what we could afford to pay out-right, we might need to rethink our situation. With what we had as a down payment, we were able to get low payments, and with hubbys job and tax season – we should be able to pay it off sooner than later.

I will leave you a few pictures of our new addition.  Have an awesome day and thanks for reading.



YES!!  This is my new van.


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