Busy lil bees just a flying all around

Thats the way I feel today.  I have things to do and dont feel like I have enough hours to do them in.  I have got to stop by the pharmacy at some point.  I just dont want to leave out.  Why, you ask.  Its flipping HOT today.

I was at the laundromat earlier and thought I was going to sweat to death – and I was the only one in there running any of the machines.  lol  I had four loads to do today.  You might wonder where we actually stash dirty laundry to keep it out of the way so that we dont walk all over it.  In the closet of course!  I shut the door and forget!  I have started to perfect this whole laundry game.  I am going once every week and a half.  It takes me about $10-$12 to wash and dry the four loads.  It just works better for us.  Usually I will stay in there and fold my clean laundry on the tables, but it was so hot today that I brought it home.  All laundry has been washed, dried, folded and put away!!

I have things around here I need to do, but just dont feel like it.  Hubby is off work by 6pm today, and he wants to go walk around Disney Springs.  Im just not sure.  Its just so hot. lol  I am such a sad case.  I hibernate in the house during the summer time unless I am going to the pool.  But I dont like cold weather either and could never survive in an area that got really cold and snow. See, sad case!!

We also need to stop in at Best Buy and a few other places near it so that we can get our ShopKicks.  All for walking in.  I am about 200 “kicks” away from having a free $5 gift card from Walmart.  I know it doesnt sound like a whole lot – but its FREE!!  I havent spent anything to get them.  Of course, if I did, I would get more kicks and get to my rewards a lot faster.  But I am ok with  just getting kicks for walking in and scanning things.  If you sign up for this, I will receive about 50 kicks! PCW Shopkick Link

We got the official “YOUR HIRED” email from Disney today.  I can say that hubby is now officially a Disney Cast Member!!

Hubby said I could post  – only if I removed his name! lol  

He has a ton of stuff to fill out.  But he can do most of it all from the comfort and luxury of our “condo”. It is a step in the right direction and hopefully he will be able to work himself into the IT Dept.  He was so excited when he called earlier, “Babe….. we get 50-60% off cruises with Disney!!!  Based on availability.”  Ummmm, yeah!  Im there.  Maybe next year for Mothers Day, or soon after!!  We have never been on a Disney cruise.  I never could see paying the $$ for it.  But heck, if they are going to mark it down way low – YES!!!  I will go.  lol  While I am thinking about travel, I just wanted to let you all know – I knew that the Keys would be too expensive for us to do right now.  I didnt want anything thinking we were crazy or anything since we are strapped for cash right now.  We are not going to go and I had to show hubby just how much it would cost.  Once I did, there was no other talks of it.  Its just one of those things where you wish you could but know you cant and even though you cant you are still going to verbalize it. So, thanks for letting us “dream” yesterday. lol

I better get off here and go do the things I need to do.  I will be grumbling the whole way! lol  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

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Mothers Day – Part 3 and finale


I was so thrilled to see and read so many Happy Mothers Day post yesterday.  Being a mom is definitely a choice.  A calling!  A must!  Well, at least it is for me.  I have always wanted to be a mom.  I actually thought that I would have more than just one child, but God had other ideas!  I honestly think that He gives us exactly what we can handle – and son is probably all I could handle.  Especially with us living in this tiny camper.  There was another family that was here for a while that had 3 kids and 3 adults in a camper smaller than ours and I dont see how they did it!

Anyway, I think we all think we are doing the whole parenting thing wrong.  I question myself daily if I am being a good mom.  If I am making the right decisions for son, or if I am letting him grow and spread his wings with the decisions that we let him make.  It is a constant concern.  He appears to be a very well adjusted, funny, well mannered young man.  Of course, he always wishes that he had his own room and we were in a house – but we wish that too and it will come!!  He is very loving and always thinking about others feelings, even if it doesnt seem like it at the time.  He will replay circumstances in his head for a while and come to us and say that he was sorry, he wasnt meaning this/that, etc, etc.  My lil guy is sensitive and gets his feelings hurt very easy. He wants to be liked and included.  There has been more times than I can count over the past 11 years that he has hurt because he was not wanted around or included.  Of course, as mom, I am there to boost his confidence and build him back to where these people have tried to tear him down.  Yes, I am mama bear and I will protect if need be!

I feel so badly because this year I was not able to send my mom a mothers day card. I just did not have any extra money to do so.  We have had unforeseen circumstances that popped up and it is going to take a toll on our outflow of money this month.  So I totally failed on sending anything out to her.  But imagine my surprise when I checked the mail this weekend and received a card from mom.  The card was really sweet and I so appreciate it!!  But what really touched me was that she included this: image

She made sure to include my dad.  Now, they divorced when I was really young.  I think it was 1985!  Their relationship has not been the best over the years – to the point where they had not been around each other for a really long time.  She totally compensated for my dad.  He would have called me for mothers day, but since he is in heaven – he cant.  She didnt need to include him.  She didnt have to include him.  But her heart told her that it was something that I needed.  I miss him.  Thank you for that mom. It meant the world to me.I am tearing up just writing about it.



is from my son! hehehe

I wish that I could say that we did something fun, exciting, etc, and special for mothers day!  But we didnt.  We lounged around the “condo” for the first part of the day.  The boys were going to let me sleep in, but I couldnt.  Hubby made coffee and pancakes for breakfast.  I was still full by lunch time.  We had to get him back to Centre Care for his physical for Disney, so we left around 1:30pm.  We checked him in and son and I sat in the lobby.  After an hour, hubby texts me and tells me that his blood pressure is high and that we will need to wait and let them check it again. If it doesnt come down, then he doesnt pass the physical.  After 2 hours, it still was not down. We left and were totally bummed!  He went to his primary today and was put on high blood pressure meds.  We will try the physical again Wednesday or Thursday and see where it goes.  Hopefully he can pass it then.  Then he will be ready to get his start date at Disney!

After we left, we decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes!  image I had a coupon that is sent to me through their Veg Club.  We get 2 adults and 2 kids with drinks for $25.  If you have never been to Sweet Tomatoes, or dont know what it is – let me tell you!  This is a buffet restaurant that has salads, soups, pasta and baked potatoes. Everything is really fresh, even the soup is prepared the same day and does not come from a can!image


Son loves the pasta, but we get him to eat salad too!  Hubby and I start out with salad.  You go through the line and pick all of the salad fixings you want.  They usually have a caesar salad and an asian salad at the beginning.  But the rest is however you want it. You can make it as healthy, or not, as you would like. We then move on to their soups and potatoes after we have eaten our salads.  They also have focaccia bread that son calls pizza. lol  It was a great place to go for mothers day, especially when you dont have a whole lot to spend anyway and truth be told – we probably shouldnt have gone.  I am connecting to the internet through my phone (using my data) because our internet has been turned off!!  Kinda hard to get it going due to the unforeseen issue this month.

Well, I do hope that you all had an awesome Mothers Day!  Thank you so much for reading!!

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Shell Gas Stations are off limits for me

Well, that is until I have a good reason to utilize them again.  You know, like the owner of the one I went to the other day will have to reduce his price!  So, after I posted about my encounter, I decided to write an email to Shell Corporate.  So far, this is what they  have sent back:

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience you experienced at one of our locations.  Delivering world-class customer service is a high priority for Shell.  We are disappointed when we fail to meet your expectations, and we believe the experience you had is an exception to the way Shell branded retailers typically operate.

Our review indicates your experience occurred at one of our independently owned and operated locations.  Please be assured that we have formally recorded your feedback and the appropriate party will be notified.  Customer feedback helps us to identify opportunities for improvement.

In line with this, are you willing to  share your contact information (i.e. name, phone number and email address) in case the local corporate office wants to get in touch with you regarding this matter?

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns.  We value your patronage and hope you will continue to choose Shell’s quality products.  If you have additional questions, please contact Shell Customer Care toll-free at 1-888-GO-SHELL (1-888-467-4355) or send an e-mail to shellcustomercare@shell.com.


Shell Solutions Center
Customer Care
1(888) 467-4355
eMail: shellcustomercare@shell.com

It appears, to me, as a very generic email as they pass it off to someone else. We will see what happens!!

Hubby received a message from the govt agency the other day that he had to do a drug test for them.  Second one within a week. lol  He passed the first for Disney (as if he wouldnt!!). hehehe  Now he has been scheduled for a physical on Sunday.  Yup, on Mothers Day.  The only thing that he is scared of is that is A1C was a little elevated when he went to have blood work done a few weeks ago. He has his diabetes meds now and its getting under control, but that could make him fail the physical.  Prayers on this issue please!  He is still really questionable on which job he should take if both offered.  With Disney, he will be able to get  up to 30 hrs a week overtime, which will be a really good paycheck and help us pay off a lot of things.  The govt agency – no overtime!  The pay is good, but not as good as Disney.  Also, the govt agency states in the info when filling out the application that one does not get insurance until after the employee has been with them for a year.  With Disney, he would have benefits after 90 days. Needless to say, we will have major decisions ahead of us.

Got a lot to do today. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts. Have a great day!  We are sunny and around 80 today, so all is well.

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I wanted to talk about a birthday gift that I received from my friend.  She really spoiled me while here.  I have a core group of friends that I am so grateful for and I know who they are.  She is one of my true friends. Love ya girl!!

She gave me a make-up bag that had a lip gloss, shower poof, shower gel, nail file and tweezers.  I admit – I lose tweezers all the time.  I dont know how many I have purchased through the years.  But these are too darn cute!  The lip gloss – oh my!  It is fresh cream flavor.  I put some on and kissed my hubby and stuck!  It is thick and some might say gooey like glue, but it makes my lips feel so good. The shower gel is also fresh cream and it made my skin feel oh so soft.  It smells really good too.  All of this was from Philosophy.  I have never bought from them before, but know that I have tried their product – I am a new customer.


Yesterday, son and I went to the pool for a bit.  It was so nice out.  After about 45 minutes in the pool, I did start to get a little cold. As we walked back, I remembered that when our neighbors went back to Canada, they told us that they had planted peppers and tomatoes and that we could have them.  Son and I decided to stop by and see if there were any still on the vines.  Oh my goodness!  There were a lot of little green ones that I left. There were a lot that had turned yellow and some were red.  I went ahead and picked all the ones that had turned.  There were a few peppers too, but more tomatoes.  These are the perfect size to put into salads.  I am going to go back over in a few days and see how the others are doing.


Well, son was told at the last minute that he was wanted for an extra in a student short.  This is great experience!  He will film later today and tomorrow.  I have a lot that I need to do before we go.  Thank you all for reading and have an awesome day.

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Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Remember Gomer Pyle?  I just loved the way he would say surprise, surprise, surprise on the Andy Griffith show. hehehe  Well, yesterday I got a huge surprise and I was soooo happy about it.

Son and I were sitting here.  We had already had our lunch, he had finished his school work and we were getting ready to put on our swim suits and head out to the pool.  But we didnt know there were other plans for us. All of a sudden, I received a text from my cousin who had spent some time with us as we moved our camper from Mississippi to Florida. She wanted to know what the name of the campground we are in. I told her and asked if she was coming for a visit.  She told me maybe.  Then asked for the address.  I asked her how long before her and her dad would be here. 45 minutes, she text back. AAAAAKKKKKKK!  Gotta clean the house. lol  I picked up everything that I could and used cleaners to make sure it smelled ok.

They were not able to stay long. It was her dads birthday and they were heading to Ft Lauderdale to visit his family.  Her mom is my aunt!  We had a nice visit and I was so happy to see her lil smiling face.  Cant believe she is learning to drive.  She is just not old enough for that it seems.  While here, she asked if she could visit with us this summer.  Ummmm, let me think half a second on that……YES!  We had a great time.

I have homework to do today.  hehehe  Yeah, homework.  I had a friend talk to me a few nights ago and I had a good verbally needed lashing from her.  She has heard me and hubby talk about our situation, wanting a better life, etc, etc. One thing she pointed out to us is that we are not walking in Grace.  I need to make a list of goals and things that I want.  Then I am going to go through my Bible and find where it can correlate to our lives.  Its kinda like we have just given up and accepted this lifestyle – like it was ordained from God.  It may not be.  Has God ever intended for us to live in poverty or below poverty level, especially when He has given so many gifts to us?  I dont know if you all are Christians or not, but we are and we think we need to get back on track and just work toward the things we need to get back into a different lifestyle.

With that, I am going to go do my homework while son is doing his schoolwork. Have a great day and thank you all for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

A night away.

During this whole ordeal with no job, etc, hubby received a scholarship to go to a class to get one of his certificates that will be necessary to help him find a job.  Ok, easier to help him find a job.  He can keep retaking the class until he passes the test that is necessary to receive the certificate.  It is a very hard test!  We had to go to another town during this whole time that my eyes were swollen so that he could take the class.  This is going to be about the journey we had during that day.

We had to leave out of the Orlando area around 7am to get him to his class on time.  He had to be there at 9am and traffic is usually bad.  We also had to take our doggie with us because it is a 2 day class (Saturday and Sunday) and we couldnt leave him by himself in the camper.  Our breaker flips too much and I didnt want him to be stuck in here with no air conditioner.  I am a Choice Rewards member where I earn points toward free hotel stays through Choice Hotels (Quality Inn, Clarion Inn, Clarion, etc).  I have done surveys online in the past that will give me points to Choice Rewards.  For this stay at the Clarion, I had enough points to earn a free night.

WE dropped hubby off at the office where this class was at and then son and I headed over to the area where the hotel is at.  I knew that it was just too early to check in, so we walked into the mall for a bit.  We had a few odd looks because I have a stroller that I  put our doggie in. lol  He has asthma and I hate for him to get an attack when we are out in public, so I push him around.

This is our stroller, but in gray.  He loves being in his stroller.

Since I had just been at the ER two days earlier with my eyes, we decided to head out to the van. I just needed to rest.  I packed us sandwiches to have for lunch so that we wouldnt need to pay for lunch.

After we ate, we went across the street and tried to check in. I knew it was a long shot since it was a little after noon, but I had to try.  My eyes were just hurting.  The very nice lady at the front desk was not able to check me in.  Son and I sat in the van.  Ok, I fell into a light sleep while he played video games.  I would have taken him to the pool, but it was raining.  I just felt it was safer to sit in one place and lock the doors.

It was about 230pm when I walked back into the lobby.  The lady told me that our room was still not ready.  I  had already told her about my allergies and that I needed to sleep when I was in there earlier.  She told me to hang out for a minute while she got her manager.  He was on the phone right next to her.  When he got off the phone, she brought me to him, and explained the situation.  He looked at me and could tell I was not feeling good.  He got on the phone with housekeeping and found that the rooms were available.  Wait – ROOMS?????  I only reserved one room.

He told me that I had reserved an executive room and it was not available when they blocked the rooms the night before.  So they put us into two rooms that connected.  OH MY GOSH!!!  I almost cried.  We had a separate room where we could shut the door so son could sleep.  I told him that I knew I had to put either a credit card or a cash deposit and that I would prefer to leave a cash deposit.  He told me to put my money away – deposit was not needed.  I have always had to leave a deposit at each choice hotel I have ever stayed at.  I told him that I had to bring our lil dog and I knew there was a $30 charge for him.  I told him that our dog was so little and so good that they would never know he was there.  So he made a bet with me – if housekeeping called and told him the next day that they detected a dog in the room, we would be charged the $30, but if not then we would not be charged.  I promised him, he would never know the dog was there.  Sure enough, there was no proof he was there, so we didnt have to pay that either.

Son and I walked into the first room (on first floor) and found a king bed and a huge accessible bathroom.  I unlocked the connecting door, left son and went and got our overnight bag.  I went into the second room and found another room just like the one son was in.  The bathroom was not accessible, but still HUGE!!  I opened up the connected doors and we were very happy with the space we had.  I would say that we had almost triple the amount of room that we normally have in the camper.  Son watched TV on the flat screen TV and I went into the other room and tried to rest.  We also had microwaves and tiny refrigerators.  When it was time, we left and went to get hubby.  We didnt tell him about the two rooms.

When I picked him up, he could tell I was miserable.  We headed to the hotel and decided to just rest.  We stopped by the grocery to buy drinks for the room and lunch for the next day.  We ended up ordering out since we didnt have to give a deposit.  We couldnt leave the dog in the room, so we couldnt go out to eat and I didnt feel like it.

The next morning, we quickly checked out and headed over to the place where hubby is taking class.  Son and I were allowed to go inside and use one of the conference rooms to sit in and be a little more comfy.  We had lunch with hubby and then son and I settled down in the conference room.  Son turned the light out to make it better and more soothing for my eyes.  I ended up laying my head on the table and falling asleep.  But at least we were inside in the air conditioning and safe. lol  Of course, our dog was in there with us. lol

During this time, son told me that he left his charger for his games at the hotel.  We called and they said they would look for it.  Before we headed home, we stopped back by the hotel and sure enough, the super nice manager was there with our charger. I have to say that this was one of our better stays.  The rooms were recently renovated.  The lobby was beautiful.  They also had free breakfast that consisted of scrambled eggs, toast, oatmeal, sausage, bacon, waffles, etc.  What was so nice is that usually you just go through, and you place what you want on your plate.  They actually had people serving us.  The breakfast was ok, not the best but not bad either. They were also doing renovations on the outside of the hotel.  I wish we could have gone to the pool.  This is definitely a hotel that I would consider staying at again!!

Well, thats all for today.  I dont know when they are going to schedule his test for his certifications, but hopefully SOON.  lol  Hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers


Its been a long time!

I am going to keep this pretty brief today.  It has been a rough go at it.  I had a virus, then son had one where we had to take him to the ER to have them give him meds for vomiting.  UGH!!  Then hubby got it.  Wouldnt you know, we all got it in stages – not at the same time.  It would have been easier if we would have all gotten it together. lol

Then the next phase came in.  Son got pink eye – in both eyes.  I nursed him to health and thought everything was A-OK.  I washed my hands all the times and took lysol and put all over this camper in ways of wipes and spray.  I really did try to sanitize the whole place.  Well, as soon as he was almost over it – I got it, or what I thought was pink eye.  I woke up one morning and both of my eyes were almost swollen shut. UGH.  Hubby took me to the ER.  Not only was my eyes almost shut, but my throat was killing me and my inner ears.  I told the doctor and he said that it was only allergies.  He prescribed eye drops and sent me home.  Within 3 days – I was not any better.  I went back to the doctor and he said that it was full pink-eye, but I also had a sinus infection and the reason why my ears and throat were hurting is because I had yellow fluid behind my ear drums. Thank God, I now have antibiotics.  My throat hurt so bad, I couldnt even swallow.

I am feeling much better, but now it appears that hubby has pink eye. It has been a very rough month.  I am ready for the germs to be out of our home.  By the way, he did not get the job he was after.  Since they were looking for a college student – we can only assume that they did not want someone of his age.  Its hard as an adult to get started in a second career. He is trying to find other avenues to work because what he is doing now is not paying the bills. They hoodwinked him into this sales job for a very low rate of pay plus commissions, but it extremely hard to make sales.  His whole training class has not done well and out of 30, there are maybe 10 people left.

Need to run, got to take son to the DR for a check-up.  Hope you all have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading.


The Perpetual Campers

Olympic style hurling

Howdy!!  I know it has been a while and I do apologize.  It has been a crazy few weeks for us.  Let me explain.

After we got back from filming that one weekend, I thought all was going well.  It all started with me.  Let me just preface this with – yes, I wash my hands.  Yes, I do everything I can to keep from being sick.  From what I understand – it takes 5-7 days just for a cold or any sickness to show up.  You already have the germ, it just doesn’t rear its ugly head right away.

I wrote my blog that Monday (I think it was a Monday) telling all about going to the audition, etc.  I got son through school and got hubby out the door for work.  I felt very lethargic.  I chalked it up to just being on the go so much lately and that I was really tired.  After hubby left, I moved from the dinette over to our chairs and stretched out.  I never felt dizzy or anything.  Just tired.  Hubby let me know he had got to work and clocked in.   Ok, great!  Thirty minutes or so passed by and then it hit me.  My stomach cramped and I thought I was about to explode.  I got into the bathroom and I didn’t know whether to sit or kneel.  “Dear Porcelain King – I honor you today!”  Sorry!  “Oh no!” I said to myself.  I immediately thought that I had a virus. UGH!

For the next two hours I was so sick.  Took my temp and I was at 101. Yup, I got it.  Finally my stomach settled down and I was just exhausted.  I texted hubby and let him know what was up.  My lil man was so sweet.  He constantly wanted to do things for me and kept saying, “Mommy, I am sorry you don’t feel good.”  Gosh darn I love him.  But I just wanted him far from me so that I wouldn’t get him sick. I was about 6 hours into this, and it all started again. UGH!  And I didn’t even eat or have anything to drink.  Hubby brought home  to me crackers, Gatorade, etc.

The next day I was better, but still not my usual self.  Actually, it took about 3 days for the sick feeling to completely leave.  Then it hit again.  But not me this time.  I tell ya, as a mom seeing your child violently ill, it just does something to you.  I cant fix it.  I cant make him better.  So I sat and did everything I could to make him more comfy.  He just broke my heart because he kept telling me how hungry he was and that his stomach was hurting.  Sorry baby, its because you are sick – not hungry.  I finally gave him a 2  crackers and 2 tablespoons of Gatorade.  Within 45 minutes, this was coming up.  His temp was at 100.  I texted hubby and he immediately came home.  It was super cold that night. I had son in pajama pants, a t-shirt and his hoodie with his socks and sneakers on.  We loaded up into the van and went to the ER.  I grabbed a small trashcan for the bathroom and gave it to son to have in the van – just in case!  It’s a good thing too.  As we pulled up at the ER, he was utilizing it. He couldn’t really move from the seat to walk in.  I burst into the ER and told the security I needed a wheelchair since my son was vomiting and couldn’t make it in.  Hubby parked the car while I got him all checked in.

He vomited at least 5 more times while there waiting.  There is something going around and there were at least 5 others in the waiting area vomiting.  If it were not so disgusting, it would have almost been comical. I can almost imagine a song being written to the hurls going on.  Hurl, hurl, hurl…… hurl, hurl, hurl….. hurling all the way.  They finally got him back and gave him drip and meds to stop the nausea.  They gave him two small popsicles and sent us on our way.  We stopped at the 24 hr Walmart (it was already around midnight) and got more Gatorade, etc before coming home. Son sat in the van while I ran in. As soon as we got home – he was vomiting again.  This is where I start to get agitated.  We called the ER and they told us that we should have gotten the meds filled for nausea that they prescribed him. Ummm, where is a pharmacy open at this time of night?  They gave us the info and hubby jumped into the van and took off.  Bless him. He is suck a good daddy and it showed when we were at the ER.  Most kids want their moms when sick.  Not our son.  One minute it was, “I want mommy now.”  Then a few minutes later, “I want daddy now.”  Hubby and I were playing musical chairs. Lol  Anyway, hubby got to the pharmacy and in the middle of them filling it  – the computer system shut down.  He was not happy and it was near 4am before he got home.

It was a few days, but son finally got over it and is back to normal.  I, however, and still tired.  I have taken Lysol to everything in here. More than once!  I have changed and washed our sheets and blankets.  I have tried to sanitize as much as possible.  Then just a few days ago – hubby told me (right before lunch at work) “I feel nauseous.”  OH NO!!!    Not again.  Yup, it got him too.  He had to stay at work, so I took crackers and nausea medicine to him.  He put his head down while at lunch and when he got back – it started.  Every symptom son and I had- he has had.  He was the last one to get it.  He is feeling much better now. But it has taken its toll on all of us.  He is still really tired too.

We have had other things going on too.  A few days ago, we had son go and have new headshots made.  I am very excited to see them.  We had a different photographer do them this time, at the suggestion of one of his agents.  We REALLY liked the one who did the first ones, but we hope that maybe son will get more calls from the new ones.

The other thing that we have had go on is that hubby finally has had an interview with a company that will use his degree.  We received the call when we were about to go down South to do sons filming.  The company called him on that Saturday that we were in Stuart and asked if he could push the interview back a few days since they were not able to find a hotel.  Yes, a hotel.  The company that he interviewed with is about an hour and a half from us.  But they wanted to make sure that he was on time and not stuck in traffic, etc.  So they put him in the Crowne Plaza in Melbourne, FL.  They are paying him mileage, tolls, parking at the hotel, and breakfast.  He has never had a company do that before.  He was done a little after lunch time and was on his way back home.  At least he was able to make it through the interview before he started to get the crud like we did.

Well, I have written a lot so I think I am going to scoot on out for the day.  I have a lot of blogs to catch up on too.  Don’t know if that will be today or tomorrow or the next, but I will be reading all of your blogs soon.  Have an awesome day everyone and thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Fruit salad hair

Can I have a do-over? Today has been one of those days. Lol I am so ready for this cooler weather to go away.  No, I don’t like the summer weather either.  My perfect temp would be around 70-ish.

Yesterday, I decided that I wanted to start trying a home remedy for my hair.  With all the stress that we have been under, my hair has started to thin right in the front. This is just very traumatic for me. I have always had long, thick, beautiful hair. Well, it is still pretty, but just thinning. Yeah, I think I want to go cry right now.  Only my hubby can be the bald one in the family.  Bless him, he doesn’t need to worry about stress making him lose his hair because  – he doesn’t have any!! Lol  That’s ok, bald is sexy on him. So, I melted a little coconut oil and applied it to my hair and was very generous to the scalp where the hair thinning is at.  I then wrapped it up with saran wrap and placed a warm towel over the wrap.  I left it for about 45 minutes before heading back to the shower area. I hung my head over and took a cup of apple cider vinegar and applied that, then wrapped it again. I left it for about 15 minutes. The smell was enough and I headed off to wash it OUT!!  When the hot water hit both, I smelled like a fruit salad – and not a good one!!  But oh my gawsh, my hair has never been so soft.  Today, it feels really good.  I read somewhere that I would need to do this twice a week and for a while to see the growth come back.  I don’t know if son will be able to handle this.  Of course, hubby was NOT here.  Heck no, I am not going to let him see or smell me like that. Hehehe

Our temperature was just bad last night. I know, a lot are probably dealing with snow – and I feel for you, I really do.  We got down to 39 last night.  I decided, since I stay at home and take care of son, that I would “sleep” in one of our new chairs (ouch) and keep the heater on all night.  I knew that I would not sleep really good, which is what I wanted.  It was my way of waking up every 2 hours for at least 30 minutes to make sure that we were all safe.  I wanted son to stay warm all night, so I left him on his bed and hubby was in our bedroom.  I did not send son into the bedroom because it gets cold during the night. The bedroom is not near where the heater is plugged up at. Son is so darn sweet.  I had my head leaned over onto his bed and he woke up around 4am and planted a big ole kiss on my head. I love that little man.  He woke up at 730 for the morning and I traded spots. I got a little sleep until I heard, “Mom, I am HONGRY!” lol  Needless to say, I am very tired today.  It is going to be about 10 degrees warmer outside, so I should be able to keep the heater off tonight and sleep in my bed. Lol

So whats up today with me? Well, I was cooking our fish for our lunch and the flipping pan I was cooking it in flew off the stove.  I was about to put the second batch into it to cook when it happened. I did not bump it and hubby saw it happen.  I just knew it was going to land on my bare feet.  Hubby was getting ready for work, so I guess he needs to go out and check the camper tomorrow and see if it is level. UGH!  Luckily, there was no fish in it and the carpet only minimally melted where the pan landed.  I guess that just means that I need to go sit down and prop my feet up for the rest of the day.

Have a wonderful day.  Thanks for reading.

The Perpetual Campers

Aldi ambulance

Today has been a tough day.  We had to run over to Aldi to pick up a few items that were needed (we ran out of) for our Dr Phil 20/20 diet.  Hubby woke up late.  I was up early watching Howard the Duck with son.  When hubby got up, he had his breakfast and cup of coffee and then we took off to Aldi.


Normally Aldi is uneventful.  While in there, son was badgering me with what we were going to have for lunch and why we couldn’t have pizza, etc.  So, I looked at him and said, “Son, come on, just hush for a few.”  This lady that had her bike helmet on kinda snickered when I said it. It wasn’t a normal snicker, but a snicker none the less.

We got all the way over to the other side of the store where the frozen foods were at.  I needed to get fish and a few veggies that were over there.  When I am in the store, I am just totally oblivious to others around me.  All of a sudden we hear a crash and I look over and the woman who had snickered had fallen and hit the base of her head/neck on the cart. Hubby walked over and asked if he could help her up and it was at this time that he noticed she was having a seizure.  He made sure she was on her side and backed up.  He told someone that worked there that they needed to call an ambulance.  An employee came to her aid and flipped her on her back.  Another customer passed by and placed this woman back on her side and told them not to move her until the ambulance arrived.

Of course, son wanted to stand there and take in everything that was going on.  We knew that the employees were going to handle the situation, so we moved to the check out and paid for our groceries.  When we got back in the truck, I took the opportunity to inform son that he should never stare at what is going on in situations like this. It is something that I have told him before, but since he had never experienced anything like this before – human nature took over.  Please, if you have never had a talk like this with your children, grand children, nieces, nephews – PLEASE do it now.  The last thing that someone who is having a medical emergency wants is for people staring at them.

I heard the manager tell another employee that they should move the lady to another point of the store.  I cringed.  Now we know why she was wearing a protective helmet in the store.  The other customer who had told them NOT to move her was asking if she was a regular, had a history of seizures, if she had a husband, etc.  This poor woman was by herself. Usually her husband is with.  She also has a history of seizures, which means she shouldn’t have been on her own. The EMTs were walking in as we were walking out.

This really made the start of our day kinda odd.  I pray that this lady is not severely hurt.  She was not able to talk when I was there, but showed signs of wanting to sit up.  So, anything interesting happen during your day?  Thank you for reading!!

The Perpetual Campers